Is Payday 3 Worth Your Time After Patch


Of course, the largest new content are the two new heists, which are Cookoff and Turbet Station, both remakes of Payday 2 maps. Now credit is due; they're both solid heists with some tweaks to the original layouts. There's some interesting integration of the biometric scanner and the flying joone cameras on the turbet station, but cooking off honestly got very boring for me after about 45 minutes of constantly cooking.

I could see both of them being very fun if you've never played them, and even if you have, they're definitely worth trying at least once. But the real problem for me is that they're not worth grinding because there are still not enough impactful skills and weapon variations, meaning I really don't have any desire to get levels and money in the first place.

However, they are a step in the right direction. As Payday 3 has been severely lacking in content in general, I'm not too upset with two remak old heists as long as they don't become the standard moving forward. There's a new skill tree, which again suffers from the fact that I have to spend time unlocking it.

Why can't I just have it? I might sound annoying, but why would I want to grind a new skill tree if I already have the best ones unlocked? Anyway, it's nothing incredible. Some solid skills that fill pretty niche spots or just throw away points for solo players, you know, almost have to use the double bag skill to be optimal, but otherwise.


I really don't like skills that have downsides to them when lots of other great ones don't; otherwise, they're just fine; they'll get plenty of use because nobody likes hauling around bags like snails. But they don't really make me excited for a new build, like it's not enough to be the main skill line in a build, like what you want me to make in the Popeye build, like where I can double up on bags and run really fast.

It's not a build; it's just extras that you can attack in any build. Honestly, the other thing that you'll notice in the game are the new animations, and they're pretty solid overall; they're just a quality of life; they don't have a huge impact on the game. Like looting and reviving, they have new animations, but using the ingredients in cookoff or cutting the wires in turbet stations doesn't.


It doesn't really matter, but it just kind of feels off. What was supposed to be the best part of this patch for me were the XP changes. Now you get recommended challenges on the front screen and hover over each mission, but I've already seen lots of my recommended challenges being things I've already completed, which doesn't really make sense.

Also, there were no changes to the menu, meaning it's still chaos to flip through and find the right challenges. Of course, that's not supposed to matter anymore because we finally have completion, stealth, and all loot bonuses for XP; no longer do you have to grind the challenges. You now have to complete every mission with full loot, for there's absolutely no reason each bag doesn't stack, meaning if you do 40 minutes of Cookoff and end up with one bag under the max, you get no bonus XP.

cook off

Like, what are you talking about? Do you think we're leveling too fast? Is there a good reason why there's no way for me to tell if I got all the loot? There's a screen in the game that shows you the difficulty, and pretty much nothing else? I don't know why it's so harder for them to fit the loot tab in this screen that you could just pop up, but yeah, that's pretty much the bulk of the update, so let's come to a conclusion.

This was the update. Yes, of course, nothing was bad in the update; it was all positive, and I love this going forward for payday, but that doesn't mean the game is worth your time right now. Sure, it's better than it was at launch; it's in a much better state, honestly. But if you've already leveled up and if you've already played a lot of this content, maybe playing Payday 2 before this update is not what's going to draw you back to the game.

I don't think there's not enough new weapons; there's not enough new things that are actually worth your time, especially if you've already played the old heist. I appreciate you guys taking the time to watch.


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