Payday 3 News: Almir Suggests First Patch Might Not Be October


This one's going to be a little bit of a reaction article, actually, because I noticed this post was left on Reddit earlier today by counterbusters, noting that Alir had said in his stream today that he can't confirm the patch will release in October. Now I figured this could just be him trying to cover the company's backside; it would make sense.

I mean, he's L said that in his post could be they're saying it's a chance could go wrong; it won't release, so they're saying it to cover their backside, but I thought the best thing for me to do is to actually have a look and pull out any relevant clips from today's stream, much like I did with the PDF article the last few days or last week.

I should say the week before, so I found four particular clips that I think are addressing patch details. I've kind of had a bit of a brief listen; they sound like answers that we're going to want to hear, so I thought, let's see what they say together. I don't know if he's going to say anything interesting.

If he doesn't say anything interesting, I will put this article out, so if it's out, then you'll know it's hopefully worth listening to. So I found four different clips. Let's give him a listen and see what he says in each of them. Astral Cannibal says, being a month in and with no patch, the information is awful.


You guys have got to say something will at least be out before November. Astral Cannibal, like I said, I want to give you an exact date, but I can't right now. You know, we have a development team that is working on making sure the patch works as intended. As soon as they let me and Elizabeth know, we will communicate that to you, Astral Cannibal.

Right now, it's super unfortunate that it is like it is, but we'll get there, my friend. Okay, so that's very on thatfence, as I imagined it was, so that's probably where the comment came from, but the one I heard before was something to do with the October comments this follows on it's only like a minute later, so this was him feedbacking to someone saying about October specifically this what his response was.


I've only heard a bit of Bruno 1346. It is great to hear the patch might not even be in October. This is going great. I haven't said when the patch is coming out; all I say is that it will come out as soon as we physically can. Give it out. I hope it will come out in October, but because we haven't given a specific date yet, I can't confirm that, Bruno.

But again, I appreciate the frustration; I totally get it. The problem that you've got with a statement like that though is that the last time they tweeted out about news with regards to when the next patch was coming, they said it would be aiming for mid-October, and they put this tweet out yesterday that we talked about in yesterday's article, saying that it still wasn't ready, but they didn't really address that the window was going to be com and gone, so we're still technically in mid-October, so it's still coming out in the next few days, but they haven't given us any indications, so it makes me think that it's going to be a while off yet, but I don't know.

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I really don't know, so there are a couple of other things I picked out in terms of update details. I thought we just listened to it very quickly, and I'll give my brief thoughts and wrap the article up. We don't need it to be 10 minutes here. Will the patch be split into multiple parts? alir Elizabeth can you all provide any additional info on the patch will it be split into more than one part asks the meriff.

We haven't announced that the patch will be split, but we will let you know exactly what the patch will contain as soon as we can. Either Al has forgotten the patch was split or it's been recombined. And it's not being split again, because if you've been following the news recently from my articles or anywhere else, you'll know the patch was split in half.

That was the whole point. There was going to be a big patch on October 5th. It was split off so that some stuff could be released on that date, and the rest would come later. The stuff that was split off got delayed anyway, so at present, as far as we know, there's still two updates, the main one and the split off.

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From what he's saying, it sounds like either they've been recombined or he's forgotten they were split to begin with. I don't know, but that's just adding to this era of confusion. It doesn't seem like anyone really knows what's going on with the update, so clarification is still vastly needed. I don't want to pin it on anyone.

I mean, just general communication. Things are not clear at the moment, so if even he's not able to relay the correct information, what are we supposed to know? So there needs to be some better communication going on here, for sure. The last thing I heard was something to do with quality of life fixes.

I don't think it's anything insightful, but I thought I'd just share it because I heard it being mentioned while I was scrolling through SP. It says, Also, will there be relevant quality of life improvements in the upcoming patch? I think it depends on what your focus is on individually. For example, I think all the heisers out there have different things that they want us to improve, change, add, or fix.

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So as soon as we can share the patch notes and the update notes with you all, I hope you will be satisfied with that either way. I'll be very happy to read what your feedback on it is. I think he'd be very good in the Indiana Jones film; he's very good at the cryptic answers, which are sarcasm. This could be taken anyway, Genu, because he's like, It depends on what you describe as quality of life fixes.

Well, realistically, quality of life fixes are things you do to the game to make it easier to play and to change feats to make it more accessible and easier to understand the game. It's not a bug fix. It's separate from a bug fix, and they said originally this first patch was going to be 200 plus bug fixes and zero quality of life improvements that would come in the second patch, so does that now mean some quality of life fixes are going to be in the first patch?

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It's a bonus, and I didn't know that was very cryptic. That's the point of my joke, but I don't, I don't know, I really don't know, so as a present right now, folks. It's still very confusing. I don't know what the heck is going on. It could be that the update comes out this week; it could be that it comes out next week; it could be that it comes out in November.

I don't know, but I felt like because he mentioned this in his stream because what happened was he was meant to play Payday 3 and it sounds like the capture card wasn't working, so he just chatted for an hour, so I picked out a few things that were said on the stream that I missed at the time, so credit to counter-busers for making that Reddit post, or I may have missed it, which again plays into my point that they're not being good communication.

Today, Almir did another stream on Payday's Twitch discussing the still-unreleased first patch for Payday 3, suggesting an October release was not guaranteed also insinuating the patch was not split anymore and COULD contain quality of life fixes - let's talk about it.
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