New Updates For Payday 3 Will Include 200. Qol Improvements


Without a doubt. Payday 3 hasn't had the launch that either the players nor the developers had expected, but with over 3 million downloads since its official launch, by no means has the game failed to sell. But with almost 30, 000 negative reviews on Steam, it's clear that Payday 3 hasn't had the effect on its player base that it had initially hoped for Give Me Your Best Shot really.

Yeah, upon its initial release, Payday 3 was plagued with both matchmaking and server issues, leaving players both frustrated and unsatisfied after a recently scheduled maintenance. Starbury Studios has stated that it's fixed its matchmaking issues that contributed to its chaotic launch in a recent announcement.

Starb has confirmed new DLC content and quality of life updates will be released as soon as early October. That's pretty Soon, real, don't do that. The updates themselves have been halted by the studio in order to address and solve its recent matchmaking and server issues, but they're being continued with the studio stating that they will intensify the commercial activities around payday 3.


After partially pausing these during the previous week, players can expect a series of updates predominantly focused on quality-of-life improvements to the game, along with some new content and functionality as well. Starb Studios has even outlined these updates on a small road map, and it looks like this: In early October, more than 200 quality-of-life improvements will be made to the game across all of its platforms.

In late October and early November, more quality of life improvements are expected to be made, along with new content and functionalities. In November, even more quality of life improvements will be made and new functionalities, and in November or December, of course, the first DLC titled Syntax Error will be on sale for those of you who do not own the Silver or Gold Seas season pass and downloadable for free for those who do.

If you've been following the game, you might remember its recent road map showing off its promised DLCs for future content. Payday has recently reposted this road map on the official Payday Twitter account, but this time with a small edition at the bottom labeled additional content. Along with these promised quality of life updates, it looks like as players we can expect a bunch of new content as well, such as seasonal in-game events.

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New playable characters, skill lines, new enemies, weapons, cosmetics, and even an Unreal Engine 5 update Even though with this new infam point leveling system I haven't been able to level up as fast. I'm pretty excited to see the mention of new characters weapons and skills. I personally don't think the game is bad I actually find it much more difficult and challenging, especially on harder difficulties than the previous payday titles.

I think the game forces you to play much more tactically and strategically. And some of the new mechanics to the game, like lockpicking, vaulting, and sliding, have been absolutely amazing additions. By no means is the game perfect; that's for damn sure the studio could have literally dropped an 8-bit version of the game, and the payday stands would literally be like why you hate it, but honestly, with the studi so involved with their community and their fan base, it's the criticism and suggestions that, over time, will make the game better and better.

One suggestion by fans is already being considered by the studio, as they've already acknowledged after its recent matchmaking issues that it's looking into a possible offline mode that players have been begging for since before the game's official release back in September. I personally would love to see a few more filter options on the heist-choosing menu.

perhaps a preference between loud and stealth so that the two separate types of players aren't forced to play in the same lobbies. I would also hope they make a few changes to the AI teammates when opting to go solo, maybe adding the ability for them to revive each other as well as maybe a few different skills to buff them up, like Payday 2 offered.

I just recently reached level 42 and kind of find the leveling system as possibly something that they might need to change with one of these upcoming updates.

New Updates for Payday 3 will include over 200 quality of life improvements to the game. These new payday 3 updates will include new content and functionalities that are separate from the originally planned DLC's. Payday 3 over the next few months will undergo a transformations with numerous promised updates and new content.
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