After 2 Major Updates, Payday 3 Is Still Incredibly Mid

Today's topic

Today's topic

We should all know by now that Payday 3 hasn't had a good run since its release in September, with things like bugs, performance issues, and even a lack of online mode still plaguing the game and making the overall community just not even want to focus on this. However, since my last article, we have had two pieces of content drop, and I think it's about time that we talk about them.

I would deeply appreciate it. Okay, let's continue.

"legacy" heists are mid.

Like I've mentioned in the intro, we had two new pieces of content dropped: 1.0.2, otherwise known as the Legacy Heist update, and 1.1.0, or the Sensex Error Heist update. I want to talk about the Legacy Heist update first because I was supposed to talk about it around the time it came out, but we had a bunch of new games drop, and I wanted to focus on those a little bit more, so on November 30th we had the Legacy Heist update drop that introduced Cookoff and turbid station, formerly known as murky station.

cook off

Now, with Cookoff and Turbid Station, we get to see them rejuvenated and remastered. I don't really know how you can call it, but I'm not going to call it good. We have boosted AI health, so now they're more durable than a baby soft spot, and just a whole laundry list full of improvements. So now that we got two Infamous Payday 2 maps back into the game, we got infamy points after every heist, but we have a few more things here and there.

What are my overall impressions? It's mid-cookoff's remake is designed horribly much like the original Cookoff. There's only two spots it can be, but instead of being on the main floor and the top floor, now it's in the basement. and the top floor the top floor is insanely easy; in fact, I think it's even easier than what it was in Payday 2.


The basement is just a dog. It's just annoying to deal with; they have these cops there, and they kind of tease, like, could you do this stealth? No no, don't even bother, you know, and with the remake of Cook Off, they've just allowed an easier time for police to get in, plus the fact that the animal conservation is that of the dead matter server population.

It's really just an annoying, not fun, heist to do now. I will say that the positives are that the announcer doesn't piss around like Ban did when calling out the recipe. I can't tell you how many times I failed that heist because [__] is like, Hey, it's hydrogen chloride. I dump it in, and then, like, 2 seconds after I do, he's like, [__] that was supposed to be muriatic acid.

Thanks a lot, you prick, but unfortunately, that's kind of where my positives end now, moving into a turbid or murky station. I thought Cookoff was designed horribly, but no, they absolutely slaughtered this damn map. Now it is the same sort of design; they've changed a few things here and there, but the one thing that pisses me off the most is that the drones have much more range to explore, and even though everything is pretty much designed the same, the consistency.

Payday 2 is just not there; if you run a murky station once, you can pretty much run it again at the same time, even if things do get swapped differently. For this, I couldn't even tell what the [__] I was supposed to do or where to even go, and I lost my patience so much on this that I couldn't even complete this one, so I just left it. You know, when you stack up all the changes in the heist, it just doesn't feel like the game changed.

Tone deaf pricing!

Tone deaf pricing!

At all now, we're moving on to the syntax error, which is the first paid DLC for payday 3, and, I hate to say, but it's being destroyed in the reviews now. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it, and I'm going to do a call back to this later, there are two different price tags for the heist.

If you want the bundle that comes with the heist, a weapon pack, and a tailor pack, it's $18. If you just want the heist, it's $10. I'm going to throw up the prices of everything individually on the screen, and I'll even throw up the price of the bundle on the screen so you can kind of get an idea of what we're dealing with here now.

1 out of 3 good guns?

We've got the Fik 22 TLR, which is a DMR and pretty damn weak. I would not recommend this thing at all. Then we've got the FSA 12-gauge shotgun that's supposed to be a pack-and-punch, but I'm not convinced that it's that good, and then we got the War 45 SMG, which is probably one of the best guns in the game at the moment.

It kind of borders on the high-damage, low-fire rate spectrum, but God damn does it.

New heist, new enemies

New heist, new enemies

Pack-a-Punch : Now for the new Heist, the game breaks into a data center called scary digital or S cry digital so they can essentially steal specs for a cutting-edge drone. This is probably the most unique heist that we've gotten inside Payday 3. Aside from the ones in the campaign, you know not to say that the heists from the campaign are bad, but it's definitely better than rocking the cradle and under the surface, and you know, well.

I'll throw a golden shark in there too. I didn't really care for that one. We also have this new enemy called the techie, and what they do is hide behind a refract shield and send in drones to kill you, but they will also actively run away from gunfights. Now let me tell you something about these drones.


I don't know who at Starb thought that these drones weren't powerful enough, but they're good, and you can Nerf them; it's okay. These damn things will shred your health and armor faster than a competitive eater shreds food. I mean, they're fairly easy to kill, but goddamn, by the time you find one of them, you're pretty much dead.

What the map does good.

For some positives, the new environments do look good. We're somewhere inside New York City, and the place looks great. It feels like I'm right at home. There's some civilians slurping down glizzies on the side of the street, you know? You know, I could live 50 [__] lifetimes and not ever have to hear that sound again.

I will also admit that the new enemy type is pretty good. I mean, yeah, this is not making it into the sa a, b, or even C tier in a tier list, but hey, it's new now, no matter if you run high stealthy or loud, it's pretty damn simple to complete. I think you're going to have the most fun with this if you run it loud, because trying to run it stealth with how the map is laid out, eh nah, that means it also shouldn't take you long either.

I mean, I completed this heist in about 15, 16, 17 minutes somewhere in that range, and one more positive, but I think this is more of just the game and not the heist itself. Anyone is able to play it as long as the host has it.

Today, we talk about a game that's had not only a ridiculously bad launch, but one that I've tried to remain positive about time and time again, Payday 3. With the release of the 1. 2 "Legacy Heists" update and the 1. 0 "Syntax Error" update, this game cannot catch a break.
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