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Hello, Heisers, and welcome to another development update. By now, the holiday season is upon us. We're in Q4, which means that our road map tells me it's about time to share more information about Payday 3's first ever DLC syntax error. We'll go through some of the things you can expect from the DLC as well as some of the changes coming alongside the update.

So for those of you who would rather discover things for yourselves, consider this your spoiler. Alert, all right. If you haven't left by now, we're about to get right into it.

Narrative update

With Payday 3's base game narrative, we set up a new status quo for the gang, laying the groundwork for everything that's to come now.

As we move into post-launch, we want to treat each new heist as the next chapter in our story, where each episode builds off the one that came before it. This allows us to evolve the game world over time while also letting us introduce new content, like new levels and new characters, in a meaningful way at this point in the story.


The P gang is officially back in full swing; they've secured crime net with their new SE stack technology, and they've gotten revenge on all the people who tried to have them murdered, or so they think there's a very dangerous loose thread that the gang is not yet aware of. A syntax error picks up right where touch the sky left off.

Shade uses her new Quantum Computing Tech to decrypt the servers from Golden Shark, and she finds some Intel on some incredibly valuable software for a new kind of drone operating system. It's being stored at a center called Scri Digital, right in the middle of downtown Manhattan. The building is under the control of an advanced AI security network.

This thing is very smart and very adaptive. Very hostile The Gang has never faced anything quite like it, but if they can smuggle that software out of the data center, they can sell it for a crazy amount of money, and they'll get some more info on the mysterious group that wanted them dead. The conspiracy against the payday gang runs deep, and it is far from over.

Dlc heists w/ friends

Dlc heists w/ friends

Over , and now that we're releasing our first DLC heist, there has been one burning question that a lot of you have been asking: Can you play DLC heist with friends without owning them yourselves? I'm happy to confirm today that yes, you can. If you don't own the heist where your friend does, you'll be able to join your friend either via invitation or by joining their game.

Tailor pack

Directly, T shiit, repositioning , The Heist isn't coming out by itself, though; just like in Payday 2, it's part of a bundle package with cosmetics and weapons for the tailor pack. It comes with four new outfits, four gloves, and four masks and will be available alongside the release of the Heist.

Weapon pack

The weapon pack has three new weapons as well as new weapon customizations. The guns in the pack are an SMG, a shotgun, and a marksman rifle. Each of the new weapons seeks to fill a role in the respective categories that isn't currently.

New enemy

New enemy

Another thing you should keep an eye out for is the sync error. A new enemy is joining the New York police to stand against the terror of the payday gang. We call them the techies. These officers are elad supporters using their drones to scout and harass any criminal foolish enough to try and bring their wicked trade to their city.

The techie will attempt to hide and stay away from the heisers as much as possible, controlling their drones. From a distant hiding spot, heisers will need to seek out the techie before the flow of drones can be stopped completely. For starters, the techies will only appear in the synx error heist.

Setting up the drone navigation is quite a complex task, but with that said, we will start introducing them in the other heists.

New skill line

Time, To help combat this new threat, we're also releasing the Scrambler skill line. This line focuses on helping you deal with the drones in question by hacking the enemy drones, turning them against their users, and giving the heisers a powerful new tool.

In addition, the skill line has some sweet boosts for your ECM jammers, hopefully increasing their utility even further. The Scrambler skill line is being released alongside the synx error update for free for everyone, also.

New free masks

New free masks

In this update, we're adding a number of free cosmetics to all players, and we're also expanding the amount of cosmetic rewards for the heisers who have reached the infam level. Cap, I can take anything.


That is it for now, Heisers. We hope you look forward to everything the update has to offer. Leave a like on the article. Let's end the article

In this video we go over the contents of the upcoming DLC for PAYDAY 3 and what its content will mean for the game.
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