New Update 1. 12 & Payday Event Out Now For Dying Light 2



A new update just dropped yesterday for Dying Light 2, and there's some good things and some not so good.

Dl points

First things first, we need to talk about the elephant dying in the room. Light points You're not familiar with them. They're a new in-game currency that allows you to buy bundles directly from the game instead of going through your platform store.

You're given 500 for free to start with if you claim them by October 7th. The problem with this is that most of the bundles cost 550 points or higher. This means that you're immediately forced to spend money to get points that may let you buy a second bundle if you spend enough. This is one of the worst decisions Teclan has made for this game.

I understand macro transactions and free games, as you don't need to pay an initial cost, so that makes sense. However, microtransactions in full-priced games that some people spend a hundred plus dollars on for the ultimate edition are where the lines should be drawn.


That said, there are several new bundles available that look really good, although, for some reason, not all of them are showing up for everyone.

Editor notes

So after I recorded the article and put out a tweet saying that they're going to make a change to the bundles, the idea is that you'll be able to spend fewer Dying Light points by only purchasing the things you want out of a bundle instead of the entire thing. While this is a step in the right direction, it's also not the issue that the community is unhappy about; it's the fact that there are microtransactions. You have to buy a separate currency to be able to access it, which, in some cases, makes you spend even more than you originally would have for the bundles in.

Console maps

Console maps

The stores are now on to some of the good things about this update. Community maps are now available on consoles and the Steam deck.

Knife animations

Some new knife animations have been added for the Bowie knife and Negan's knife; both of these are part of bundles, or in the Bowie knife's case, part of an event. This was actually shown in the trailer for the last update but wasn't brought in.

Payday event

Until now, we also had a new event for the game for the payday crossover.

The event runs through the 21st of September, so you have a couple of weeks to try it out. During the event, you'll have to collect red diamonds, with 150 being for their personal goal and 11 million for the global goal. These are really easy to locate, and you can find them from three main sources: infected, robbers, and thieving; bolters; and chests.

dying light 2

Inside dark hollows, you'll see the infected robbers; you'll see them all over the streets, and there's nothing really special about them other than the fact that they're wearing the payday mask. You'll find red diamonds on them once you're defeated by the thieving voltage. You'll find them more at night, and they'll have more health than a normal bolter, and they'll also give you red diamonds once defeated by the dark hollows.

It looks like all the enemies have been replaced with Renegades. So eliminate them, and then open all the chests you find to get the red crystals. If you want to complete this fast, find a quarantine hospital that has a howler or hive at the bottom and use them to send waves of virals to those who should be wearing the masks.

If this does not work, then just going outside and making things explode will cause them to appear, allowing you to get all the diamonds that you need. As for the rewards for participation, the reward is a pack of UV bars, which is definitely useful for early game players that may not have the resources to keep them stocked.

dying light 2 community maps console

The warm-up goal gives you the Dallas mass that is the main mask for the cover of Payday. I'm not sure on the stats, but leave a comment below with what you got on it. The personal goal is to get the money bundle, which is a one-handed weapon that looks like a stack of cash. I've heard the damage is not great for it, but the idea of slapping volatiles is, In the face with money is pretty hilarious, and for the global goal, you get 25 Pilgrim tokens.

This means this is another event where the bundle is not the reward at the end. This is really frustrating due to the fact that events are limited-time things. It will be nice to reward players for taking advantage of it by giving them the full bundle like they did before. I feel like with the introduction of Dying Light points, we'll never get another bundle as a reward for the rest of the life of the game.

To make matters worse, you can buy the payday bundle right now, which would skip the entire reason for playing the event since you get half the items during it. Overall, this is another lackluster event that is not saved by crossing over with another game, as it doesn't add anything interesting or any new mechanics at all.

Brutality levels

Brutality levels

This is mostly to help content creators not have issues, but I've heard that it didn't really help, and YouTube still has a problem with it.

Skip prologue

If you're starting from scratch, you now have the option to skip the prologue. This is nice as it lets you get right into Co-op, but you still get the tutorial messages, so if you don't know how to play, then you'll get that information. The downside to this is that the prologue sets up the story, so you won't understand why Aiden's in the city, why the inhibitors are important, and all that stuff.

But if you don't really care about the story and just want to play with your friends, then this is a really good option.

Co-op & gameplay

Now on to some of the fixes for COOP. They fixed several issues that would mess with Reviving other players for gameplay fixes, they fix some of the enemies where they wouldn't move around at all.

Also, enemies will now spawn outside of a player's sight and not directly in front of them, and now volatiles are not as tanky, so they'll take fewer hits to take down than before, which is really nice because they made them super tanky in the last update.

No night xp cap

There are some other changes that they talk about in the patch notes, but there's one that was only mentioned in a tweet: the nighttime XP cap for Legend levels has been removed.

When Legend levels were first introduced, Tecla put a nighttime cap of 20,000 XP, which made leveling up take a lot longer. Now that the limit is gone, it'll be much easier to level up your Legend levels, but it will still take a while since there's no new method other than fighting volatiles or starting a new game.



There have been several issues introduced with this update as well if you're using mods, and there's a chance they will no longer work or cause damage to your inventory stash. I had this issue, and I was only able to fix it by restoring a backup. Another issue that popped up is the game just never loading or saying you can't access it.

In this video, I go over the new 1. 12 update for Dying Light 2 as well as the Payday event.
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