Payday 3 Massive Steam Disaster. New Avatar Game Flops And New Steam Sale



I must look back at it with another article. The Last Airbender, and your avatar. The Last Airbender Game, dropped quietly on PC on Steam. Unfortunately, the price is kind of egregious and it's getting panned, so that's always not a great thing, but I want to cover that real quick; it's a bummer because obviously avatar The Last Airbender is a show that a lot of people I grew up with, so you know, having a new game would have been kind of exciting, especially if it was good, but alas, payday 3 is getting panned right now as well, for it's always online nonsense, and the game is actually unplayable.

It was unplayable yesterday, excuse me, but we'll talk about that, and then there is a brand new publisher sale that is going on right now on Steam that's fairly decent.

Payday 3 massive steam disaster

Payday 3 massive steam disaster

On payday three, the official Twitter account Now that we're seeing an increase in matchmaking issues, the team has investigated, and we're now seeing all platforms unable to match. The team is working hard to restore functionality. The team is still working on the current matchmaking service outage, hoping to have a more positive update soon.

This all happened yesterday, September 22nd, and unfortunately, payday 3 being an online game kind of spells disaster whenever something like that happens. Also, the unfortunate element of this is that Payday 3 is a game that is just hitting the market now, and obviously the initial interest in a game is always on launch day or shortly after launch day, right around that launch period.


And when you're kind of blowing that right with a server outage and getting a lot of negative PR based on that, that's obviously not a great thing. Payday 3 is now available through Xbox Game Pass. I actually had a buddy over my crib yesterday, and he was asking me, You know, payday 3? You're checking it out, and I had to mention to him that you know it's on Game Pass, and he was just like taken aback.

He's just like what I just played in Starfield on Game Pass, and you're telling me Payday 3 is on. Yeah, Game Pass is broken these days in terms of how much value it'd be offering you. Payday is obviously a game that you do want to play multiplayer; you do want to play it with someone who knows multiplayer at the helm, but at the same time, it shouldn't always be online, and right now.

Payday 3 is also getting panned on Steam 17, 419. 30 of those reviews are positive, and right off the rib, the top review online only was a huge mistake. Well, day two now, I still can't play; I'm not really happy with that. Yeah, I don't think I would be happy with that fact if you spent 40, 70, or 90 dollars for the Gold Edition.


Ninety dollars, ladies and gentlemen. Remember, those editions give you the season pass content, but it's like, why even do it? Obviously, this game was also going to have de Nuvo anti-tamper DRM Tech, and they removed that right ahead of the release of the game, and that got a really positive reception and really jolted up the interest for this game.

I remember the tweet where they announced that they're removing Nouveau, which had like over a million impressions. Think about all of that advertising you're doing for that game ahead of the release, a lot of goodwill towards the game, and then bang. You just get absolutely thrashed, with the online only having the same aspect to it, and yeah, that was probably not a good sign.

You know what it is right now. Payday 3 does have 58 000 people online, so that's still a significant amount of people, and it looks like people are able to play the game, but it also looks like it's going up and down in terms of servers going back on back down and working for some people, not working for other people.


So, absolutely, train right here as well. Avatar: The Last Airbender is probably a lower-scale train wreck, but you know that game didn't have a lot of hype. Payday 3, on the other hand, had a lot of buzz in anticipation, and it's unfortunate that this happened with a game of this caliber, and this notoriety like Payday 3 had a lot of attention, like Avatar not turning out well.

But nevertheless, sometimes you just have to deal with that kind of stuff, all right? Moving on from that avatar, the Last Airbender request for balance did drop on Steam yesterday, September 22nd. Currently, the game has 25 Steam user reviews, so, um, you know, for a game that's using the Avatar: The Last Airbender IP.

I would say that that's probably not, which is a good side, and 16 of those reviews are positive, so that is not great. The gameplay is meh. This is a review. The top review from Natty says the gameplay is even worse, and for some reason you get Temple Run mini games, so why stop playing and refund it when they got the name of the Kiyoshi village elder?

payday 3

So obviously, you do have a two-hour return window, and I'm hoping that most people who reviewed this game took advantage of it. No, this person has 4.7 hours on record. I'm sorry, man. I am sorry. Maybe you still got a refund. It's because sometimes they do let that happen honestly, like from a visual standpoint, that avatar.

The Last Airbender Game, that was released on 360 that people just played to get a thousand gamer scores, probably looks equally visually impressive, so obviously this wasn't designed to be AAA, but at the same time, it's pretty close to AAA price (49.99), that's the same price as Assassin's Creed Mirage.

Yeah, this feels like a mobile game port with mildly pretty graphics. I mean, I don't know. Just looking at the game, it doesn't look that great visually, but it does have like a bit of a watercolor look to it, so maybe if you like that style. You'll be into it, but yeah, unfortunately, 16 gigs of RAM are recommended for this game as well.

That's kind of wild, to be perfectly honest, but yeah, unfortunately, getting pen, let's go to the community hub. Okay, it doesn't even have a player count listed, and what a game doesn't have a player account listed? You know, it ain't going well as far as people buying the game, and right now it's 27 Stevie's reviews.

22 is positive; now how about that? So, yeah, maybe that's a little bit better nevertheless, probably not one you want to buy, probably not one you even want to add to the wish list.

Steam sale

Steam sale

Lastly. I do want to note that Steam is running a Konami publisher sale right now. Konami is not my favorite publisher these days, but they do have a back catalog of great titles, and you know what?

They're putting more emphasis on Metal Gear doing a Metal Gear 3 remake, so there's a reason to be excited for Konami, but they got some good stuff on sale. Castlevania Advanced Collection is 12 Castlevania's Anniversary Collection Four Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition is 5.99, which loads of Shadow, in my opinion, is kind of an underrated game of reboot, so to speak of Castlevania, more of a third-person action title.

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