Payday 3 - New Best Xp & Money Farm (how To Rock The Cradle 3 Minutes On Overkill)

Skills & intro

Skills & intro

So today I'm going to be showing you the fastest way to make XP as well as money completely solo. I've been trying to make this article for about 2 days, but I've been getting lots of matchmaking errors. But as of right now, it does seem like that problem seems to be solved, as I've been able to find games pretty easily.

So anyway, let's go ahead and check out which skills I have been using, and I'll be telling you which ones are relevant and which ones aren't. So as far as relevant skills go, I would recommend using Infiltrator. Tier 1 as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2. I also recommend you use Drifter Tier 1, especially social engineering.

This is going to be quite helpful, as well as slippery, if you're able to do so. If you have your grinder maxed out, I recommend you use slippery I will be showing you two methods to do this. One method will benefit from slippery, and the other method will benefit from social engineering. So let's go ahead and get right to that in the game play, and we'll talk from there.

Difficulty The overkill difficulty is going to reward us with a lot more extra XP as well as a lot more money we'll be making. $400, 000 per run in about 3 minutes, which averages out to a little bit over $100, 000 per minute, which makes this by far the fastest solo method to make money and by far the fastest method to level up your skills and weapon.

Guided run route 1

Guided run route 1

XP as well, all right, so once again. I will be showing you two different methods to do this, the one we will be particularly using for our playthrough, and a different alternative route you can take.

We'll start off with the alternative route. What we want to do is you'll want to run here to the right, after touching a civilian the reason why you want to touch a civilian is to trigger Rush there as you can see there at the bottom my Rush is triggered and now we can lockpick this and one to go so what we want to do after we spawn we Sprint hit that civilian come over here unlock this and we're going to want to run across these hallways right here, the these cameras will not detect us when we Sprint across so you can just go ahead and Sprint across it's not a problem all right so this is where social engineering comes into play if we don't have social engineering.

This woman right here will snitch on us, and we don't want that to happen all right, so doing it again, we're going to sprint into the civilian trigger, rush, run over here, jiggle, pick this door, boom, we're through, we can sprint across this entire hallway, none of the cameras will detect, boom, now we want to run out and bait these two security guards right here.

As you can see, they heard something, and now they're moving, so as they're moving, you come around, get his key card, and open the door, and we're into this part of the map. Now I'm going to stop here because now I'm going to talk about the second method to get to this point, and then the rest of the map is the same for both methods, so let me.

Guided run route 2

Guided run route 2

Go ahead and restart now. The second method, and my personal favorite, is that we'll just want to run right into these guys and jiggle pick right in front of them.

We wait a second, then run past them. Now we run all the way to the bouncers, and we want to get detected. It's not going to be much of a choice. We get detected here. Get his key. Scan the door. And now we wait to be arrested. This guy's going to arrest me while I have a rush. I uncuff in one go, and boom, I'm behind the door, and I'm now in this position.

Guided run both

So this method is a lot faster to get to this point; however, the cops are now actively searching for us, which might make this run a little bit harder, but in my opinion, once you kind of get used to doing this, it really doesn't matter; they're easily avoidable. All the way onto this balcony, jump up, get in here, print across again.


Break this vent, and now what we want to do is we want to look for the white board that's going to be showing us the switch to turn off the power. As far as that whiteboard goes, there are three possible locations in which it can be located. The first location is in that room right there; the room we were just in at the other location that it can be at is right over there where the question mark currently is; and the third and, in my opinion, hardest variant of this map is when the crypto and the whiteboard are located all the way back there, but we'll go over here.

Break this vent; we kind of run through here careful with the cop. Boom, run, and slide across. Down here, bam, break the vent. Look at the cold, so that's the switch that will want to turn off right there is the A400 white, so after we get this bit of information, what we want to do is backtrack the same path.

99 boxes

Be careful with the camera. Boom, we're up here. Come back all the way, Balcony, and here we are. We interact with the computer. We wait for the computer to load. After it's done loading, we interact with it, and now we can go loot the crypto. Usually, I'll tell you the truth: I like to just jump out of this balcony.

As far as this timing has gone, of course, they are in the wrong position as we're doing this much slower, but usually I like to just jump out of this balcony. But if you want to go safer, you can go down the stairs the same way we came up. I usually jump out of this balcony, run over here, run through this vent, grab the crypto we got to turn in over there, so we come over here through the bar, come down here, and we want to throw the bag over that.

After we throw it over the wall, now we want to come back over there to that green point, so as far as I have found, there are two ways in which I usually do this. The first thing that I personally prefer is just going back and safely getting to that point, which will usually add several seconds, and another way you can just get there is honestly just balls running across, all the way onto that point, so let me show you what that kind of looks like.

Cop Boom, we just sprint across now.

Have been meaning to get this video out for ages, but as you all know, the servers have been a pain. Enjoy! Remember! This is for weapons and skills, Account level are bound to challenges.
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