Ob & I Robbed A Bank The New Payday 3 Multiplayer


All right, buddy, I told you we're going to do this; we're back and we're in pain. A3, look how good it looks. Yeah, you look casual, like you're not wearing any body armor, so I think we can walk in. Let's scope the place out, all right? So I think potentially, we're going to put thermite down and actually melt through to the vault if we play it that way.

There might be other ways to do this, though. Okay, let me just go scope it out real quick. What are we seeing in here? Look at all these fine people holding on to sexy cameras. Oh, don't act suspicious, OB. I'm not; I'm just seeing it, like, where's the bathroom? Maybe I can go to the bathroom, or maybe there's no public restroom.

Okay, there's a door right there. There's a camera right beside it. That's a way into the bank. What do you do? Wait, maybe the lore. Maybe we could use the lore. Okay, how about you go? Click the lure. I'm going to wait for the camera to turn away. I'll open the door and at least get us into the back of the bank.

Okay, I'm going to click it. I hope it lures this guard. I mean, he's pretty far away. I'm doing it. Hopefully, it doesn't close that gate either. Hey, are they still open? Okay, let's wait for him. It might take him a second. No, he's just standing back here. Okay, come on guard. He's starting to walk that way.

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I don't think he's alert yet, though. Wait, he might get close enough to hear it and be like, Okay, you've got to watch that camera to see how it's aiming this way while the radio's still on. I kind of just walked to the side. I'm going to wait to see if he gets it and if he pays attention to it.

I'm out of the camera's view. I think right now, what do you think? Hold on the camera's this way, man; this is like such a bad time, and all around, the camera's turn guard is. Okay, one more, one more, one more. He's walking way down there. Goku, shut the door. Okay, shot okay, we're in. Okay, we have people.

Yeah, I see him. I see him. Okay, so get past the security gate. Turn off the power to the gate and disable the security system. okay, you don't. I hope that guard doesn't come in here if he does. Just in case, let's get our masks on. Yeah, messing up is all right; you look good. Other guy, all right, man, I wish we had silencers, okay?

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So, just what do we do if he comes in? We just melee. I guess I try to be okay. Well, there he goes, okay? He walks by. Why does he knock you down? I don't know if he's down. No, how can I grab him? I just shut the camera on him. My goodness, all right. What was that? That was weird that you could hit him two million times.

Okay, please go in, yell at everybody, and look everybody down. Okay, got two guards down, third guard here down. Okay, I'm going to tie up a person here. We need someone to camp with us. Where do you make this? Is it upstairs? I'm trying to describe it to me. I guess, okay, take him with you.

Wait, okay, jeez, the Cardinals are right there. What are we doing? What are we doing, all right? I think we need to go upstairs to see if Lobby is going to be crawling. Okay, yeah, I know as I thought the camera down, okay, I'm going to scare everybody in the lobby. Hold on to those documents.


I can search through them. yeah, see if you can find anything that's going to help us here. I'm going to take care of the cops that are coming to the front door. No SWAT yet, go SWAT okay, good Okay, there's a camera down there. What'd you find? I don't know. Okay, I have an objective. Find the executives deposit box safety.

Wait, what's this in here? hey I've got a I've got the camera system in here. Okay, yeah, I don't think this is going to help me with any switch cameras. Oh, you might be able to like spot default or something. Okay, I see I have squat members coming in. Are they talking through all these documents?

There's nothing in there. Yeah, I got another thing I can lock pick in here. Okay. I just got ammo in here. Hi okay. I mean, it's still pretty quick, but it's not like, Hey, we're here within 10 seconds; I don't know, okay, right here. That's fine, all right. Did you find it? Did you go upstairs?

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I'm headed up the stairs now, all right. I'm with you. I'm going to go and cover here, all right? We might be able to shoot something you got up here. I don't know if there's a batter. Can we set up my cyber equipment? Okay, come on, let's go. Let's go get him all right back there. Wait two through the roof.

Hey, you can jump down. I'm off the stairs, though that was a mistake. I jumped down and I might have I might have broken my legs. I'm pretty sure you'd want something like a zip line or something. I'm killing some. Don't worry, I've got some of the cops taking care of me right there. Okay, Wolf's coming for me.

Okay, hey buddy, I didn't mean to fall down to the roof. I was just playing around up there. Wait a minute. Okay, hey, get down. What are you doing? Okay, I gotta heal it over here. There's a better thermite over here; I think this is thermite okay playset wherever it needs to be placed. Ah, okay, hey, I got it.

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I got a shield, but sorry, you just killed my sorry. I'll be here. Are we on the first or second floor right now? They're almost on the second floor. I place the third right throw my sound. Okay, they're regrouping right now. All right, I still have a hostage down here. I can trade for a resource, okay?

Burn it through the floor. Hey, you could trade hostages for like refills on like health and stuff. You have to look at them. You can trade them pretty. That's kind of cool. That's really cool, all right. I'm picking up; I got more thermite. I'm going to add more thermite to the pile. yeah, are there any more?

Is that outside? There was one of the balconies that I grabbed, and there's another one outside. I might be able to get to the police, who are regrouping, so, geez, all right, let's go to the stairs right now. I'm going down; there's another piece of equipment out here. Hopefully, I can make it out of it.

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You're fine i'm out here a little bit, but our hostage is still there. Okay, I got a third bite with me. I'm coming up copying that, all right. We got into the building to see if there was anything that was accomplished here, no I mean. First Heist okay is it next is it this story yeah he's good come close to one to press a Q on it okay fire alarm geez forgot they're coming up the elevators there we go hey they hit that fire alarm hit the fire alarm I'm gonna turn it off right now I got it there go ahead okay sprinklers are off, okay copy that do we have to re no the thermite's still going so okay I guess we just stay near it.

OB I ROBBED a Bank in the NEW Payday 3 Multiplayer Funny Moments Gameplay.
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