Payday 3 News: Dev Blog #3 Doesn't Say Much


I really appreciate people checking out me doing some other content on different games while we're waiting for a lot of this stuff to become reality, and if you haven't already seen an interviews going up tomorrow the first episode of the redcast Season 4 with Rebecca Hansen who plays alira in Boulders Gate 3 bit of a theme going on at the minute for the non payday stuff but hope you'll enjoy that interview when it comes out tomorrow but let's get into the main Dev blog post let's talk about the initial Focus, we went out with this list when we first announced operation medic bag and we wanted to go into some detail about a few of these topics that have cat discussions in and around the payday world but today's blog is about the initial Focus aka the things that didn't have a description in the original post the bigger topics like DLC pricing Unreal Engine 5 the new matchmaking and challenge system warrant their own blog posts, some of these are already in the works While others are being ironed out meaning we'll be delving deeper into those topics in the near future.

For now, let's go through and explain the initial focus in a little more detail. We've seen this graphic before; it was in the original operation medic bag post and highlighted some of the most important things that were going to be coming to Payday 3. Over the next few months or so, everything by summer 2024.

But hopefully sooner they're going to skip things that seem self-explanatory, like vote kick, loadout renaming, and quick play, but there's more explanations for other things here that we haven't already received, so the play again feature simply lets you choose to restart the heist you just played on the same difficulty with the same people, which is helpful if you want to repeatedly play the same heist.


I actually think the ordering of these is not the best because I did look at this earlier, so I'm going to jump down a little bit and then go to the player merging into the party postmatch. Because this is very similar to what they've just talked about, when playing with a random group of people, you'll also have the opportunity to choose to stay together, so if you don't vote for play again, you can vote to stick together, be put in a party, and go back to the main menu, so that's also an option you can have with matchmaking, from their daily activities with rewards.

With this feature, we hope to give players a bit more incentive to try something they might not otherwise think to try. Every day, players will be presented with three missions, and these missions are designed to be completed in two to three heists, and doing so will reward infamy points and SE stacks.

Of course, infamy points are still going to be the main point of progression; it's just that you're going to get them solely from completing heists going forward, so don't be worried about that too much. But this feature, together with Mask of the Week, is something they don't explain until the next bullet point.


So I'm being pedantic, but this really isn't very well ordered, but it's something we'll hope to be able to expand on and adjust based on player feedback, so let us know what you think once you get a feel for them. So what is this mask of the week? Well, since the time they announced Operation Medical Bag, the name they've settled on for the mask vendor with rotating inventory.

Mask of the Week, as the name suggests, means they'll be creating a number of new customizable masks and putting them into the mask vendor inventory on a rotating schedule. The masks will be available at a heavily discounted sea stack price while in rotation. Once they've rotated a few times, all masks will be made available on demand for the regular price of the mask vendor, and new masks will enter the rotation.

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There is an example here of a potential mask they might wear: this hot dog. Also, we have communication wheel improvements in V1, but in this one, we seek to cover some of the holes in the current communication wheel by adding more relevant options, helping you better communicate with your team and understand their needs in turn.

There is no mention of what that includes. They probably should have said that they need armor; that's the most important thing in a wheel, and the fact that you can't request armor is stupid. That would be the one I jumped to first and probably one I would have mentioned here, but either way, after that, there'll be recurring smaller content drops.

This is a commitment from our end to release content in smaller increments and updates instead of holding off for the larger bundles like we have until now. Exactly how this will play out is undecided at this stage, but our goal is to provide more reasons to check in with Payday 3 more often. We hope your questions on these initial focus topics Next week, game director Mia will dive into more detail regarding the next skill line, known as fortitude.

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If you're coming to Payday 3 and we hope to see you, then I'm intrigued by this last bullet point because it's very generic and doesn't really say much other than that we realize that you don't think updates are dropping often enough, which is very true. I mean, right now, 4 to six weeks means we probably won't get an update in March; it'll be in April at the earliest, so is this them saying they're going to try and put something out sooner?

or is this after the April update? They're going to try to speed things up. That's what they've already said; they want to make it a bit more frequent, but that's a very generic thing. I wouldn't read too much into that; it's very much a case of action speaking louder than words. Let's see the actions, but that's everything in the blog post.

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Not much to say; it's a quite short article, but that covers everything you need to know, so we'll be back next Friday with the next Dev blog post. If anything happens in the meantime, I'll let you guys know, but if not, stay tuned for more content coming soon. As I said, the interview goes up tomorrow, and I'm working on a couple of articles at the moment that I'll be doing in the meantime between these posts, so stay tuned for more content.

You can always check me out on Twitch to see me live stream a few times a week if you want any extra content from me. If my talking in these articles isn't enough of my voice for you, which would be a rarity, I would say that's an insult. I'm ending the article.

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