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So there was recently a Pay3 live stream going over the patch notes on what's coming in Pay3's next update. This update is supposed to come out sometime next week. I'm just going to summarize the things that were mentioned in the live stream and what we can expect and pay for through the next update.

Payday 3 syntax error dlc

So in the live stream, they talk about the new Heist syntax era that is coming out next week, and you'll be able to play it with your friends if you don't own it, and they do, and it also works crossplatform, so if you're someone that plays on PlayStation and you know someone on Xbox that has it, all they have to do is invite you, and you can play with them.

Payday 3 techie enemy

They also go more in depth about the new enemy called Techy. The new enemy is actually a female; she's the first female enemy we have in Pay 3, and what she does is basically control a combat drone and use a refraction shield to hide. She also has like a hide-and-seek gameplay where you have to look for her in order to take down her drones, and whenever you see her health and armor glitch, that means you're getting close to her.

She's weak at ecms and hacking, and she spawns before dozers, and she also spawns more frequently during FIFA wave assaults. As of right now, Sentry turrets can't attack the drone for you, but in the future, it will be changed, and there will also be more features for her. In the future, she's only available in the new syntax-era DLC heist, and in the future, she'll be available in all the other heists.

Payday 3 weapon pack

Payday 3 weapon pack

Also, when it comes to DLC, they talk about the weapon pack DLC as well, and they mentioned the mods that will be coming with three new weapons. I'll put up the photos of The Shield off during the live stream of what mods there will be for each weapon.

Also, with the weapon pack, you have the BSO sticker and the Whistleblower charm.

Payday 3 tailor pack

And the last thing when it comes to DLC is the tailor pack; it will bring four Ms., four gloves, and four outfits. These items are not level-locked, and they have no variants.

Payday 3 free cosmetics

But DLC is not the only thing that'll be coming into the next update; there will also be free cosmetics.

As well, there'll be three new maps that'll be coming to pay for that are going to be level locked, but not too high, and you can also.

Payday 3 scrambler skill

Customize them Also in this update, there's going to be a new skill line called Scrambler. I'm going to just put up the photo they showed off during the live stream of each tier that will be part of the new Scrambler skill line.


When it comes to the first tier, you can hack drones by spending one runtime. Stealth drones stop moving and are unable to detect you or your crew mates for 7 seconds, after which the stealth drone will continue working as normal and your runtime will be refunded to you. Combat drones will become indestructible for 6 seconds and fight on your side, after which they will self-destruct, and your runtime will be refunded to you.

You also gain one runtime, and when you Ace the first tier, whenever you place a tool, you gain rush, and when it comes to the second tier, called speed hack, as long as you have rush and the ECM Jammer is active. Your hacking attempts, phone searches, and QR code interactions are 50% faster, and the radios of guards you kill are answered instantly when it comes to the third tier called signal scan.


As long as your ECM jammer is active, all cameras are snipers, and the FBI van on the heist is marked for your crew. When it comes to the fourth tier, called extra pockets, if you have a tool in your loadout, you start the heist with 50% more tools of that type. Round it up to a minimum of one additional tool.

When it comes to the fifth tier, it's called kinetic short circuit, and as long as you have rush and active ECM Jammer Guard First Responders, swap and become stun for 5 seconds whenever you shoot them. Six-tier is called cam distortion; cameras within 0.5. M of the ECM jammers you own are disabled.

This effect starts when the ECM jammer is placed and lasts until the ECM jammer is removed or used up. Cameras can't be hacked, and all active times on them are refunded. The last tier is called full recall, and you can interact with the gadgets you own to put them back in your inventory. Gadgets can only be picked up if they haven't been used, so yeah, that's a new skill line called Scrambler.

I'm just glad the ECMS are finally becoming more useful now, especially with this skill line. There's a lot of things to help with it, because I feel like before, ecms were kind of useless, but I feel like with this skill line, it will for sure help it and make them actually more useful.

Payday 3 armor

Payday 3 armor

Another thing to talk about in the live stream is armor, and then, through this next update, there will be armor repair kits. These armor repair kits will only repair damaged armor chunks, not replenish them. These armor repair kits can be obtained for every second hostage that is traded during post-assault trading phases.

The first-trade hostage is still given a first-aid kit, and there is no alteration between the first-aid kit and the armor repair kit. You can also obtain a maximum of four armor repair kits for a single hostage with the use of a silver tongue and negotiator. Skills: I'm pretty sure those two skills are basically used for hostages and better trading, and at some point we'll be able to find armor repair kits around the map, just like ammo and health.


They also mentioned dozers will now drop armor repair kits instead of the first eight packs, and armor repair kits won't replenish armor if you lose them all, but in the future there will be a skill that allows you to use armor repair kits to give you one more chunk if you have none and One of the developers said that this is one of the steps towards giving heisers more access to armor punishment in the game and that they're doing more stuff in the future, so we'll just have to wait to see what else will be coming for armor.

Payday 3 overkill changes

They're actually making changes to Overkill's difficulty. They said they want to make Overkill a little bit harder, and they said that specials will do more damage to health on Overkill things like Dozer melee zapper. Nat Gas will do more damage to your health on Overkill, Difficulty Cloer. Health damage will increase across very hard and overkill difficulty, and they're also increasing the special enemy spawn cap from two to three on overkill difficulty.

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