Payday 3 - New Best Xp Farm (rock The Cradle - Overkill, Under 3 Minutes)


I messed up the pick lock; that's bad on my part, and we're going to run through, and this is a door you just have to unlock. Now you're going to sprint through it, and you're going to crouch behind the bar. This is going to make the bouncer suspicious, and they're going to want to check out what is going on, which allows you to go around the back and pickpocket them for the key card.

Now you're going to want to make your way through that red door, and you're going to want to try to avoid the cameras as best as possible. You're going to break this upcoming event, and you're going to run across the ductwork and the catwalk and go over to the accountant's room now, jump this, and open the door, and you're going to be met with this first room.

You're going to unlock the door and go down to this first event. You're going to break this open. You can mail air; just open it. That's up to you. Then you unlock the next door and work your way through the next few areas just so you can make your way over to the crypto vault, where the key code is.


Now watch out for Roman guards as you do this and add to the bathroom. Once you've entered the bathroom, open the vent. I don't smash this one just because it seems suspicious. You see the letters and numbers, and you're going to see the corresponding color that goes along with that as well. That is for the electrical box, so you're going to go back, and you're going to work your way back exactly the way you came, and try not to alert any of the guards as best as possible, and make your way back up the staircase, and you're going to go over and shut off that correct corresponding electrical box now.

Go and find the corresponding box and make sure you select the right color, because if not, it'll search for a trigger, and you might as well restart at that point. Run back across the ductwork, and you're going to have to go back to the accountant's room. Once you enter the accounting room, you're going to have to interact with the computer twice: once to medicate it and the other to confirm it.

Once that's finished, you're going to go back through that stairwell and go down to that vent a second time. It's okay if that guard becomes suspicious. You're not going back there for a minute, so you're going to work your way back through this room like you did before, and you're going to proceed to just retrieve the crypto wallet.


Now, while that guard is suspicious, it eliminates that patrolling aspect that you don't really have to worry about. Jump through these vents, which are extremely useful, and go grab the crypto wallet. Once you've got the crypto wallet, you need to secure that vent, and we're going to just go back through that vent, and we're going to just I like to go exactly back the way I came while watching for the guard that was suspicious.

There he comes, and we're going to work our way back through—not a big deal—and we're going to use that stairwell to go back up to this accountant's room. Once you're here yet again, we're going to hop over the side, and we're going to use the catwalks and the ductwork to make our way over to the secure location where you can dump the crypto wallet.


Be careful Crossing through here, there is a chance for the Roaming Guard, or a chance for a civilian, and there's that camera also behind you, so you're going to want to go through here, and you're going to want to break down at this event now when you go through here. Watch out for the roaming guards; there can be one up top and one below.

Just maneuver around and see what works for you, but this can slow down your run a little bit, but it really doesn't matter; it's not going to affect you whatsoever, so you're just going to have to wait for any guard or anything, make sure nobody's coming, and make sure there's not a roaming civilian standing down there by that little curtain, and then you're going to, once they move, hop down there and throw the bag into the secure location once the bag is secured.

You're going to go into one of these gambling rooms, the first one, to be precise, and you're going to break through this vent and go through the second one after it, which is going to bring you into the vault room, but we're not taking any extra loot; we're literally just sleeping with the crypto wallet, so be careful of this camera.


I like to risk it. It's not a big deal sometimes; you get caught sometimes, and sometimes you don't. It's not a big deal; just restarting doesn't take long. You're going to wait for this guard to go around the door. You're going to unlock it and follow him the way he goes, like yet again. Watch out for roaming civilians or other guards, and you're going to take a right through the store, and you're going to watch this camera right above you, and occasionally.

If the guard's right there, if you're impatient, you can just kill him or not. I chose to kill him in this run because hacking his radio did not work. I could have placed an ECM and jammed Ronda and just went to the exit, but there was a chance that the alarm still went off and that I couldn't receive.

If there's not one, you're free to go. All you have to do is jump back on the ductwork, go back the way you came, and just escape. If anyone sees you at this point, just drop the ECM jammer and leave. That's really all there is to it. You can drop your ammo box or whatever, which also helps with other challenges.

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