Do This Before It's Patched - Payday 3 Xp Farm (old Run)

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Okay, the first thing you're going to do is you're going to run down here and put your mask on. You're going to take out the civilian that's staying here, and then sometimes there's a cell phone right on that box, but this time it wasn't there. Climb up to the roof. After that, you're going to hop onto this window sill here, and you're going to cut it open.

Now there's always a civilian and a guard in this hallway. I'm going to hack the computer to find out where the basement code is, and there's always a phone in here; it's either on this counter or on the couch I'm on. In this case, the employee of the month is the basement code, which is in the main room, so the really good stuff is there for me.

We have the guard and the civilian here. No, it was nothing, just this chill going down my spine. It's like I'm being watched or something. I don't need that key card, but we picked it up anyway. Anyway, into the VIP showroom, where we always have a camera and sometimes a civilian around those displays.

I'm going to check out the employee's month code right there. Set off the alarm and see if you can head back down to the basement. I almost picked up the camera there, and I'll get it on the way. Out of 6750, there are always two cameras here, and the guard cameras are always in the same spot. Don't you think you should wait for the C's radio situation?

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Okay, what do you want? I didn't push any buttons. You know what? I bet it's one of those [__] viruses going around. That's what I think. Right over to the closet where the alarm panel is, and we're going to kill the power bada bing bada boom. I don't need that key card, but I picked it up. Anyway, we headed back to the showroom, where we were going to unlock four displays.

It helps if you have the unlock perk and the loot perk. Obviously, when I have Rush, that's the way up; it's locked by a biometric SC. pack these bad boys up in a matter of seconds, it set several. Seconds all right, we're going to go back to this back room. There's a camera I forgot to get, and we're going to stack four of these up.

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You only need four; no more. Less, you can try and get more for the money, but it's not even worth it on this map, so we go up back to the roof, and we're going back to the corner. All right, I'm here. Throw the B in the back. You could throw them right back into the back of the van from the top once the doors are closed.

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