I Played Payday 3's Newest Heist


The welder way I had the awesome opportunity to not just check out some of the new content released in Payday 3, but I also joined one of the coolest, most insane game announcement events I have ever seen. I flew out with a bunch of other content creators to New York City, and we got some first-hand experience of an actual bank heist.

All in all, this was an absolutely awesome time, and I'd like to quickly thank Payday 3 for the invitation as well as being the sponsor of today's article. So after we all got yelled at by the heisters, we went on down and checked out our loot, which was a Payday 3 duffel bag, a collector's edition gold mask, and a replica gold bar that I wish was actually real but was able to get engraved.

Here's where we were able to party up and actually get to spend about two hours of straight Payday 3 gaming. Now If you're used to Payday and you're familiar with the Payday Universe, you might have been paying enough attention that you noticed that in the IRL footage there were more than just four heisters; the original crew of Dallas changed; Hawkson and Wolf are back, but there are two new crew members, or.

game play

I guess, one new and one new joining crew member, that are confirmed in Payday 3. We have the return of joy in the introduction of Pearl, so with these two and the four originals, you'll have plenty of decisions to make as to who is going to be your preferred character when you start up your heist.

First off, before I even played the game, I literally just sat back, customized my loadout, and simply enjoyed the main menu music because this thing absolutely slaps. Thank you i feel like a lot of the time the user experiences in the main menu, especially the loading screen, can be overlooked, especially in a game like Payday where you have to spend so much time actually customizing.

Your player, I really appreciate that the lobby itself looks good but also sounds good now. In addition to just the environment, there is a really nice feature that should not be overlooked, and that is that you can actually see everybody's. The game is best as a co-op experience, so being able to actually visually double-check everyone's loadout and then get ready is obviously really important.


I know I'm not alone when I play games with my buddies; we're all chatting, we're hanging out, and we're not really paying attention. Sometimes we start the mission, raid, or whatever we're doing. Yeah, all of a sudden, we realize somebody's forgotten something. Additionally, there's a whole aspect of skills in Payday 3 that can completely change the way you play the game.

Simple skills like quick reload and tank make you an absolute beast in firefights, and you can even get an ability called Stockholm syndrome where you can yell at civilians. To come revive you if you get down for support players. You can go full-combat medic and make it so you heal quicker and faster.

how to play payday

Carry more Med pouches and even get a speed boost if a buddy gets down so you can go to him quicker and get him up quicker. Don't want to be a medic? You can go full Gadget Nerd build, increase the damage to all your turrets, and even make your hacking more efficient now. I wasn't able to look through all of these skills because there are an absolutely insane amount of them, but it really seems that you can play this game pretty much any way you want to and get the right combination of weapons, gadgets, and team members.

Plus, with all these skills, you really just have to figure out what type of player you are as well as what type of players you're playing with, either way. I like how customizable you can be, and it really makes it seem like there's almost an RPG element that you can make for each one of your characters now, on to the gameplay.

So when we usually think of payday, we think of bankrupting, and I did get a chance to play plenty of the bank heist map, where you can go super stealthy if you wanted to by hacking cameras, crouching around, stealing keys, and unlocking safes. Hey, screw it. Mass on, let's roll, and then start shooting, grabbing hostages, getting body shields, and it was just fun kind of blowing holes throughout the map and just mowing down baddies.

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However, as I mentioned in the intro, there is a brand new heist releasing in Payday 3, and that is called 99 boxes. In this job, you have to infiltrate a warehouse, search a bunch of cargo containers, find the experimental components, and then escape. When you start off, you can choose to go weapons out at the front guard post or try and sneak around either way.

Either way, you need to eventually search computers to find the storage location of the components in the storage yard. What makes this job interesting is that the actual steps you need to do in order to prepare yourself to get the equipment and then extract it from it, you need to find the refrigerated truck.

Hook up some liquid nitrogen in order to cool it, and then whenever you have secured the equipment finally, after battling your way through this maze of storage units, you need to get it back quick enough before it degrades, spends too much time, and you'll actually get a worse payout. The first time I played this job, I actually had no idea what I was doing since I was under the impression we were supposed to rob a bank, and I was confused with all the warehouse stuff.


But, as soon as you move through the warehouse and realize that you have to do all these tiny steps and hack the computers, and you get all this information, it actually clicks and ends up being an incredibly fun time. I also like how you're not just confined to Bang. I mean, banks are pretty small, right?

You're just in the safe area; you got the front, and that's more or less it when you're actually in this warehouse, storage unit, and container yard. The map is actually quite big, and you can move around. Try to get different equipment. Actually, it's pretty confusing if you don't have good communication, but a lot of fun when you finally are able to fight your way through and get on to the next step.


Honestly, though I was usually on duty to kill all the cops while others were trying to place the thermite and breach these containers, as we upped the difficulty a bit, we all had to help out as players would get down from taking too much damage or even getting handcuffed. 99 boxes also played much differently depending on what weapon I was using.

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