Payday 2's New Update Puts Its Licensed Content Danger


Well, ladies and gentlemen, y'all did say I'd end up making a Payday 2 article again at some point, and I really was not planning to, but I can't avoid this little bit of news that really needs discussing because it looks as though Payday 2 could be losing some more of its IP content. Down the line, meaning things that have come from other brands as forms of crossovers, if you remember a few years ago they lost the Scarface carrots pack the licensing issues, it seems like history may be about to repeat itself.

CU Today, a new patch came out. They've changed some stuff to do damage over time with some of the weapons you can use in Payday 2, but the really important thing to focus on here is this middle paragraph, which says that the thing we really want to bring up in this message is that we've also bundled a lot of our licensed content into the game into one DLC.

We did this in order to ensure you'll always have access to the content, regardless of any future changes. We'll make sure to announce ahead of time when or if anything changes. We didn't want you to worry when you spotted the DLC. Unfortunately, when you say things like that, it's going to make people worry, myself included, because as of right now in Payday 2, you can't play The Reservoir Dogs Heist, and Bod and John Wick have vanished into Thin Air.


They're not in the game now. This is probably just a small issue because, in this bundle, they mentioned this DLC. I have had confirmation from Star Brees that it isn't quite showing in everyone's Payday 2, yet Starb has confirmed to me that if you go into your Payday 2 and you look in your DLC section, at some point something is going to appear called the IP content pack.

I believe this is only on Steam. I don't know for console, or probably not for console at all, let's be fair, or for Epic Gam Store, but at the very least on Steam, it'll be something called IP content or something along those lines to that effect, but as of the fact that it's not showing right now, maybe it's delayed some kind of issue, it being released when this patch has come out.

That's why some of the content is not playable; that's my best guess, but they have also given you the patch notes you can look through, and the interesting things that I want to focus on are these two sections here: achievements and soundtracks. They've updated the requirements for some achievements so that they're not based on specific weapons.

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For example, say hello to my big friend. I believe that he used to be with the Commando 404 rocket launcher to kill a boss. Now it's just killing the boss. Kill 30 snipers with any sniper rifle as opposed to a specific sniper rifle. You can see from there that some weapons have changed, for example, the ump45.

I can't remember what it's called in Payday 2; it might have a different name. My brain is not functioning right now, but there was an achievement with that gun specifically. Now it's just killing any Russians with a submachine gun. Job done so there are clearly some changes going on in the background here to preempt any possible issues with IP-based content, and you can also see them here.

Soundtrack: Certain heist tracks will be hidden and unavailable for new players after a specific date. They haven't shared the date, but they have shared that these two tracks, Mr. Purple and Trouble is Always Inbound from Reservoir Dog, will only be available to accounts that were created and purchased the game before March 31, 2024.

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I just added this to the edit because I realized I didn't make one of my points completely clear. The point is that they've already said there's going to be problems with the soundtrack stuff, but they've also put in the main steam post that if anything changes down the line, they'll let us know, so this soundtrack stuff is not the beginning and the end of it.

This is just the start, and more stuff could happen down the line; it might not, but it seems that they're trying to prepare you preemptively. More things are happening down the line, and the music licenses are just the tip of the iceberg. It could just be a complete coincidence, but that's what it's screaming like to me, so the point of all this that I'm making the article is that if you are a PC player who doesn't own all the content on Payday 2 or is missing certain things or wants to buy on that particular platform, now is the time to do it.

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It's not some kind of shill thing they told me to do to make this article. I'm purely saying it because, to me, this sounds like an alarm bell. This sounds like several IPS are in trouble, and stares are kind of trying to warn people before something goes too wrong. Maybe they're currently trying to debate something like some of the licensing, and they're worried it's not going to go well.

I don't know. The problem is they've literally not said anything about it on Twitter, on Discord, or anything about it. I'm hoping we get more information soon because right now it seems very much like an I don't know what's going on situation, so my point is, if you're worried about missing out on any IP content, grab the DLCs now before it's too late because you may well regret it later if you don't, because I don't know when this could happen or how much warning you'll get.

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I don't want it to be like Scarface, where people miss out, because I remember putting that news article out and then it disappearing off the store the same day, and people didn't have a chance to grab him, so please don't let the same mistake happen if you're missing out on anything here. If you can afford the DLC and you don't want to miss out.

I think now's the time; hopefully we get more information soon because right now this is ridiculous, kind of just shoved out with no real explanation. Aside from obviously the steam post, hopefully we get more soon. Payday 3's next update does come out tomorrow, so you'll expect a article for that when that update drops, but until then, if I hear anything else.

I will let you guys know, but it seems like very much this is all we're getting for the time being.

Today's new Payday 2 update spells nothing but trouble for the future of its in-game crossover content, so I wanted to discuss it in detail.
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