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Hey, just before I start this article, if you're watching this. I do understand that we are both payday players, but I see things differently as you do, and you didn't cover some things that I am going to, so if you want to talk more about it, you can, you know, give me a shout out. I just want to, you know, give my opinion out there a little bit regarding the payday 3 situation.

So first things first, I want to start off by saying I am not attacking Noie for his opinions. I respect his decision about the article he posted a few days ago stating what others have been saying for a month and a half, and now in regards to pay 3. I agree with some of the points made but the article is just not only my perspective but also it gives a bit of an insight as to why pay 3 has been struggling since its launch day but also in regards to Overkill, to start let's go back to 2016 with the release of the White House Heist they briefly gave a hint on payday 3 confirming that it was in the works and an idea they even stated how they weren't going to be doing any more PID DLC from here on out and focused on solely developing pay3, however some financial troubles began to frequently occur as there were some serious complications and setbacks in development, the company was raided by the SWAT for alleged insider trading it declared bankruptcy with Bo Anderson stepping down as the CEO.

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And they were most likely broke from the failure of Overkill: The Walking Dead star VR and even declared bankruptcy a second time. This led to them being forced to sell some of their biggest assets that you know today, such as Dead by Daylight, a game many people are familiar with to this day. This in turn led to other decisions, such as making a return to paid DLC even though they said they wouldn't, but let's get back to paid DLC.

In regards to the publisher, Deep Silver, most likely Overkill had no other choice than any other publisher, as they literally had no funds whatsoever. Deep Silver strayed and saw the potential that Payday 3 had and saw that no other publisher would help, so they lent out a hand to Overkill and got a huge amount of executive meddling involving P 3's development.


On the release of P3, they did not care whether or not the game could work; all they cared about was if it was sellable or not, and Overkill, probably unable to do anything about it, had to release Payday 3 like that. Even if the game was overwhelmingly undercooked, Deep Silver cared about nothing but the money potential, and Overkill took the brunt of the fall for it.

However. I do want to point out that there is a strange phenomenon where P2 and over its 100 DLCs, and even some Ed exclusive ones like Scarface or the completely Overkill Back, get a pass but not P3. I mean, there was plenty of outrage regarding decisions made by them during Payday 2 spring break 2015.

The completely Overkill Back and God forbid the Crimefest 2015 scenario was the biggest outrage in Payday 2's history. I knew people who genuinely could not play Payday 2 for two whole weeks because of the events I just listed. While there was outrage, they just accepted it and moved on, but Payday 3 being unplayable for four days was the straw that broke the camel's back.


Come on. I'm not even saying this as like I'm a boot lier or I'm defending Overkill or Star Breze; I'm just genuinely showing a perspective for people to understand where I'm seeing this and what Overkill is doing second in regards to the lack of communication or even the changes for payday 3. Please, for your sake.

Just Google what an NDA, also known as a non-disclosure agreement, is. It's very lucky that Overkill had to sign one of these if they wanted the necessary funds for Payday 3's development. This included things such as online-only console releases, pre-order bonuses, or console updates that need to be on time at the same time as PC.

All these changes were unnecessary, yes, and they probably should not have been a thing, but in terms of business, they're completely valid. In regards to a lack of communication. Alir has stated many times, including in the stream from today, that he would tell us they would tell us this stuff, but they can't; they are legally bound to not tell us anything because if he or anyone overkill even let a small hint of anything.

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Deep Silver would consider that a breach of contract could potentially seize their assets, meaning that they would completely take over Payday 3. Kick Overkill out of any and all developments, and even sue Overkill. Considering Overkill's position, it's most likely they wanted to avoid said lawsuit or even seizure of payday 3 again.

I'll reinstate that I am in no way defending Overkill or even attacking Noie. I respect his and the payday's community opinions and outrage, but hopefully I've shed some light or some insight on those like Noie or Red Archer who are frustrated. Overkill, just like I am. Let's move on and help Payday 3 evolve and learn from the lessons of the past.

The thing is, Payday 3 probably has a completely different development team from Payday 2 or even the Heist. Hell, there's even a completely different publisher; it's not 505 Games, and it's not Star Breeze; it's Deep Silver. There's no Bow; there's no UL Anderson; there's not even a Simon Vigland or even an overkilled Jeb.


Starting off, of course, it goes without saying that we all want to see an offline mode return to the game. Yes, I can agree that an offline mode is necessary not only for the good of payday 3 but also for its longevity. This probably was an executive decision way back in 2016, that was theorized, probably tossed around a little bit, and it was implemented with really no way to go back.

They have said that they are looking into this, though immediately this brings the crew AI to mind, which starts by adding scaling. Health As you moved up through the difficulties, AI and P2 were weird. At first, they were as useful as just cannon fodder, but a few days later, they became this almost indestructible force of nature that gave free buffs to solo players.

However, Overkill, I think, was pushing in the direction of doing things with teams rather than doing them by yourself. For example, take the heist. You can do solo heat street on Overkill 145 Plus, but do you want to? No, not really. It's a massive headache, and having teammates really can make a huge difference.

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It does need a bit of a tad rework though, like being able to revive each other, as you have said, but health scaling, I don't think so, so it's a big no-no. They might become too tanky, and as a result, the cops themselves don't get any health buffs; they can just hit more often and more accurately.

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