More Bad News For Payday 3 Playstation 5 Players. Ps5 Gold/silver Cosmetics Bonuses


There were talks about why on Earth the cosmetics are not there, and I have a few answers, so number one is that if you're on Xbox or PC, you will receive all your cosmetics for gold and silver as of today, so realistically. I think tomorrow or tonight, when the game officially launches, your cosmetics will be available, so all your bonuses that you got from silver or gold will be available tonight, so that's pretty cool, and I think the reason they did that was not to give like too much unfair advantage, you know.

I said, which I kind of get right. I kind of get that. However, for the PlayStation 5, once again, I honestly don't know what Sony has done, but basically, Payday themselves have officially released a statement about the PS5. I haven't gotten this. Can you have a friend out and let us know if there is any information?

So we do have some information, and we have it here, so it says here payday free bonus cosmetic delay on the PlayStation 5. And this was posted a few hours ago. The time we have all waited for is upon us. Payday Free is releasing globally on September 21st. The launcher payday free is the biggest thing we've done as a studio so far, and since we don't do releases of this scale often, we run into a few technical issues, especially on the Cosmetic DLC on the PlayStation 5.

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As a consequence of this. PS5 players will not have access to their bonus cosmetics, which include the gold and silver versions of Pacific items, the pre-order bonus items, and also the collector's edition bonus items on launch day. As these items are cosmetic, this will not affect PlayStation 5's player progression or gameplay experience, but we understand that this will cause frustration within our community.

We are working hard to make sure these will be available as soon as possible, and our current ETA to have this fixed is by October 5th, which is apparently when this will be resolved.

Payday 3 Gold Silver Preorder Cosmetics Bonuses on the Playstation 5 has been delayed! Payday 3 Playstation 5 Gaming News. Today we talk about Payday 3 for the PS5 and the latest news regarding the gold and silver game versions. There's been a delay and won't be fixed until October.
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