Payday 3 Best Money Farm, Over $12,000,000 Per Hour. Make Money Fast With These New Strats

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In this article, I'm going to show you how to make over $12 million per hour on Payday 3. The first thing you're going to want is a stealth loadout that has quick fingers, Swift, battering, RAM, and slippery or glitch protocols. Either of those works, but Grifter is going to be the final one you need.

Or equipment; the only thing that you're going to need are going to be a pistol that has a silencer on it, and then you're going to need the ECM gemmer tool. ECM Jammer isn't completely necessary, but it'll increase your success rate on these runs a lot once you have that. We're going to be rocking the cradle on Overkill.

With these perks, you can do some new strats to farm this map really fast. The first thing we're going to need to do is run past one of the civilians outside. Since we have a gun, that's going to give us a rush, and since we have quick fingers, we can unlock the main door before the guards notice us.


Then we're going to run over to where the VIP door is and instantly steal the blue key card, then use it on the door. Now we're going to use the glitch protocol to hack the guy who comes after us, and we're going to instantly mask up as we walk around the door. After this, run onto this balcony and climb over onto the vent, climb through here, and now we're heading towards the Sur room.

We need the code on the whiteboard, and a trick here is that you only need to know the first letter of each of the words on the whiteboard. This is because all the fuse boxes in the electrical room are going to be in alphabetical order from top left to bottom right, and all the colors start with a different letter, so all I need to get from this is AG G, and I know it's the first fuse box green.

Also, the server room and whiteboard can be in three different spots; they can be here, which is the most common. I've had this on almost all of my playthroughs. They can also be directly under the accounting office, and they can also be directly under where the stealth escape point is or the escape point I'll be going to at the end of this.


Having the server in the accounting room is also the best RNG. If you have this variant, it's going to lose about 10 seconds or maybe more, but this is the most common variant, so I would always check here first. Once you have that code, we're going to run back out of the bathroom, and now we're going to go through the accounting office using a battering ram.

That's when we have a rush. So we're going to go up through here and then run across this boardwalk. We're going to shoot the vent and go into the electrical room, find the fuse box you got, and flip the switch that you need to, and now we're going to head back to the accounting office to disable the crypto wallet security.

We're just going to run along this little boardwalk and then climb up here and interact with this computer. While this computer's hacking, you can throw down your ECM jammer, and if you alerted a guard earlier and they ran up here, I would just take them out and answer their radio at this point. Once we have this, it's going to give us a drop-off point, so I got bad RNG on this drop-off point.

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The other drop-off point is on the opposite side of the room and is a lot closer to the escape point. Once you throw the bag over the wall, then I would activate your ECM jammer by pressing e and then run to the escape point; it's always going to be up here, and you'll use the blue key card, open the door, and then stand in the escape point.

Something I want to make note of is that the guard wandering patterns are pretty random in this, and they can be different even just in the same seed, so if you do come across a guard, then I would just take them out and answer their radio, then hide the body. If you have to do that, it'll probably add 15 to 20 seconds on the run, but if you're just trying to get money, then it's worth it to just complete the run.

And that's it.

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