Payday 3 - Huge Free Update Announced (gameplay Changes)


Today we've received some unexpected yet rather pleasant news coming straight out of the Star Breze Team through the means of the first of hopefully many developer update articles. Star Breeze listened and decided it's now time to truly start becoming more transparent and sharing their behind-the-scenes a little bit with us, and I, for one, am extremely happy to have seen this article.

Not only does it give us bits of information that we previously didn't know about, but to me, it also means that the Star Breeze team is paying close attention to what the community isn't exactly happy about. There have been lots of people, including myself, who have expressed their disappointment with the lack of communication from the dev team, and to me, it seems like they are also attempting to amend that, so without rambling on, let's quickly talk about what we learned from this first developer update, taking a deeper focus on the gameplay-related changes.

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The first major bit of information we learned from this article is that we're going to be receiving Payday's first free content update within the next month. I'm not exactly sure if that means we'll receive it already in November. Or if we will receive this update within the next 30 days inside this free content update we'll be getting two heists that Payday 2 players are going to be very familiar with the Cookoff Heist as well as the murky station, personally as you guys may know I've never played Payday 2 myself so personally I'm extremely excited to play these two maps and experience these heists for the first time whilst showing gameplay for the murky station we also spot a new sort of alarm system, which I'm guessing will work similar to the traps and under the surface in the form of a drone, equipped with a motion sensor scanning around the map so I'm personally wondering how that's going to work out I'm also kind of curious and am kind of hoping that the difficulty modifiers for overkill, on these Maps could work a little bit differently, to give a little bit of a fresh feeling coming onto these Maps but one can only hope they've also brought up that they'll be introducing in this free content up update the transporter.

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Skill tree, which many players, including myself, have been long awaiting. The transporter skill tree gives you the capability to carry two different cash bags, so let's quickly check out what exactly each one of these abilities does for the basic transporter. Whenever you pick up a bag or body, you gain or refresh Rush, and when you throw a bag or body, you lose it, and if you Ace it, you also gain grit on top of Rush, which will be mostly useful for loud players.

Next up, the second skill is Beast of Burden, which, as long as you have Rush, which, by the way, thanks to the basic skill, is anytime you pick up a bag or body, makes it so that carrying objects or bodies doesn't incur any movement speed penalties, which is going to be fantastic for the two bag skill.

For the third one, we've got brutal carry, which is as long as you have grit, which, once again, if you have a transporter, will be anytime you pick up a bag or body, any civilian who sees you becomes immediately intimidated. Which, by the way, makes me think maybe acing transporter isn't necessarily going to be just for loud players, and lastly, what we got to see for just a few frames was the fourth skill.

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Which is Deep Pockets, which if you have a Deployable, bag in your Loadout you start the heist with one extra Deployable of that type but all of your Deployable bags now have two charges less which I'm guessing if for example we're equipped with armor bags we will be getting two different sets of armor bags but each will have less armor plates to refill yourself with it seems a little bit Niche but I can think of a few situations, this could be useful on now as far as the other two skills go they didn't exactly show in this article but we can get a pretty solid guess on what these will do based off of their icons, the fifth skill being the skill that definitely allows you to carry two bags and the last skill being a skill that will likely allow you to throw bags much further which if I'm not mistaken has already been leaked that this is indeed the case and before we move on to the next point I'd like to point out two things I noticed from this part of the article the first one being that we clearly see another skill right here underneath, transporter.

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Which does make me wonder whether the skill tree will be coming out on this upcoming update or if it's a skill tree they're still working on, and the second thing I noticed in this part of the article is that they purposely blurred out grit and rush here in this tab whereas they didn't do that for Edge, which makes me wonder if they're reworking how grit and rush will work or if they're still in the process of playing around with it and didn't want to leave it unblurred in this article to not create any expectations.


Lastly, for the article, they did mention they'll be implementing in this update a new way to gain XP. just by completing heists, even though they will be of a small quantity. When comparing with challenges, either way, it's a fantastic change, and yeah, they'll also be reworking the terrible challenge UI system in place right now to make it function a little bit better as well as give out recommendations for challenges to complete next, so that's pretty neat, but yeah, that's pretty much it for today's article.

These were pretty much the biggest gameplay changes that we'll be getting in Payday 3. I won't waste any more of your time. I'll catch you guys in the next

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