Does The Update Fix Payday 3

So the first major update for Payday 3 has been released. 1.0.2, by first major update, I don't mean actual, 1.0.1. I mean the actual first update that adds more content rather than fixing existing content, rather than taking so long to release and giving little to nothing to the community other than promises to do better in the future, and this future is here.

We've gotten a huge dump of content, and I don't mean dumb or bad; I mean a lot of it. We've gotten great content, but no bad content in this update. However, there is something I noticed about this update that I want to get out of the way right away. It almost seemed like some of this content was Mistimed, maybe unintentionally or intentionally, it feels like some of these things that were meant to be here at launch were meant to be here before this update came out, and some feel like they were meant to be here later should we have expected Legacy Heist these this quickly.

Maybe not, but we got them, and they're pretty good. I have to say, I've said they probably picked some of the best Legacy heists to pick from to bring into payday 3 and make them work pretty well now. Should we see more Legacy heists, especially for free DLC and never as paid? Let's see now. I want to go back to what I said just before this, and that was what I meant by mistimed content and some content that should have been here.

Well, firstly, when it comes to content that should have been here at launch, I feel like the transport line and also their first-person animations were probably meant to be there. It simply seems like they were just planned but maybe not finished. Maybe they simply had future endeavors, but you can kind of see that they were not meant to be released, either at this time or because Mercy Station, or whatever you want to call it.

Turban Station, now doesn't have the burning of the gates or animations. There's no animations for that; it's just like I you could say launch payday 3 idle animation so it's kind of weird however I will say the first person animations are a great addition and I welcome them all the same, and also the new transport skill line really shakes up the meta it makes you wonder is armor still going to stay The Meta and the answer is yes when you can carry two armor bags with the cost of two charges for each, it really helps with the new economy especially with the Nerf to one of the most powerful armor perks.

going from simply giving you two armor packs or two armor slots and giving you one to refilling your current one. Now, when I say mistimed content, as it was meant to come in before this update, I mean the new mask and the new weapon; they're clearly Halloween-themed. One having a werewolf and one being like a mummy is pretty Halloween themed but I do think it's great that they're reasonably priced, however I do think maybe star bre planned on making these limited edition or limited time skins that you could only get during a certain month time now we don't know if that's the case still for all we know tomorrow we might wake up and might be gone and they say well you should have gotten his out or maybe they're saying that's the only bit of content I want to talk about that's in a negative light the rest is fantastic, we got two technically brand new heists and I I'm still inclined to call them brand new heists because they play pretty differently, now I do think murky station doesn't transfer as well into payday 3 as of course Cookoff does I'm a personally big enjoyer of Cookoff I love endless heists, however in Payday 3 Cookoff isn't a endless Heist.

But is that inherently a problem? I'm inclined to say no I do personally feel that it being an endless Heist would have gone against the design philosophy of payday 3 endless heists work in Payday 2 but in Payday 3 not quite the same now to be fair it's really difficult to do an endless Heist or do like a [ __ ] ton of bags in Payday 2 but I think it's almost equally as difficult to do an over kill 19 bags especially since everything past the 10th bag cooked will be an endless, wave of constant killing now something I do want to say that I'm not sure there anything to do with the update but I've recently been seeing it I don't know if any of you have but I've noticed something pretty interesting about public matches.

I've had a lot of cheaters, like the kind of cheaters that sit somewhere and just shoot walls. I wasn't recording at the time, but I just had a guy who was just constantly shouting special enemy names and clicking off, and I was wondering if this guy bugged or something. I go upstairs, and he's shooting at a wall, and everything's dying.

And that was the first time; I think it's like my third run or something like that, and it was the first time I got all 19 bags, and I just didn't feel as accomplished, but that's just more of a me thing because of my experience with it and not quite the actual quality of it, so what exactly is different between these Legacy heists and their original incarnations?

Well, let me tell you the first one, which of course Cookoff is the more important one if you ask me, and that is that it has obviously been swapped from an endless to a limited heist; however, that does not quite damage the I guess you can say quality of the design of the heist when it comes to structurality, and I guess you can say overall design.

There have been changes too. Of course, there are still three floors to the house that you cook in, but the floors have been revamped in their own ways. The lower floor is virtually the same while the upper floor is very different. I guess you could say more under construction, and then downstairs is completely different while in Payday 2 it was just a simple small room with some ingredients but you barely went down there downstairs is an entirely new cooking location and also a little room to go into the garage which is completely new in Payday 3.

virtually everything else except for, of course, scaffolding on the side and also the removal of a balcony. Pretty much everything else is the same in Payday 3, and I guess you could say it's a beautiful recreation of the original while trying to make it fit well into Payday 3's design philosophy, and it does pretty well.

The turban station, I believe, is still a good transfer from Payday 2 to Payday 3. It's just that some of the systems in Payday 3 kind of clash with it now. Overall, it's still a great Heist, but I don't like the entire Rea scanner because in Payday 2, that Heist did not have a camera operator, which is kind of unheard of for modern payday maps.

As long as they have cameras, there's going to be a camera operator to kill. But in Payday 3, they don't add one either, so the cameras are always just a problem, especially downstairs, so in the new version, you have to bring some schmuck to a camera. I believe, or not a camera, but a retina scanner, have him scan his eye, obviously.

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