Payday 3 - Devs Announce A New Skill Line, 2 Patches But Working Hard To Fix Server Issues For Now

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The Payday 3 dev team just had a big one-hour twitch stream addressing the worries and complaints of the community. I announced two big upcoming patches and one new skill tree line and answered a lot more questions, but before I get started. The Payday 3 dev team just finished their stream to answer questions from the community regarding the horrible launch of Payday 3.

When asked why the game is always online, they answered that Payday 2 suffered from rampant cheating and unreliable hosting. In addition, they want to keep their commitment to the console community to make one community across all platforms, which, in my opinion, is of course nonsense. They say always being online is to combat rampant cheating, but how does it do that and fix unreliable hosting?

I mean, really, isn't that exactly what Payday 3 suffers from? The claim that they want to have one community by always being online is just utter nonsense. How does that help? Being always online has nothing to do with cross-platform, Play I mean, come on, I still don't think they are telling us the real reason we are always online.


According to the payday development team, the service is still not stable, and they are not sure when it will be. They will keep the community informed. Across all the social media platforms, the dev team is looking into some of the following features for the game since they are still hard at work to fix the mix-making error.

There is no time frame for these things, but they are having a chat in the lobby, having an unready button in the lobby, being able to mute Heist beliefs, being able to rename loadouts, improvements to challenges, and communication around them. Mouse and keyboard support on the console, a quick play option, and voiceover in iPchat These furniture pieces are being evaluated, and no time frame has been set for them to be added to the game.

There is currently no safe house in Payday 3 as there was in Payday 2, but the dev team is also looking to add that to the game again. There is no time frame for these things, and I have to keep saying this because that's what they keep telling us in the stream. There is no time frame for these, and these are not commitments; they're just being discussed as they come up.


Be fixed; that's it. Let me continue. There is a patch coming out on October 5th that will fix a bunch of books. They have not said if dispatch was for console or PC, but they will share the patch notes as they come closer to this date. Later in October, there will be a second patch that will fix the box and have some quality-of-life things added to it.

Dispatch will also have a new skill line that will be added for free; well, it's going to be called Transporter. Can you add this? Yeah, maybe we are concerned considering it, but we have no time frame for it. I mean, that was basically the whole stream in a nutshell. The development team is also looking into changing the reward system and money earned from heists for solo players.


A lot of solo players have complained that in No Rest for the Wicked Heist, one player cannot disarm all the die packs, so they want to maybe change all that. They are considering it and looking into it as far as mod support, but no official modding support has been announced. They realize they cannot stop the modern community, as they are working on getting a modding policy written up so that people can start making official mods for payday 3.

Players also want to stay in the same party after a heist has been done. I had the same request. It is annoying, and again, the dev team has been discussing this, and I can't say when or how it will be changed, but they hurt the community and are looking into it there. There will also be more weapons and more masks.

More outfits were added to the game post-launch. The launch of the game, you know, was very specific post-launch, but which ones they won't say, and this guy is the whole problem. This whole Payday 3 Twitch stream is a lot of fun. Maybe we're looking into it, or it could be a possibility. They say a lot of words, but they don't tell us anything, and they keep saying they are sorry for the messy launch, and I'm pretty sure they are because these bad reviews are costing them a lot of money in game copies not being sold.

People are refunding winning the game, uninstalling it, and not buying future DLC.

The Payday 3 dev team just had a 1 hour long twitch stream in which they explained what is going on with the game at the moment! , here is everything you need to know in a nutshell.
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