Payday 3. New Progression System Explained & Dragan Return Teased



We're talking about everything in the 13th Dev Blog. This is breaking down the progression system overhaul that's coming in Update 7 for payday 3. In the next couple of weeks, there's also going to be a section towards the end where we have a bit of a tease that Dragon could well be coming back to Payday 3.

I was going to make a article for this on its own, but I figured it was just worth lumping into this one as one big news roundup for the week. But before we get into it, a couple things I want to clarify: First off, I'm recording this on Thursday, not Friday. Thank you very much to Starre. I reached out to them and told them I was going to be busy all day Friday and asked if there was any chance I could get access to the blog early.

They gave me just a big wall of text, so what I've done is spent the last half an hour using the inspect element to put it here to look like it would tomorrow. I've come up with the name; there may be a couple of wording differences, so if this does look any different at all from the actual blog, that's why they want to clarify, but they have finalized the wording, so it should all be exactly the same.

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Dev blog 13 analysis

Dev blog 13 analysis

Let's do it. Let's break down the development block. So today they are talking, as I said, about the progression system overhaul, and it goes into a bit of detail about how it's going to work, honestly. It's really well explained and makes me quite excited for this overhaul, because this is what I was talking about when I said I want PayA3's updates to do things that will bring me back into the game, someone who's taking time away from it, and I think this might just do it, so they give a bit of an explanation as to why they're changing the system, and it's very much just eating a big case of Humble Pie, because they're saying you know they tried something different and it didn't work, but here's how it's going to work with the new progression system.


You will gain infamy points based on how many bags you secure, as well as the quality of said bags and loot that you have scun with, so for example, if you clean the jewelry on dirty ice, that bag of loot will give you more IP than if you just grab and go, so it'll incentivize completing the additional objectives and taking a little more time to get higher quality bags, so you'll now get infamy points per bag rather than just an extra fear for getting all of them, so depending on how many you secure, you'll get certain amounts more for leveling up, so this is a proper experienced system.

Still just called infiny points, but same difference. The only thing I couldn't amend here was when I was making the web page or changing the HTML. The screenshots i'm not going to sit here and figure out how to put those in, so I have left a blank page here for me to put these images on. Over the top, these are screenshots of dirty ice on very hard difficulty securing just six bags, so not all of them, just six, and you can see the difference here if I use my mouse to point it out.


I'm trying to do this through OBS. I'm really putting so much effort in here, but you can see that you've got a 50 infiny point completion in the previous system and 375 infiny points in the new one, a much bigger payout per heist, and you can see there's a fatter stealth payout, there's also a loud option; we'll get to that in a minute, and there's still a reward for getting all bags, so even though you're now getting three points per bag, you'll still get some extra if you do secure all of them, so there is still that motivation to get everything, but you're not penalized so much now if you don't secure the all or really much at all.

I think it's a really good way to do it, and the infiny point rewards, It looks quite good. You can pretty much get from that maybe about a fifth of a progression level when you're at max level because it's 2, 000 infiny points once you get past 150 to keep getting your reown levels. It looks like the numbering is pretty good.


Of course, it will vary between heists, and they don't go into detail on the offerings for each heist, but we'll see, and as they've put in this post, that will take some experimentation and some feedback from players, so let's go back over here. Hi, these pictures then carry on since IP PS will directly scale with how many bags you manage to steal.

Heists such as Cookoff will be even more lucrative. Since now you won't have to steal every bag for the bulk of the bonuses, let's talk about stealth and loudness because they're the important things. There's something about all bags here; we'll talk about that in a minute, but let's look at the stealth and loud bits because they're important, so they are keeping the stealth bonus that gives you additional IP for successfully escaping without raising the alarm.

They feel that players enjoy striving towards mastering the execution of a heist, and payday is always a bit about mastery. You will still get that big stealth reward if you finish the heist without the alarm going off, but you'll get a bit of compensation. IP points rather than nothing at all if the heist goes loud.

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If you have completed at least one assault wave or have reached the final charge when you escape, either way, you will get some infy points. not specified how many, but the very clear indication here is that it's not as many as completing the heist and stealth because stealth requires that mastery, whereas loud is just can you survive till the end, and as we've talked about previously with Payday 3's mechanics, it's basically can you get out of the heist as fast as possible.

Most people can do that a lot easier compared to doing heists in stealth, so it would make sense that the low payout would be weaker. It does say though that some Heist are much easier and faster in s compared to loud, so this bonus acts as an option for you to play the way you prefer and not feel like you're shoehorned into any particular play style.

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The hope is that you can progress and grow your overall level without having to compromise where you personally get the most fun. All makes sense, all sounds good to me, and then, as I said about the all bags payout, if mastery is a core part of the power fantasy of a payday, it would be insane not to incentivize going for the big score, so you still get that bonus as it says for getting all bags.

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