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I know, but this update will hopefully have a lot more to it as they're planning to release it alongside a new skill for armor we'll get into later called Clean Slate, a new skill line called fortitude that works all around health, and also on top of that, the overheal system, where you heal a little bit extra health over your maximum and it slowly Over time, some really good stuff happened, and these are all things the partners were testing over the last couple of weeks.

They're hoping to put them all out in one update later down the line, so if it all drops, we're going to have a lot more to talk about in the next update. Be much better than the one we got yesterday, which I'm really excited about. We need some game-changing stuff, and here we've got a proper insight into how adaptive armor specifically is working from Payday 3's game director moo, so what I'm going to do is take you through this post, get my thoughts on it, and just do a bit of a quick recap because there's not tons to it but enough information that makes it quite interesting to read through, so let's do it.


Drag, the game director on day 3, would like to talk about the new adaptive armor system. It's going to be telling you the stats of the armor, so instead of just having you know the picture of the armor and a picture of the adaptive armor next to other armor sets, and now it actually seems like it's going to be telling you the stats of the armor, instead of just having you know the picture of the armor and a light description, it's going to tell you the chunk damage regen maximum Downs damage reduction speed penalty.

And also mentioned was trauma damage, meaning that once you take a hit, you don't get the armor back. The idea there is that trauma damage is permanent, but this adaptive armor doesn't take any; it heals it back. The only time it won't heal it back is if you've lost a full chunk, which they'll explain now.

So armor has been a popular topic among the community and a fairly polarizing one. What they initially envisioned was a resource that eventually runs out during the course of combat; the same was true of health, but the idea was that you would plan how much of each resource type you need to bring with you depending on the heist and play style and try and pull off the heist as fast as you can with those constraints.


But that's why the current armor works the way it does in the game now. Each time it takes damage, you lose a bit of it permanently, even after it regenerates, so you're always taking permanent damage. They never intended for you to get it all back, but the problem is that Payday 3's meta has not really adapted very well to that.

Players have been using it very differently. As Mo says. Payday 2's armor was more of a shield; it would always fill back up, but Payday 3 wasn't designed for that, but a lot of players prefer it the way that it was in Payday 2, so they have noted that since the game launch, the pent damage feels punishing and leads to some stressful micromanagement.

Ways to restore armor are very limited. Some heists of their length are simply easiest to complete by bringing as much armor as possible, and it also doesn't feel like there are enough variety of play styles for surviving AOW. Hear all four of these very true statements, and all four I've certainly encountered in my play time.

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They plan to address each of these points with different updates and changes to the game, but they'd also like to clarify that they have no intention of changing the current available armor in the game. They know they've been requested to just change the Payday 2 system, but such a change would require them to rework how they balance combat skills and various other aspects of the game, and while that doesn't mean they'll never make a change like this, it's currently not planned.

And I think it's important to note that of course they can say we might change down the line and never do it, but bear in mind they did say they weren't going to change the challenge system; they were going to adapt it to make it more enjoyable for players, and now they've just decided to scrap the whole thing and go, you know, screw it and go back to the original progression.

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So I don't think that's a lie. I think if people really did want it to change back to Payday 2, that this didn't work, they may well do it, but I do think what they're doing with adaptive armor is hopefully going to be enough that people have all the options that they need and will be happy with them, and as you'll see later on, this isn't the only armor kit they're willing to add; they are willing to put more in if people ask for them, so I think this is a very good compromise, and I think this will come off better with players.

Personally, rather than just saying you get a bit of XP by finishing a heist, most of its challenges. I think this will go down much better; at least that's my hope. So here's the nitty-gritty as to how the armor style works, so it's got two chunks. As we said, the trunks need 4 and a half seconds to regenerate.

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You get two Max Downs with a build, and you then have a 5% damage reduction, whereas the regular armor has 25%. A light speed penalty same as the light ballistic armor so the two chunk normal armor takes no trauma damage so you will regenerate any damage you take other than a chunk breaking, but adaptive armor will also have a different Hood color so you can tell who's running what in your crew so it won't just be purple for you it'll be purple if any other teammates in your hood are using it too which is very good and it plays into another problem that people have with the game at the minute where you can't see what a lot of your teammates are bringing you can't see medic bags things like that I'm sure hopefully those things will be added later on but seeing what army are bringing, is a good first step being conscious and forward thinking, as to making sure we know what our teammates are doing I think that's very, very helpful.

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In short, adaptive armor lining does not take permanent trauma damage, but you can also take less damage before a chunk breaks. If a chunk breaks, you still need to restore it with an armor bag, but in theory, you can make it last forever if you take cover in time. In a practical sense, if you don't want to deal with armor maintenance as much, this is the armor for you, and it will let you do some aggressive plays if you're smart about it, but utilizing regular armor and repair kits might last you much longer than adaptive armor with certain builds.

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