Why Did Security Help With The Heist. Payday 3 (beta)

lets play

Guys, I hate how stupid I look. I just really want to express that I look so dumb. Look at me. Look at me. You look fine. I'm sorry i just look stupid compared to y'all. I did it. There's a guard, and there's a security guard back there. Hi, how are you, Sho? no, we're good. Someone sees us behind us; that's what he's ready to do.

He's got CAU, Let come up here let him come up here. Does he see my feet? He just doesn't see you; he doesn't see me. Okay, me pulling my scared self out of me. Bron, well we could have we could have restrained him or something. Well, since Bron did it, does he have a key card? What did it BR is Bren is the big brother I follow.

I follow his lead. I killed two more. I killed two more. All right, hold on, hold on. Let's just restart three; look at what you did. Check the electronics; I have a couple security cameras up here too. Can I tickle your groin a little bit, all right? Do you have a red key card? Wait, I think no, this isn't.

I think it's this. Guys, what are you doing? I want to take his key card. I can grab this blue one. I grabbed the blue one off his belt, but I think we need a red one. Okay, I'm looking. Yeah, we need a red one, all right. I'm looking at it; it'll be like on his ass, and then you can press like f to say, Hey, what's your problem, buddy?

You don't see me; no one sees me; nobody sees me. Shut up shut up no sees i'm a ghost in the night. Let me do this, office. My, you're right there. Why are you right there? I've been compromised. I've been compromised. I've been compromised. Don't Panic Don't panic. I'm not panicking. Just tell him.

Just tell him. Just walk out with him. If you're in a conference room, I think someone's coming to arrest me. Do you wait? Jim, shut your mouth. Shut your mouth. What do you want? Stay down, don't do shitay down the security guard shooting at me; I'm going to kill the security guard, who you sh*t I killed, I did to you're my human.

Let's go, Jim. Stay down; don't look at me on the ground. Jimmy, the red card, you, I found the red key card. Mary on the ground; I don't think it matters at this point. Mary, I'm just happy I found her on the ground. That's right, you're not dead, right? You're just sleeping. Yeah, he's just sleeping.

What's the point of riot shields at this point? My man didn't care about the civilian. Get folded i love sprinting. There's so many floors I did. Dead Marcus How do I put it down? Jimmy Jimmy, what are you doing? Jimmy, there's saying hi to Jimmy by Jimmy seconds until that was my best friend.

Why would you do that? Do we want to go with the front or the back? Not that way, not that way. All right, let's go out front. Let's go out front. All right, we have to run. He's armored as [__]. We got there. Go over here, back here, back here, back. Here I'm running throw ah my ass keep get inside throw it and move throw it and move throw it and move down no my butt holes it's over I'm so durable good let's go stay in the stay in the Box stay in the box stay in the box we're gone we're gone baby I'm out of ammo but we're out of, there your mask on Yes, yeah, for some reason, when I was trying to do it, it was like Jules.

Hey man, it's cool. It's cool just be cool. Just be cool. Just be cool What happened there was You can lockpick without your mask on. Yeah, we said yes. The security camera was just staring Jules down while he was doing it. I was trying to exit, but escaping the exit Buton it's, space Oh wait, sir, oh sh*t, he started shooting me.

Damn, how do I wait for me? Well, all right, never mind, all right. You have to let me out, or else I'm going to be in custody. Just vote to restart again. I'm taking the hostage. Just vote to restart. So long as I took the hostage regardless, I'm getting my, buddy, okay, camera's off or well, not looking at you.

So what happened? Are you good? People started seeing me in there. That's fair let me see if I can talk to her. Hello, beautiful i, a man, would like to. Say things to you that you probably don't want to hear. I guess I'll check these boxes out over here. Yep, they turned I'm good behind, yeah.

penis penis, we're good, you're good, you're good. A lot of penis; you got eyes on that boy. I found him happy. Maybe I can sneak into this side. Nope, that was not the answer I got. I got you. I got you. I got it. yeah, all right. I can go now. r penis penisis Use it. We're good we're good it's got me, okay?

We can come get you. We're good wait, I got you. What could you not get into the room for? There was an officer right there. I like that. that yeah [__] tha[__] yeah, and then take down, yeah, rub his nipples. Rub his nipples, [__]. walkie-talkie Remember that radio answer we're answering? Hey, you want to get that off your shoulder.

You want to get you want to get that off of your shoulder while you're doing that with the camera. You look, I'm going to point all the cameras right up, shut shut, and you look so crazy. I'm going to hit the red switch. What about you, sir? We just got our blue; we got our blue gloves on; we got our earpieces.

Okay, cameras are off. Cool i appreciate that off no all right I'm going to try to go into that room; okay, I'm in the room where you don't see [__] backing up for me. Jennifer, that was wild. I'm hacking the HTML. I'm getting into the database through the JavaScript we are looking at. Well, I can't leave until Marcus does it.

Hey, how did I get here? Come on, Brandon. Hey man, not yet. Hey, what's going on? Hey, what if I close the doors where you're going? That's really crazy. Whatever you're about to do, the security guard is about to come down that hall again. Yeah, you had to grab him as a hostage; I did. I'll need another person here to help me disable the die packs.

Come in here. He's coming come in here. Subdo him, Subd. I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying, okay, this guy. You, okay put him in put him in this room, Marcus. Can I just put him in this room with all these people? Yeah, we only need two people.That's terrible. Okay, all right, here we go, here we go, here we go, opening 3 and 2, opening, right?

Just hit the corners real quick; let me get down there. I would like Yeah, just in case someone tries to walk away, come on, come on, friend. Yeah, just put him somewhere in here. Yeah, let's go. Get up here, cool. We got them all. We're so cool. Pick up the money. All right, just check left.

We have four. God, all right, the van's right here, yeah. Van's right here, yeah. Just get yep, team Escape. God damn it, y'all.

I swear at the end this security saved our whole run at the end! We got enough training in PayDay 2 so now we try to complete a heist quietly in the 3 Beta! Even though we didn't finish quietly in 2.
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