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The very first thing you want to do is, as soon as you get on to Payday you want to go to options. Go to controls and turn your sensitivity up. I like mine at Max, but you guys might like it a little lower than Max, but you always want to keep all of the sensitivities the same because it just makes your life a little easier, and I just leave everything else as default for article.

I recommend changing your font, as you can see here in this clip. The difference between Z fov and Max fov makes a big difference; you can see way more, and it's just way more effective; for sound, you don't need to change anything. I recommend turning down the sound effects and music a little bit.

I don't like listening to music. I have over 3,800 hours in this game, and it just gets a little sick over hours.

Most important setting to change

Most important setting to change

For the user interface, this is the most important part here. For the throwable outline and ammo outline, you're going to want that equipped because, as you can see here in this clip, you can see the ammo and the throwable outline.

Well, as you can see in this article, a spear. You can also use shurikins, throwing cards, and throwing knives to find them way easier. That's about it for these settings.

Change filter setting for heist

For this next part, you just want to go to crime. Go all the way up to filters, and you're going to change your filter. If you're new, you're going to want to be on normal.

If you're new and you've got some levels, you're all good. You can go up to hard here, and if you're willing to take the risk very hard, if you're new, that's exactly what it sounds like. It's very hard, but if you're brand new, here we're just going to go to normal. Don't worry about Crim Spree; you're too low of a level, and I hit apply these settings.

As you can see in the bottom left, you can see the saving icon once it disappears. Back out, go back into {43}, and as you can see, all the missions will now be normal.

What do all the symbols mean

What do all the symbols mean

Difficulty What do these little symbols mean? Well, right here, you can always associate symbols with the top left of your screen. Pick up the thermal drill. As you can see, we're 2 meters away from it. This must be the thermal drill. That little bag right there means you need to secure it.

Once you secure it, a new thing will pop up: the current objective: drop off the thermal drill. You see, on the top left, it also says to drop off the thermal drill. What are you carrying? You can see at the bottom right here the thermal drill, so what you want to do is you're going to want to walk all the way over here.

That symbol right there is the drill symbol. What are we carrying? We're currently carrying the thermal drill, so if you toss it right here, you'll see it set up right there. That little marker on the screen is a question mark, which means he sees something, which is usually us, and the closer he gets to seeing us and being spotted, the closer the ring will get.


You can see where it starts to go. We see something. You better run away, and the exclamation mark means they have seen you once the camera has seen you. Well, that's about it. That's some, right? there also is the drill, so you just set up the drill as you can see there's a few different symbols here too you can see this one with the little man running, that's the Escape Zone, what that means is you walk into it to escape if you're the only player in the lobby and you only have ai with you once you step into it the heist is over and it's finished if you have multiple people as in one other person two or three other people in the lobby.

All of you have to stand on it. If just one of you is standing on it, the mission won't end unless they're in custody. AI does not account for this rule, so keep that in mind. Mind, now this little brief K symbol here, which we saw earlier when we're picking up the thermal drill, but it's a little different as you can see because there's a dotted line around it.

What does that mean? Well, that means that's a securable loot, so any loot you grab, like Money Cash Gold, artifacts, rifles, or anything like that, is thrown into there to be secured, and you get money for that loot. You do not get extra money or extra XP if you have it on your back, but that also won't get you any extra money if you have the bag on your back; it'll actually count as you're securing it as well, so if a friend's bag is glitched and he walks into the zone, you still get money for that.

Skill you will want to make the game more fun

Skill you will want to make the game more fun

Bag the next part here is going to be about the inventory, well, mostly about the skills right here. For skills, well, there's actually a few things you're going to want, like in forcer if you want to be able to throw your bags farther you want to get this go right here in, transporter if you want to have your drill a little faster instead of waiting 300 seconds AKA of 5 minutes Hardware Expert, and then you're going to want to get the drill sergeant, which is the external part where you lower the time of the drill, but you have to get the bottom right here, so if I try and get heavy impact, you see it flashes a little red when I press a on it or X if you're on Playstation.

Why can't I get it? Well, it's actually still locked. As you can see by the lock symbols, how do we unlock it? You have to get the thing underneath it, and now we can get it, but how many skill points, as you can see here? Why can't I grab this symbol right up here? Well, it's actually pretty simple.

You see that number 16 right there. You actually need to spend 16 skill points before you're able to get it. For ghosts, there's actually a really important one here where you're able to run faster. Duck, Cover, and Parkour, so you're able to move way faster, and it's just way nicer with it. You can also buy Nimble here, which you need a version of in order to pick locks 100% faster, so you're not sitting there as long as you.

Perk desk

Perk desk

With, well, perks decks, you do not spend skill points. You spend perk points, as you can see right here. What you probably want to do is don't really worry about this right now, but I would recommend equipping armor.

How do we equip well? You can see right over here that it shows you where to equip it, what button you need to press, and when you get more perk points, after finishing any heist, you can go back in here and see how many more you have, and you just level these.


Ups, grenades, or throwables It depends on what you like.

This video is for helping new players with the basics such as setting you need to change, what do the symbols on the ground mean and skill that make the game easer to do tedious task's. make sure to check out "PAYDAY 3 CRIMEWAVE".
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