Payday 3 News: Clover Returning Soon


This is a short article, but one that still definitely needs discussing. Well, you've seen the title. We're talking about why Clover might very well be the first new character added to Payday 3. Well, new and inverted commas post launch, so we're going to be talking about why I think that's the case.

There's not too much to say, but as I said, it's worth making a news article over, however, very quickly for about 20 seconds before we get into I want to mention this because I really should have mentioned it about 2 months ago, but if you are going to the Insomnia Gaming Festival in March, well, later this month actually, across the 20th and 31st at the NEC in Birmingham in the UK, feel free to keep it out for me.

I'm going to be there if anyone wants to do any meet and greets or chat with me, say hi, whatever. Go follow me if you want, but let's talk about this image. Yes, I'm making a article out of an image and an emoji. I've done worse, ladies and gentlemen. We are talking about the post that Payday put up on Twitter yesterday, celebrating St.


Patrick's Day, because it's caused a bit of a stir. Now, this image in and of itself doesn't really give you that much information, but what it says is Happy St. Patrick's Day, especially to all the Clover fans. Obviously. Clover, being the only Irish hey and PayDay, has got a clover insignia on her mask, but it's the fact they directed Happy St Patrick's Day to all the Clover fans; they could have just had this image, as it was with Clover's mask there and not addressed it to the Clover fans and obviously in the replies.

Everyone started going a little bit nuts, and the payday account kept replying with a clover emoji. People seemed to think it was a tease for Clover being in Payday 3, and then, to top it all off, this was put up at 4:31 p. M yesterday, 5 hours later, just a clover emoji I know how silly it sounds to be like you're making a article of it as an emoji, but I'm not being funny.

Paydays aren't the best at promoting things sometimes. For example, they used Dragonir, the actor who plays Dragon in Payday 2, to promote the due time to get time thing for Payday 3's launch, and then Dragon's just never been heard from since, so they may just be calling a character a bit of a tease, and it may mean nothing.


It's just like Dev Diary 1 when Andreas was like, Who's Houston? I don't know who that is, and he wasn't in the game, so this is definitely not concrete. But it just feels like a little bit more of a push, like saying something here, so I wanted to acknowledge it and talk about it, but also because people have been talking about the mask here and saying this looks like a new render for Payday 3.

I don't think it is, and the reason that I think that is because of this money. I have this as a physical picture. I'm guaranteeing you that this was taken in person, in Star Bre's offices, because the money's identical. I got this from their Sweden offices in June last year. I don't think that's a new sculpt; it could be because they did make a new Dallas sculpt, and then I got a picture wearing it, and it turned out to be the one they used in the live-action trailer.

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There's one behind me; if I can see me leaning forward to laugh, it's a Dallas mask. It's a Dallas mask there, okay, so it doesn't seem like there was a clover mask in there when I did the interview, so they could have made it since it could be a new scult, but whatever it is. I am convinced that is a physical sculpt of it and not an in-game render, so there are reasons against this meaning Clover being added, but I thought it was just worth mentioning in a news article.

Do you think Clover is going to be coming to Payday 3? Would it be enough to make the game more interesting? I don't know, purely because a heist doesn't add replayability. The way Heist does it might be that they had a character to compensate for the next Heist being a DLC one, because Boys and Blue is bound to come out in the next couple of months.

We'll just see what their plans are. I really don't know, but I will keep you all posted if I hear anymore. But that's today's article. In a couple of weeks, please come and say hi and get photos. I've had a couple people meet me at ComicCon before, and it's been really, really cool. There are no problems with it.

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Blog the next one that comes out, hopefully a good one, but we'll see what it contains either way. Take it easy,.

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