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Yet you read that correctly. I did rob a bank in New York a couple weeks ago, along with a bunch of other people that you also probably know. Yes, I am in person showing my actual face, except this time it was the other people around me that were wearing clown faces, and they just so happened to be the main characters of Payday 3.

If you see other people's articles, that is me, and it is okay that they're showing my face. I just wanted to get that out of the way. I actually thought that there would be a situation where we'd rob a mock bank, so I brought a yellow balaclava in contacts in order to cosplay myself, but it never happened, so I'll have to find another way to use those in the future.


Since they flew us out to New York for the event, this article is indeed sponsored by Payday 3, so I would like to thank them for the support as well as, of course, for putting on a top-notch performance. Event It was a really good time, and as you'll find out, it's a really cool game. Speaking of the game, let's get to it.

Although the game is a lot of fun and the event went well, the recording did not go so well, so all of the footage that you see on the documents and map is not mine. Although we did get to play that location with a fully leveled character, we also got to play the bank map, which you're going to be able to check out for yourself in the beta right now with your interest.

Speaking of, if you're watching this before the 12th of September, you should go and do that if you're interested in anything that I'm about to go and say, specifically the bank location, and you also have a ton of loadout options, from guns to gadgets to perks. The TLDR is that, in my opinion, based on mostly the time that I got into the fully leveled characters, this is a fantastic successor.

beta gameplay

Compared to the previous game, it captures the good while mixing in a bunch of new things, which I very genuinely enjoyed. Play it if you liked Payday 2. I really believe you'll like Payday 3, and if you've never played a Payday before, you'll like the beta if you like co-op games, FPS's, or just problem solving, slash puzzle games.

I highly suggest that you check it out, and again, that is available until the 11th, which is just this weekend for the long-time fans that are interested. I'm not sure what press they've put out about this, but they did tell us in person at the event that they are going to have an even bigger campaign for post-launch content than they did with Payday 2.

So even after launch, expect new stuff to pop up for years. Unfortunately, there's one thing I missed out on, and it stinks because it was what a lot of people wanted to know about in detail, and that's the stealth gameplay. It wasn't that I necessarily missed out on it; it's that we just kept failing at it.


I wish I could show you our own footage, but the captured footage that we have provided to us does show essentially our experience with that as well. I'm not sure if it was bugged or just really difficult to figure out, but we had two hours to play where we got four full games in, and all four we weren't able to figure out how to complete a round completely.

Stealthy, we would get far, and during one it seemed there was just one objective left, but each time we ended up having a mascot. I played with operator Drewski. The best aspect for me personally was the cooperation. Getting through this game can be very difficult when you want it to be, whether artificially, by trying to go stealth, by doing some kind of specific achievement, or literally by cranking up the difficulty.

You can get that feeling for yourself already from the beta. If you play with your friends, you can all be on point for half the mission, and up until you're actually in the truck leaving, all it takes is for one person to mess up a little bit, and you're all shooting it out for the rest of the game.

It's genuinely a lot of fun. I highly suggest that you try it with three friends, unfortunately. For us, it's four players max, so it won't work with the full Tarkov PMC squad. You'll have to roll the scav squad on that one, but just leave out the power-hungry, egotistical, know-it-all bossy friend from the group since there's always one, and you'll have a great time.

You can solo queue and match make in case you are that person or lacking in the friends department, which while on that subject, you can fix that by going to my Discord that's linked. Gg, nice, guys, and that's spelled like the channel's, N-o-i-c-e-g-u-y-s.

Ui issues

Ui issues

If you are interested in continuing on that subject, what has also been a major issue has been the UI navigation and the lobby setup both in person and for sure in the online beta, although a side note: this is a stress test, so this stuff was bound to happen. It was chaos trying to invite my friends and get the squad together eventually.


It, consistently worked out so I'm optimistic they'll figure it out and is supposed to again be a stress test with the beta so just heads up with that while in game and at least again in the beta the UI wasn't that intuitive, you wouldn't necessarily understand there's a bunch of things you're not able to do unless you have a specific or a specific set of equipment or a specific level or be masked up in order to do certain things however at least for the messed up stuff it would tell you need to be messed up in order to do that but before you got to that point you would try and fail to do lots of different things several, times before you actually realize that's the case even with things so simple as jumping yes literally just jumping, or vaulting through Windows you can't jump, and do a bunch of combat related things which the combat related things do make sense but for the stealthy stuff you're not gonna messed.

So it didn't really make sense at the time. I guess it makes sense for balance reasons and stuff like that, and I'm sure Actually, I don't even say I'm sure. I know there's lots of perks, there's lots of unlocks, and stuff like that you're going to be able to get down the line to help with this stuff, but it was a bit weird in the open beta, so just keep that in mind when you're low level or playing in the open beta or you know both the things that they choose to exploit in order to make the game more difficult with the difficulty.


Slider is also an issue for me because it just makes the enemies more bullet-spongy, as far as I can tell, which, especially at the lower levels, is excruciating. I get why they did it, but personally, I don't think I'm alone on this. I just don't like bullet-sponge enemies. Again, personally, however.

I was invited out to New York a couple weeks ago to check it out early along with a bunch of other people you probably know. Yes I was in person and showing my actual face except this time it was other people that were wearing the clown faces and they just so happened to be the main characters of Payday3.
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