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Here's some more payday 3 news for you. I did put a article up on Tuesday talking about their Twitch stream. I will be live on Twitch as soon as this article goes live on Twitch, TV, and RAR. I'll be playing Payday 3 and answering your questions, so if any of this still doesn't make sense or you've got anything else you want to ask me about that you may have missed in the last couple of weeks, come over, hang out, and ask me some questions.

We'll try to make light of a very concerning situation.

Recap: what was meant to come today?

What basically happened before I read the tweet was patch one. The big patch was supposed to come out today and would have 200+ bug fixes. It fixes a whole heap of problems, like PS5 aim assist Achievements not unlocking a whole host of stuff like that, and on top of that.

PS5 owners not seeing their in-game gold silver pre-order collector's items, which were all going to be in the same patch on Tuesday. Andrea said on stream with Alir that the patch had to be delayed because they found some crash fixes they wanted to address. First, he said that it'd come out a few days after the scheduled date.

He then said a separate update I kind of split off from that would still come out this coming week, and it would be some console-based things. It would be an update only for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox. I hope that makes sense, because trust me, it's just as confusing for me as it is for a lot of you, however.

Today's update delay

Today's update delay

This split-off update that was meant to come today for consoles is now not happening. We're extremely sorry for this, but we've chosen to delay today's planned patch to ensure its stability.

The patch needs some changes that would require us to go through console certification again, and we hope to be ready to deliver this one in mid-October. And yes, this means that the PS5 bonus content will remain unredeemable until this patch is ready. Or if patch one is still coming in the next couple of days, it basically tells us that the small thing we were expecting today is not happening and then gives us no idea of the wider picture, which is just not ideal.

I mean, as a lot of you know, I try to always be constructive when things are not going so well, and all I can say is that communication right now is not very strong; it's literally all I can say. I mean, for one thing, I don't know why you'd split the update up anyway. I get that the PS5 players want to have their in-game content visible; if I were playing only on PS5, I would be in the exact same boat as you guys.

I'm not misunderstanding that for a second, however, making a completely separate update, no matter how small, has to run through console certification, and it just creates an extra headache for them as a company when they're already trying to repair a very dodgy launch that the games had. If it were me, I'd have just delayed the entire patch, kept it as one thing, made that patch as strong as possible, and then pulled it out.

Splitting it up has just caused them even more of a headache because now we have possibly two separate updates that should have just been one, and now we don't know when either of them is releasing, so I don't even know if patch one is coming next week. There is not much else to say other than that.

Collector's club news!

Collector's club news!

Folks Unfortunately, the only thing I want to include in this article is a mention of the collector's club. On the theme of collector's editions. I have now been informed that the collector's club emails should have been sent out to anyone who purchased a collector's edition, but the reward for being in the collector's club is that you get access to a unique Discord server.

That's it, that's it, so I'll leave it to the collector edition owners to judge whether that one was worthwhile personally. Whatever, but if you haven't had the email, a few people on Twitter said they hadn't received it. Anyone can join the server, but once you do, you need to verify that you own it by having a Nebul account connected to the platform on which you purchased Collect Edition 4, basically so they have a verification system.

I am extremely disappointed in the communication, or lack thereof, I should say. Now it also doesn't look good that this supposedly only console update has been delayed. As soon as I get them, I will put a article out, and I'll let you guys know.

More server maintenance

More server maintenance

Apparently this is the article where I add about 50 different things because Payday has also just tweeted out that there will be server maintenance both tomorrow and on the 10th of October, so I thought I'd slide that in as well. The same times that they were last week on Tuesday and Friday, it's from 7 a.

M to 10:00 a. M uk time, which is BST, as you can see on there, 8:00 a. M to 11:00 a. M c, central European summertime, so you can convert your time zones from there, but that is the 6th, which is tomorrow, and the 10th, which is on Tuesday next week, so basically Friday, Tuesday. Same thing again with Ser maintenance; thought I'd add that in as well, so you can say.

Shade interview update & outro

With all your respect, we're getting much better communication than we're getting right now, so I'll leave the article here. Look after yourselves. Stay safe take it easy.


So the patch we were meant to get whilst the main patch was delayed. has been delayed.
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