Payday 3 News: Challenges Removed & Enemy Changes Soon



We have a brand new blog post and also something I want to talk about from Payday's Twitter that was shared earlier this week. I'm going to start off with the dev blog update number eight. Now that this has been rebranded, they've said that they've had some feedback regarding them all being labeled as operation medic bags and have decided that any that don't actually relate to the operation.

Will not be labeled as such so that's good because they are actually keeping up this weekly blog series and I know people in my community have been a bit disappointed recently that a lot of the posts haven't really said much, unfortunately that is what you're going to get with weekly blog posts some will hit and some will definitely not, but I do appreciate the change of branding so now it's called payday 3 blog update if it's not related to the operation medic bag changes and fixes this one is all about enemies and specifically the techie and Mio's talked a bit about the design, a lot of it is just kind of reminding us of what we already know so the techie being an enemy that's in syntax era only at the minute and she can deploy drones that will attack you and also will have a refraction Shield basically High her makes her invisible unless you can just about make her out in the distance.

But there are some responses to look over and things like that. I have opened this as a PDF, by the way, because this article included a very irritating 3D model that slowed down my computer ridiculously.

Mio discusses techie feedback

Mio discusses techie feedback

To deal with that particular enemy, and so they introduced the techi as an enemy that you would actually go out and seek the location of, or try and deal with jumping around a little bit, but just because it adds to the point, he said he likes the techie in particular because it makes it worthy of a player's anger and it makes them more satisfying to kill when defeated.

And that's why people love to hate the clown. Which i mean personally, for my overall thoughts on the technology, before we look at the rest of it. I'm of two minds about it personally, purely because it links to what they said in the stream earlier this week playing over the 2020 Dev Build; he said that they want to set up the armor system so that you would run out and would have to leave the heist personally.

If that's the case and youve set the game mechanics up in that way you want people to be able to last as long as they can with that armor because once they run out they've got to go and part of the fun of payday, is not having to rush out of the heist is sometimes staying to get the extra loose and I don't feel like you needed enemies to push that angle I'm not personally the biggest fan of the techie because if you are holding down an objective you have to then go and seek out the enemy, lose a ton of armor and then probably deplete your armor bags I mean now you've got extra Health it's not as much of a problem but I do think it was a bit of an oversight setting them up in that kind of way personally.

Making cloakers invisible?

Making cloakers invisible?

I would not mess with the cloer. I don't think that's a good idea. I think maybe if you want to do that, if you were going to do a loud modifier, That could be interesting, but changing it a lot, I would not agree with it. I think you know Moo is really relying, as we said again in this Dev stream earlier this week, on loud modifiers to make the game harder again on high difficulties, and as I said in the last article.

I don't personally think that's enough depending on what he does with the loud modifiers. If he does do some really crazy stuff, maybe it will be enough, who knows, but definitely having the refraction Shield Tech be used on a cloak up. I think it could be a bit too overpowered for them; they already have their unique strengths.

I don't know if they need more, but certainly not the base for a cloaker. I would not like to see that at all, but as for the drones themselves, you can see the 3D model here.

New techie drone


I can't move it on this PDF because I wanted my computers to run faster than you know, three frames a second, but Mo did note that there are two types of drones that the techie has: the gun drone, the one we already have, as well as a tactical drone that's coming in a future update.

Now, it is mentioned further down what that does. Here, it is right at the bottom of the page that they want to finish the tactical drone, which will debuff you by removing your stacks of edge grit or rush. If you let the drones blind you after the feature is done, they've made sure the techie works reliably on Old Heist.

They roll around the entire game and have it become a mainstay of Payday 3. I don't want to moan again; I'm just not a big fan of that personally, but whatever, so there are going to be two drone types of the techie, and they're not planning to add another one. They do say later on that if they add another drone type, it'd be better to just do a new enemy because they've taught a bit about how if they're going to do a new enemy, it has to fit whatever the systems are at the moment, so if they introduce melee combat, it would make sense of a melee-focused enemy.

Bringing back payday 2 enemies

Bringing back payday 2 enemies

They'll just see where they go from there and then focus on Payday 2 specific enemies, ones that haven't come into Payday 3. Mi said they have some internal designs for medicines they're holding off on, so I think the time is right because if they do add them in, much like a lot of things in Payday 3, it won't be a one toone design copy from Payday 2, which is fair because you don't want things exactly the same as the previous game.

But you also have to be careful that you don't reinvent for reinvention. For sake, there is a balance to be achieved; here, I'm not sure if Payday 3 has managed that very consistently. I think AIC would be an appropriate enemy to add back if you were going to add one back. Like adding tons of enemies just to try and mix the game up.


I don't have the most appreciation, for personally. I think you know once you have a decent range of specials that should do it, but a medic is one I think the game would benefit from getting back, but he said the martial snipers probably won't come back, but you recognize their bright personalities in one of these upcoming Lou modifiers.

Whatever that means, I guess we'll find out.

Bringing back swat turrets.

But then, following on from that, Mo said they've been asked many times to never bring back swap van turrets; that's currently the most likely enemy type to not come into payday three. One's going to stay confined in payday 2, but then said even something like a swap van turret might come back if they see a strong enough reason for it; they don't think it has a space right now, but maybe in a future Heist or after some more updates, they'd want to re-evaluate that this is the kind of non-committal attitude they have to some of these points that I just don't really like.

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