New Best Player Xp Farm - Payday 3

best dsod build

I wanted to clarify that in a previous article, I covered weapon levels, but today we're focusing on Player 11 farming. I'll walk you through the strategy step by step and show my build at the end of the article. Now let's get into this strategy. Our goal here is to develop my ability to complete combat weapon challenges.

First things first, start up a solo touchless. Sky Lobby Auto-working difficulty: go loud right from the moment to enter the building and make your way into the bathroom on the right side of the bottom floor while. On your way, make sure to grab a civilian. Having a civilian with you can be a game changer since it would prevent naders from smoking out the area and would give you access to human shield challenges that would afford matching the bathroom.

It's time to set up for the next half hour. Press down your tools and lay down your equipment. I'd recommend using armor bags to enhance your survivability, and motion sensors are really useful too. Now get ready to implement this strategy. You let the bots die; if they're alive, they will provide armor and HP, but to steal your kills, you steal the keys to let the cops keep coming and keep killing them.

best loud build

The spawn rates are pretty intense, and then he just keeps forming, allowing you to train kids for your combat challenges. Style this path, keep the action going, and don't forget to restart your progress checks periodically if you're planning to form an extended session to keep track of your challenges.

Now let's talk about my building skills. When you're coming for this energy, stick around because these skills are crucial and can make a significant difference in your farming efficiency. So now here is my recommended loadout: I will primarily take whatever you need for your Challengers, and the same for your secondary; take whatever you need, but the problem I recommend is more bags unless you're on a farm.

To be curious, that works pretty well for your Overkill weapon. I recommend the red fox, but either could work depending on your challenges and our lining. I like the heavy polish, declining who is both whatever you need for your challenge effort. I recommend grabbing Sharpshooter and trapping through the race.


That way, you can just gain Edge for demo fun and replenish, and just keep training your Edge by performing headshots while laying down sights. So it's really important to grab the ice version of this now. If you're already in the shop, the shooter should have a common-coming cutting shot just for more hourly penetration.

We are playing on Overkill after all, and speed aim ain't bad; it's pretty good. Now, what a lot of people don't mention about this strategy is how good your skill tree is. You just permanently get grit because the UK name is close to you while you are camping in the bathroom, and then when you create, you gain ads, so if you somehow don't already have Edge from Sharpshooter, you're going to have it now.

quick reload Just simply reload. Pretty good skill face-to-face. Get extra damage on top of the ejection damage in the stacks that makes you deal so much damage; it's insane even on the hottest difficulty, and combat reload is pretty good.

LAST 20 SECONDS ARE BLACK BECAUSE OF A YOUTUBE GLITCH, Sorry about it but they're not that important D the Subtitles are still there at least. Forgot to mention This can be done on LOWER DIFFICULTIES because the Challenges don't specify the OVERKILL requirement, OVERKILL is just for intense spawns . TOUCH THE SKY is the NEW BEST WAY to Farm PlayerInfamy XP Solo in PAYDAY 3! I know this was done before but I wanted to make my own version of this with different skills and raise awarness.
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