It's Obvious, Payday 3 Devs Were Held Back (dev News Roundup)


It's been one week since Payday 3's global launch, and it's obvious that developers are in full repair mode with these daily live streams. I for one love the transparency, but I have a feeling these are only happening because of the reputation they've made for themselves with the undesirable launch of Payday 3.

With that being said, I am a fanatic, and I've been covering Payday 3 since its launch. I try to make quick and concise news articles so that you'll learn all the important stuff the Payday 3 team has to say without wasting your time. The more I talk about this game, the more it seems like it should have stayed and been baked in the oven for a few more months, maybe even a year.

I'm really hoping there is a lot of cool stuff just being hidden from the community right now, but is it a good look? It seems like they need to be getting more confidence instead of just kind of saying it's on the table and we'll consider it, but are they going for redemption and doing a mass update, or is it simply a consideration?


and nothing good is currently being worked on; I don't know again. Of the many things brought up, service and matchmaking were one of them, saying how they are better and how they have not had a full server outage for 48+ hours now, and a friendly reminder that there's going to be a short three-hour period tomorrow where the servers will be down for maintenance from 7 to 10 AM BST.

UK, time now in regards to the title of this article payday, three days were held back. As much as there is enthusiasm behind their answers and as it seems there's these really cool things they would love to add, it just feels like nothing cool to make this game exceptional is coming anytime soon now based off the thumbnail October.

It is a big deal, and we get more into that here really soon, but before that, let's talk about sea stacks. The developers have mentioned that it will not become a premium currency. People have asked if there would be a way to maybe buy the sea stacks, and they mention it will not be a premium currency and they will stay the way that they are when it comes to heist or mission replayability.


They are thinking about adding security modifiers, which are intended to counteract strategies that players have been employing during Heist as a way to keep gameplay fresh and challenging. Outside of this generic statement, of course, not much else was said there; there was mention of bringing back or creating classic heists, but they have not confirmed that yet.

On October 5th, it has been confirmed, however, that all or some achievements will be fixed as earnables. If you didn't know, October 5th will be their first major patch—not an update, but a patch that is full of bug fixes. In the live stream chat, they ask if Akimbo weapons will be coming, and they answer by saying they are not actively developing those at this time, which is kind of a bummer if you ask me, because that was a ton of fun and again a staple in Payday 2.

Why couldn't that just be carried over into Payday 3? I don't know, but it is what it is. I attend these live streams and listen to what they say. It seems they may have backtracked on some of their previous statements at this time because they mentioned no confirmation and had difficulties, but it's being considered.


Again, offline mode was mentioned but not confirmed, which has been the general sense since they started making live streams. They have also thought about bringing back the safehouse aspect to show off your money, but no confirmation. I'm assuming it's another thing that isn't actively being worked on or even in development.

Anyway, weapon balancing is something that is being looked at, but there are no specifics on that yet since it's not as important as server and matchmaking, which, honestly, does make sense to me. We want to make sure the game is playable more than anything else. While there will be a big bug-fixing patch on October 5th, it has also been confirmed that a large quality of life patch will be coming at the end of October, so going back to the thumbnail.


October seems to be the month where we're going to get a patch, if not two patches, one for fixing bugs and one for quality of life, which is great. The next question will be: when will content come? I'll make sure to cover the payday 3 news here. Now someone in chat asked about a battle pass, to which the Payday 3 team replied that it was not confirmed and that they would have more updates on that post-launch content soon.

I'm not sure if they really need to worry about this, as, as always, there will be a free tier or a pass if it were to be African again. Not confirmed probably won't ever come, but if it does. I would argue that a battle pass wouldn't be a good look at this point if they were to implement it just based off how this game is going to be fair payday.

3 was only a 40-dollar UI-Us game, which is reasonable. Going off of how games are now seventy dollars and the fact that payday 3 is on Game Pass, would battle pass be that bad? On most of these live streams, it's all speculation, as it seems filled with very little information about what actually matters.


It's mostly people in chat asking the same questions and the developers giving the same answers. All in all. I do have high hopes for Payday 3, and it feels like by the end of October, after its major bug fix patch and the quality of life patch, the game should be in a much better state, or so we hope.

The question is who will still be playing because, at the moment of making this article, Payday 2 has more concurrent users than Payday 3 on Steam. All right, that wraps up today's Pay 3 News. If you like short, sweet, and concise news, then make sure to drop a like and maybe a comment of appreciation.

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The developers and CEO of Payday 3 had another livestream providing details on an upcoming patch to help resolve some issue. I summarized all of the important parts in 5 minutes. This is your Payday 3 News Source. 031 Intro.
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