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Okay, so on Thursday, Star Breeze went live with a pretty interesting update stream that I think marks a good turning point for the longevity of Payday 3. Before we talk about all the exciting news this stream brings. I want to acknowledge that Liz opens the stream by mentioning that this was a reactionary stream to the number of questions that Al was asked on Tuesday's stream.

I absolutely love how engaged SAR Brees have been with the community recently, and so Liz decided to bring Moo to the stream to talk about the game Mio, having appeared before on streams as a senior game designer, but now, after what I assumed was a promotion, he's here as the game director. Now they clarify.

That this is more of a formality, rather than an actual shift in what Mio's responsibilities, towards the game are and so I wanted to mention that first just in case you were as confused as I was with this change in terminology in regard to his position at Star Brees long story short to my understanding at the very least M was still in the same position he always was just now in a more permanent way but with that out of the way let's dive into the rest of the stream the information we were given throughout this stream is almost entirely gameplay related and broken down into three sections, what's coming what's in progress and what's being explored.

I really appreciate it being delivered in this way, as I think it sets the right level of expectation. Rather than everything being spoken about with the same level of certainty.

What's coming?

What's coming?

So what's coming? These are the changes we can expect to see in the next update, whenever that may be. Obviously, if there are any catastrophic errors or bugs discovered that may change, these aren't set in stone yet but are currently what's planned, starting off with the techie that thankfully isn't making its way to other heists just yet.

Star Brees is committing to make sure that the enemy feels good to play against, so I'm imagining they're keeping her exclusive to the syntax-era heist to use that as somewhat of a testing ground until they're ready to add her to the other heists. For now, the drone's health and damage output are being lowered.


We'll have to wait for patch notes to see exactly by how much and on top of that their respawn rate is being increased by 20 seconds going from 60 to 80 Seconds we'll have to wait until we get our hands on the patch to see how meaningful of a change that is but I think it's a good place to start there's also a couple of weapon Buffs for the Moscone 12 shotgun reducing its hip fire and pellet spread as well as the r900, sniper increasing its damage penetration and allowing the weapon to synergize better with skills, speaking of skills there are a lot of changes coming so let's get through these as quickly as possible triage will no longer consume any Edge grit and rush you have but will now instead run a check for them so you'll still get the 45%, extra Health if you've got all three Buffs active except now you don't lose them threat assessment now provides 20% damage reduction for marked enemies instead of the previous 10%.

The negotiator now provides two additional resources: trading hostages, meaning you'll get three medkits or armor repair kits, and I'm assuming this will stack with silver tongue, making employees guards or law enforcement drop six, which is a very big change to the economy of those resources. Shell shock now affects all enemies, not just non-SP special enemies, and applies a 20%.

beta gameplay

Accuracy reduction for them all is quite a big buff, if you ask me. High grain and steady hands now work crew-wide, so if you have one of these skills equipped and another heist interacts with a medic or ammo bag, they will get the 20% bonus associated with skill two, and if multiple heisers have the skill equipped, then the bonus is increased by 5% per person, for a maximum of 35%.

crime boss rockay city

Disengage now lets you sprint through Nas. Something I'm very much looking forward to having the ability to do and lastly let's talk about the CQC specialist line this whole line more or less is receiving changes starting with the titular skill itself CQC specialist and its Ace variation have now been flipped, meaning that the base skill gains or refreshes rush for grabbing a human shield whereas that was previously its Ace trigger and now when Ace performing takedowns gains or refreshes grit whereas that was previously its basic trigger I want to make clear that the Buffs have stayed the same CQC, specialist Ace currently gives you grit for taking a human shield a great way to keep your grit active throughout heists but now you'll need to perform a takedown to maintain grit obviously something that you can't do with hostages so the ability to just grab a hostage and quickly refresh your grit has been removed from this skill which I see as quite a big Nerf, but if you are planning on performing those takedowns the grounds keeper skill now allows you to do so 60%.

crime boss rockay city gameplay

Faster compared to its previous 20%. Alternatively, if you plan on letting your SWAT human shields live provided you still have Rush the soft asset skill will Now consume that rush and repair your current armor chunk it's worth noting that if your armor isn't damaged your Rush won't be consumed by throwing away a SWAT human shield, and last but not least the Savage takedown skill will now intimidate civilians just by grabbing a human shield not just performing a takedown those are all the skill changes we can expect in the next update and for the most part I think they're all great changes and I know they'll definitely impact the way in which I create my builds, to close off the section talking about skills, moo mentions, later into the stream that will be able to hack drones faster and from further away he says he forgot to add it to the list leading me to believe this is an update to a skill of some kind but unfortunately he doesn't actually confirm that at all only that it is coming within the next update, as for health and armor we can expect the following changes, there medic bags healing 50% of your maximum health and increase from their current 35%.

This obviously stacks with the field surgery skill, allowing you to get two downs from one medic bag interaction. First aid kits now also heal 25% of your health instead of 20. A small but positive change in regard to armor repair kits now takes 0.5.

crime boss rockay city review

Seconds to interact with honestly. I'd like to see them be instant, but I'll take what I can get there, and the standard armor lining itself now takes 3 seconds to heal instead of 4, a very small change that I can't imagine impacting much, but I'm sure Star Brees have their reasons for implementing it, and so I'm glad it's coming, and to wrap up the what's coming section, we'll be seeing a slight change to the overkill.

The difficulty is that the assault difficulty can now increase midway.

This week, Starbreeze gave us some details about some changes coming to Payday 3. Some of these are coming in the next update and others further down the line. In this video, well break down these changes and look at them a little closer. So from new skill lines and changes to existing skills to updates to the Techie and their drones, lets dive into this well of new Payday 3 update information.
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