Why I Still Love Payday 3 After 300. Hours



Payday 3 is a game I genuinely love with the bottom of my heart, and I love it more than Payday 2.


It's time to forget the negative side of the game and talk about the positives, as literally every single human being and YouTuber has practically milked the [__] game to the point where it's become a dry cow.

So I'm going to ignore the negatives and talk about the positives of the game, or at least, in my opinion, how I feel about it, before any of you half-brained Pricks come at me and say that the dick writing is insane, or that I'm trying to be paid by Starb, or that I'm trying to become a Starb member.


First, Starb would not want a man from the Balons because that would cause more issues than actually fixing the problem. First, I am not the problem solver; I cause more problems than actually fixing them, like Case Closed, essentially. Second, I wanted to remain as optimistic as possible even if the situation is completely [__] horrid at the moment, but let's get back to the topic: why do I love the game so much?.

Hope for payday 3?

The game is already dead, you might think, but personally, I wouldn't really say the game is dead; it's just barely breathing, like it's just so barely getting through life. It's just barely getting any sort of oxygen in their system to the point where if a tiny thing goes wrong, it's completely dead, and even if it were dead, we would even have like more than 100 players playing the game; we would maybe have like 50, but considering the fact that there's like 350 or even 400 players playing every day, it shows me that there's even a sliver of hope, and that sliver of hope is something that I'm holding on to, and before any of you say that I should be leaving that hope behind,.

I am not leaving that hope until the game is actually officially dead. I am holding on to that last bit of hope until it is completely done. You are not stopping, Me, and yes, I know the game has many features that are missing and many quality of life changes that need to be [__]] added. I am aware of that, but I'm ignoring them because I'm trying to remain optimistic and actually talk about the positives of the game because, at this point, everybody knows that even the most brainless prick in this world knows what's wrong with Payday 3, but I'm going to ignore them.

Reasons i love about payday 3

Reasons i love about payday 3

You might be thinking, Why do I love this game? like there has to be a reason for it. I have three very good reasons why I genuinely love the game. Those three reasons are the gunplay, aka the game playay of the entirety of the game, the enemies themselves, and the heist themselves. All these three reasons are the main ones: purpose: I love the game, and after recently buying the syntax error weapon pack and the heist itself, I genuinely enjoyed it far more.

I still genuinely believe that payday will excuse me. I still genuinely believe that Payday 3 has much more interesting gameplay than Payday 2, because of the many more mechanics that it added to the game. Of course, there aren't really many mechanics that the developers themselves added, but those mechanics that they added are still interesting and add a far greater variety to the game.

Guns and their feeling

Playay second, I enjoy the guns much more than Payday 2. There's this sense of power that the guns have that I cannot really describe well; they sound really powerful, they handle very well, and it's very satisfying to shoot them. Every single weapon except the Z Commando is really good if you know how to use it, and they're so powerful in every single build and with every single modification that there is no right or wrong with what you can do with the weapon. Like, every single weapon is effective if you know how to use it properly.



Second, there's something about the enemies that is very interesting to fight against.

Payday 2 enemy rant

The problem I had with Payday 2 was the fact that the enemies in that game were extremely deadly only if they were coming at you in higher numbers.

A single enemy in Payday 2 was literally just a [__] laughing stock. I'm talking about death sentence difficulty and not death wish or below, because those difficulties are so easy that's brain-numbing at this point. The same thing can be said about the special enemies; the only enemy I can somewhat think of that is somewhat threatening.

Payday 3 enemies

Payday 3 enemies

The thing about P 3's enemies is that they are much more threatening and much more agile against you. Enemies in P 3 are actually smarter, and they think more cautiously instead of rushing at you 99% of the time, like in P 2. They actually do take their time and sort of approach you in a much more cautious way.

If they have to, they will fight you in the distance. The enemy sort of adapts to your game-play style, depending on your build. If you're someone who likes to fight over long distances or with sniper rifles, then the enemies will actually try to rush you much more or try to ambush you from behind, basically flanking you, but if you're someone who plays very aggressively and at high speeds, the enemies will spread out much more and actually wait for you to come at them.

operation medic bag

Certain enemies will sort of use their abilities as an advantage, like zappers who will sometimes hide in corners and wait to ambush you; cloakers who will sometimes also wait for you; and even grenadiers at this point. If they catch you even once, if they even zap you for one second, they will take at least 50% of your health, and that 50% of your health is gone instantly.

At a split second, cloakers are threatening and forcing you to be more cautious and aware of your surroundings. They don't just emit this like loud radio static where you can detect them from a mile away; instead, they're actually sneaky and will attack you when you least expect it. Shields will be very aggressive and try to push you against the corner, and if you even try to push them back, they will push you back, because it requires you to sort of be more quick and precise because either you try to run around them or bait them to, try to hit you with their shield, or you can use the Brute Force way and break their little window and kill them ins.


Bulldozers are a threat that you should not be around with, because once that bulldozer is in close proximity to your teammates, either you kill him easily or he wipes the floor with you, there is no in-between that bulldozer would literally wipe the floor if you gave him the opportunity. Because in Payday 2, even if you do give the bulldo an opportunity, you can just easily outrun them or outsmart them, but that's not the same thing with P 3, because they will hold you in that position and not let you go once they catch you.

I explain on the video on my thoughts and why i still love payday 3 after 300 hours. Time Stamps.
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