New Fastest Xp Farm Guide 110 Sec Overkill Speedrun: Payday 3


All right I'm going to show you the fastest and the easiest way to do this we need the scale grifter to activate Rush by getting into one mirror within a civilian so we can take the lock faster with the quick finger scale then we go straight and stick to the right because there's a guard on the left that can spot us too early, now we quickly get the key card and use it while getting detected then take a couple steps back so that we can hack the girls radio before getting handcuffed by using the glitch protocol skill but I want to pause the article for a second here to show you what happens if we get handcuffed in a similar scenario, we can quickly slip out of it using the skill slippery and quick fingers.

And immediately we get Rush again because of the infiltrator skill, and with that rush, we can Ram through this door of the electrical facility room, where we're going to have to come back again. It's better to break or shoot this fence instead of opening slowly. Don't worry about the noise; we could jump down on the box here to avoid taking damage, and now that we go through the fifth door on the right through the washroom, break this vent, take a quick look at the information on the whiteboard, then run back the same way activating.

Rush after three seconds to ram through the last left drawer ahead. Here's another spawn location for the it room whiteboard, which makes it run even faster now that we're getting up to this accounting office room so that we can circle our way back to the electrical facility room once again. The information on the whiteboard was the F430 white switch.


You have to find it and flip it. I'll show you a different location for the drop-off and extraction soon. Watch out for the camera. You can always throw the bag further if you jump time to use your little friend the jammer and rush for the extraction point. Now we don't need to use the key card because we're going to ram through this door.

Foreign, so we got a 2.5-minute run, which is great compared to the dirty Ice mission because we're getting way more cash and XP. Here now, let's resume that speed run, which is done in under two minutes, and I'll show you a different location for the X-File it room and the delivery point. For the speed run, first we go loud and directly to the it room whiteboard to get the fuse box information, which takes like 30 seconds, and then we restart the mission, which doesn't change the information, which is okay if you can finish the speed run under two minutes because adding 30 seconds to that and some loading screens makes it a slightly safer sub-three minute run, by the way.


I see some people playing this mission really slowly, crouching and sneaking around on complicated routes, but actually sprinting is better for this run. Don't bother about the noise. Okay, the end of this speed run got a little messy because I had to face the guard. But look at the xpn 1564 XP—insane now.

I'll quickly show you a different layout for this map so the IG room can spawn here, and we'll get a different location for dropping the crypto wallet and x-fill. I tried to keep the article super short.

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