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In today's article, we are diving deep into the synthax error DLC. Race yourselves through an array of fresh content, including four tailor packs, three new weapons, including an SMG shotgun, and AR. And the introduction of a formidable AI known as the techie This futuristic AI boasts an invisible shield and deploys police drones to keep things spicy.

We'll also be exploring a brand new skill tree called Scrambler, taming with valuable skills to enhance your gaming experience, as well as a collection of new mass and other freak content waiting to be unveiled by stares. So sit back and relax; we'll cover a few things, and then we'll play the trailer.

New ai techie

All right So what I want to go over is the new AI that they have. Basically, this AI is going to have an invisible shield that's going to go hide around in corners, and it's basically going to sit there controlling their police drones that go around shooting you with bullets and stuff like that. And it's your job to kind of technically shoot those drones down and also go find the techie that's going to be hiding behind its invisible shield, because if you don't, it's just going to sit there and probably keep moving around.

The invisible shield isn't impossible to see, as you can see in the trailer. You can kind of see it; you just have to have a keen eye, basically, and just go hunt down the techie.

New skill tree scrambler

New skill tree scrambler

The next thing I want to cover is the scrambler skill tree. For the basics, you can hack drones by spending some time in stealth mode. When you hack them, they won't detect you and your crew members for 7 seconds.

After that, they'll go back to normal use, basically, and then for loud. They'll be indestructible for 6 seconds and fight on your side, and then after that, they'll self-destruct, and your run time will be refunded to you. Also, you gain additional runtime. So if you are smart, then you can act three cameras technically with all the run times available, and if you Ace this skill, whenever you place a tool, you gain Rush, which is big for speed running just depending on your loadout and stuff like that, and we'll move on to the next one.


For the next one, it's going to be a speed hack. For this one, as long as you have Rush and an ECM Jammer active, your hacking attempts, phone searches, and QR code interactions are 50% faster, and the radios of guards you kill are answered instantly. That is a game-changer. Holy moly, speed running is going to get crazy, I can tell you right now.

All right, for this next signal scan, as long as you have ECM gymer active, all cameras, snipers, and the FBII vehicle on the heist are marked on your crew; this is basically for loud. It's whatever i honestly wouldn't use this, but if you really need help finding those specific AIs and stuff like that, then this helps you.

Right next on the list are extra pockets. So if you have a tool in your loadout, you start the heist with 50% more tools of that type. Round it up to at least one additional tool. So, basically, I think if you have two jammers, you can get a third jammer. Probably this is at least one additional tool, so I guess it just depends on how many tools you have; it just gets rounded up.


So that's pretty helpful. Next is going to be a kinetic short circuit, so as long as you have a rush and an ECM jammer, active guards, first responders, and swats will become stunned for 5 seconds whenever you shoot them. That's probably going to be mainly loud. I don't think you'll really need this for stealth; it just depends, but it's pretty interesting.

All right next on the list is cam distortion, so cameras within 0.5 meters of the ECM jammers you own are disabled. This effect starts when the ECM jammer is placed and lasts until the ACM jammer is removed or used up. Disabled cameras can't be hacked, and all active run times on them are refunded.

So this is pretty straightforward. I don't necessarily think I would use it just because it was a jammer, but it also depends on what you're doing. And lastly, we got full recall so you can interact with the gadgets you own to put them back in your inventory. Consumable gadgets can only be picked back up if they haven't been used, so this is really good and also bad at the same time.

It's good because if you throw something down by accident and don't use it, you pick it back up. It's also bad because, I mean, it would be kind of cool if you could pick up something, use it, and reuse it, but it wouldn't make any sense, so it is what it is; it is a good idea. But unfortunately, you can't pick up used stuff.

So, that's all I'm going to cover for now. I'm going to play the trailer and hope you guys enjoy peace.



Hello, Heisers, and welcome to another dev update by now. The holiday season is upon us. We're in Q4, which means that our road map tells me it's about time to share more information about Payday 3's first ever DLC syntax error. We'll go through some of the things you can expect from the DLC as well as some of the changes coming alongside the update, so for those of you who would rather discover things for yourselves, consider this your spoiler.

Alert, all right if you haven't left, but now we're about to get right into it. With Payday 3's base game narrative, we set up a new status quo for the gang, laying the groundwork for everything that's to come now. As we move into post-launch, we want to treat each new Heist as the next chapter in our story, where each episode builds off the one that came before it.


This allows us to evolve the game world over time while also letting us introduce new content, like new levels and new characters, in a meaningful way at this point in the story. The Pday Gang is officially back in full swing; they've secured crime net with their new SE stack technology, and they've gotten revenge on all the people who tried to have them murdered, or so they think there's a very dangerous loose thread that the gang is not yet aware of.

A syntax error picks up right where touch the sky left off. Shade uses her new Quantum Computing Tech to decrypt the servers from Golden Shark, and she finds some Intel on some incredibly valuable software for a new kind of drone operating system. It's being stored at a data center called Scri Digital, right in the middle of downtown Manhattan.

The building is under the control of an advanced AI security network. This thing is very smart, very adaptive, and very hostile. The Gang has never faced anything quite like it, but if they can smuggle that software out of the data center, they can sell it for a crazy amount of money, and they'll get some more info on the mysterious group that wanted them dead.

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