Locke Is Back. Payday 3's First Major Update


Okay, so it's been a minute since I've made a Payday 3 article. The last few weeks on the channel have centered around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, both the launch of the campaign and last week's zombies. There's some fun to be had there, more so with the zombies and less so with the campaign, but currently it's a damn good time to be a Payday fan, so update 1.0.1 finally came out, consisting of primarily bug fixes, which we knew it was going to be.

I could have made a article about it and complained about the lack of actual content, but that didn't feel necessary to me, mainly because we knew that the first patch was going to be just that, a patch with some bug fixes. We knew nothing was really coming, so to complain about it felt a bit disingenuous.

And so that update came and went, and the other day we got news about the first proper content update, and I've got to say I'm starting to get excited to play Payday 3 again. So what is coming in the near future? And when I say the near future, I mean, before the end of this month, it was confirmed that this update was well received.

I say confirmed at this point. I'm not ready to put all my faith back into the payday team just yet, but I do believe that this patch will be coming before the end of November; that's what they're aiming for, and I think they'll meet that deadline, so in the update itself, we're getting some optimization improvements.

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We're getting 200+ bug fixes and many balancing and quality of life improvements; that was something sorely missing from update 1.0.1. The quality of life improvements bug fixes are great but quality of life is better and it's those quality of life improvements that payday 3 is sorely needing at the moment and so to have some confirmation that at least some of those are coming now is quite nice we're also getting two cosmetic, one in the form of the under wraps mask and the other in the form of the compact 7 lyen preset weapon as far as I'm concerned these haven't been shown anywhere yet but while we're talking about Cosmetics we're going to have a new way of taking a look at the weapons we have with weapon inspects, this is something that I didn't necessarily think was sorely needed in Payday 3 but I'm very glad to see us coming to the game weapon inspects were something that I thought would be added but given the launch of the game I didn't think we'd see those for months and so to have them coming this soon is a welcome surprise and weapon inspect animations aren't the only animation up we're getting because we're finally getting some brand new firstperson interaction animations, in the dev update article we can see these animations ranging from key card interactions.

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The use of buttons. First-person interaction animations were something that I think the game was missing but were also something I did expect to see added, so soon this update will also be adding the transporter skill line to the game. The skill line consists of perks associated with transportation and securing loot, as well as the much-requested ability to carry multiple bags.

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I know this is a popular mod for Payday 2 and probably three on PC, but as a console player. I can't wait to finally have this as an option, and last but certainly not least, we're going to be getting two Legacy heists. Cookoff and Turbid Station. Cookoff, of course, being Cookoff, and the turbid station being a reimagining of the murky station Obviously, it doesn't make sense for the heist to be called a murky station in Payday 3, as murky water doesn't exist in the world of Payday 3, but I'm interested to see what turbid refers to.

I'm not sure if it's a reference that's going over my head or if there's a connection there that I'm failing to draw, but as far as I'm concerned, that is a new term, whether that refers to a location or an organization. Either way, these two heists are part of the free content pipeline for Payday 3, and so you don't need any particular addition to the game to gain access to these heists when the update goes live, but the names aren't the only things that are going to be different about these two heists.

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We do know that they aren't exactly carbon copies of their Payday 2 counterparts, primarily to make sure they interact better with the systems in Payday 3, but speaking of things coming back from Payday 2 into Payday 3, we have a lock. Ian Russell is back as Vernon Lock, and I'm so pleased that he's one of the best characters to come out of Payday 2, and it's good to have him back in Payday 3.

Unfortunately, despite what I've heard, some people say he won't be the character taking us through the heists that will still be Shade Lock is simply the contractor. In the same way we had Vlad and the butcher back to sort of brief us on the contracts and not necessarily walk us through their respective missions, that is the extent of Lock's involvement in Payday 3.

At least for now. I hope there's a future where we have V and Russell taking us through the heists as we complete them, but unfortunately, that won't be true for this first update. I also want to take a moment to commend the developers. At each and every opportunity I have, but for now that's currently all the payday 3 news we have, and it's a lot more than we've had over the last few months, so I'm quite excited to be a Payday fan once again.

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Free content is coming to Payday 3 soon! We're getting 2 Heists, 'Cook off' and 'Turbid station', Both classic Heists from Payday 2! And these heists see the return of Locke as our contractor! The update also consists of bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements and updated first person animations.
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