Will Payday 3 Last With These Leaks


Recently pity 3 has been under some heavy fire on all social media platforms and live streams for the harsh launch that they've had over the last five days, with servers crashing constantly, people not enjoying the limited amount of content we were given, and especially people begging for an offline mode to play a team over at Starbucks.

They've had a rough go at it. Luckily, today on September 25th, we got a live stream of some of the members of the team explaining the ongoing situations, their plans for the future, and, of course, apologies all around for how the launch was gone now. Don't get me wrong, while it is annoying, you have to try and be understanding of anything server-based on their side.

These things happen all the time nowadays when new games launch because it's virtually impossible to prepare a server system for an influx of players in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. A team over at Star Breeze has been working day and night both in the office and at home to get the servers stable while looking for ways to upgrade them with third-party developers and server systems.

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After almost 20 minutes of server issues being addressed, we finally started to get some insight on things planned for the game post-launch, such as better UI upgrades in the game and in the main menu challenges, being easier to sort through, and being clear on the objectives needed to complete it.

They also touched on the fact that multiplayer is extremely difficult to play right now in any other way than loud. Communication restrictions across platforms are not making this any easier either. Luckily, in the coming patches, we can finally get text chat across all platforms. Lobby chat and fingers crossed for some form of voice chat in-game; we did, however, also get some insight on an incoming skill to the game named Transporter.

Hopefully, the rest of the skill tree will include reducing the weight that heavier banks give us, being able to throw bags further across the map like we could in Payday 2, and even quicker interactions with hostages. Just think that being able to run around or pick up the human shield of a hostage would make it a much more enticing feature than it currently is.

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Another really big topic of discussion that was brought up during the stream was the fact that stealth heists didn't really reward XP as heavily as going loud does since most of the XP system is based on cops killed and waves survived. Sadly, we don't have a Surefire answer given at this time, but it was said that the team is looking into it heavily due to the fact that stealth had such a huge impact on player level and Payday 2, and it has almost none in Payday 3.

Hopefully, in the near future, we can see some tweaks and changes to this that will give the community a more satisfying feeling of never getting caught or escaping before an assault begins. Finally The last exciting thing that was talked about was the use of mods for the game. We just can't speak at this moment, or we don't have a clear path.

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I'm sure it won't take long for us to figure out what big things are in store for us. This is honestly a really scary look for the people over at Star Breeze in today's day and age, where the vast majority of player bases have been screwed over time and time again by huge companies releasing completely unfinished games or games riddled with bugs that make them practically unplayable.

This type of launch could already spell the end of paydays 3 Community Support. The moment people start seeing any type of red flags and games they review, they vomit all over the Internet, which not only makes the game look worse than it could be but also really drives away new players when they see mostly negatives plastered all over the Steam pages.

I mean steam alone, at the time of recording, had 68 negative reviews out of 26, 000. With some quick math, that's over 18 000 individual reviews of this game being bad or unplayable, which is extremely hard to get out of when those reviews have to be changed or deleted by the people that gave them.

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