Payday 3 - Massive Community Updates. Future Patches. Secret Mechanics

community updates

We also have a few secret tips and tricks that are not very well known, and we also have to go over some of the top key missing features from Payday 2 as well as this game's launch. We have a lot to talk about. Back with the check-out, all things payday 3 Okay, so let's just jump into the community notes as well as what the future patch notes will look like.

So these are the important updates from the actual payday developer live stream that just happened for the matchmaking section. They said that Tuesday included some server improvements in maintenance. They also added temporary player limits that would reduce the server strain; the limit has increased twice since then and will continue to increase.

Andreas went on to say the limit is actually quite large, but they didn't go on to denote exact, specific figures. Now, as for the server issue stuff. I actually haven't dealt with anything because I played the game in Early Access, and during that time the servers were actually pretty good. I will say, for matchmaking.


I was having a hard time finding lobbies in the later levels, for some reason, like right after neon, a lot of those levels weren't being either picked up or utilized or people weren't playing them. I was mainly just trying to get through the campaign and have all the missions unlocked; fortunately, I was able to get through the entire campaign, but it did take me a while to find a lobbie.

However, once in game, the server issues were not present for me at all, and there was actually a pretty good experience. However, it seems like after the Early Access period, a lot of people that are getting the game now are experiencing this crazy server issue, which is really unfortunate, especially for a AAA game launch.

You really don't want to see that right off the bat. However, normally on the first day, there are a lot of server issues with these big AAA online games. However, this game has had server issues for several days now, and even leading into today, it is super unfortunate, but hopefully these patches and these future updates will eventually fix this now for the actual October 5th patch that's coming, supposedly.


200 bugs fixed The official patch notes will be arriving soon; however, they did want to discuss and disclose some of those upcoming fixes. Obviously, there's going to be fixes for various crashes, and there's Achievements not unlocking. I've been noticing a ton of issues there with challenges and even myself with early access.

There was a lot with that, and I didn't notice it as much as first cuz I was just kind of getting into the game, but yeah, definitely the challenges and things of that were not working properly. A lot of things with stealth mechanics and the completion of stealth missions were also not applied correctly.

That was actually one of the first that I noticed because I fully completed a mission stealth and didn't get any challenge completion for it, or at least the challenges tied to stealth completions weren't activating there. PS5 cosmetics and aim assist, which it seems like there's some issues with the PS5, metics there as well as maybe some issues with aim assist going on.


There are also sections in areas where there's muted audio, and yeah, I somewhat noticed this audio issue, but it wasn't super prevalent, and I think it only happened on a few occasions. We also have an issue with delayed interactions. Again I would assume that's probably tied to the server stuff is I didn't really deal with anything in the prompt section of interactions, social screen names were not appearing on Xbox rock the cradle VIP imitation not working on Overkill, difficulty which that's like a major issue you're not able to get through stealthily, with a VIP invitation on that neon map guards being unable to be traded as hostages, yeah that definitely seems like one that should be fixed especially if they're guards that definitely seems like it should warrant even maybe even a Time increase there and if anything there should be extra incentives for actually trading in a guard since that seems like a much harder thing to do Heist is not transitioning to the end screen upon the face.


Now it seems like the collector's edition is actually having a few issues with delays; however, this is seemingly not under Overkill's control, and players will have to contact their delivery service, so if you are having any delays, either contact the retailer where you purchased from or the actual service delivering.

I wasn't there for Payday 2's kind of live service updates. However, I did play on launch, so I'm not 100% sure how that live service happened or went with Payday 2. However, from the community and from all the kinds of comments and concerns. I have noticed that a lot of people do praise the kind of live service updates that Payday 2 receives, so hopefully they can kind of keep that energy going with Payday 3 and even advance on that further.

Now there are also some community updates on the cosmetics. After the October 5th patch, it is planned to add frequent content updates in addition to community events. They did go on to say here that the road map events will be elaborated. Further, when they get closer, additional cosmetics are also being worked on, and they gave quotes here.


Stay tuned they also want to do something kind of cool here with a multi-day heist, and it seems like there's going to be multiple, as they did denote this as in PL plural. Elmer went on to say that one can argue it worked great and one can argue it did not, depending on perspective. It's too early to say, so we're not sure if we're going to be getting that, but it does seem like quite a cool concept there with the multi-day heist.

If anything, this kind of sounds like what Tarov is trying to do or was trying to do, where you would essentially go from one area of the map to the next area right off the bat with no Q time. They also want to remaster previous maps. They believe that Payday 3 is a great opportunity to remaster old maps.


Although it isn't confirmed remastering, the maps would have an original heist element with new imagination. And they also want some player feedback there on what Legacy Heist you would like to see. It's nice to see they're at least trying to maintain this game properly, and it's cool to see if they're going to bring in old maps that players do love and like, although I do still hope that they have fresh ideas for some new maps and new creations.

This was all said on the payday developer live stream, and this little Reddit thread here was put together by Ryan Gosling's. Test dude's got a decent name, so yeah, check out the thread. Now we do have those PSAs about not-well-known information as well as some tips and tricks. The first one here is that shooting an unsilenced weapon when the First Response arrives or shooting at them will immediately end the trade host timer and start assault backups.

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