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When we heard about the upcoming release of Payday 3 at the beginning of the year, we were super HED, and if I had to guess. I'd say that the vast majority of fans were looking forward to updated graphics, new heists, more refined in-game mechanics, and so on and so forth, but now that Payday 3 is out, well, things aren't looking so hot; in fact, they're looking extremely bad.

Time to do some sleuthing and find out what it is that's got players up in arms. Let's go when Payday 3 was officially announced on New Year's Day 2023, the excitement and energy were palpable, while not devoid of issues. Payday 2 has been enjoyed by countless gamers for well over a decade since its initial launch on August 13th, 2013.

So the assumption was that Payday 3 would simply build on the winning formula of Payday 2, add in some new features, and fix some long-standing glitches. Hey, Presto, the best online cooperative heist simulator, yet I mean, in theory, this should have been really, really easy. Starb didn't have to reinvent the wheel or overhaul every aspect of the game, so from a technical perspective, the progression from Payday 2 to Payday 3 should have been relatively smooth and linear, so now the question is.


What the heck went wrong? At the time of this article's publication, Payday 3 would have been out for just over a month now. It's fair to say that almost every new release these days has a couple of teething problems that are practically guaranteed. And of course, there are those cyberpunk Punk 2077 situations where the launch is a complete disaster, so what's the deal?

Did Payday 3 pull one of these plers at face value? not quite, but it does look like it pulled an OverWatch 2 and probably even a little worse than that, which is nuts. I don't want to say that this whole situation is a result of basically no planning, but I'm just going to say it like it is: this is a result of no actual planning, and if that somehow isn't the answer, it's Garden variety and competence.

So yes, if you're aware of what went down with OverWatch 2, much the same happened with Payday 3. The real issue with Payday 3 is that it's online only, so when the game launched, there was a huge influx of players who were dying to try it out, and rightly so, and because of what I guess Star Brees would call an unprecedented number of players trying to get in the servers failed out.


Failing servers means failing a game, which means no game. As far as I recall. Cyberpunk 277 was still kind of playable, if highly buggy, so you could actually argue that what happened with Payday 3 is worse than that and even worse or equivalent to the whole OverWatch 2 launch. So imagine being a player who waited eagerly for more than 9 months for a game to drop, and then the moment you get in, you get nothing.

Man, I'm actually surprised the game hasn't been completely review-bombed into non-existence. But even if the Steam ratings aren't completely in the red at the moment, they're still appallingly low for what should have been one of the best games of the year right now. The total score from just over 32, 000 reviews is 40%, and somehow I just don't see the situation improving anytime soon.


Well, let me explain. So as I said, it's been just over a month, and while I surmised things have stabilized, poor choice of words, I figured why not examine some of the most recent reviews to see what people are saying? So looking at the most recent posts dated October 25th, this one courtesy of Sage, sorry if I butchered, basically says that basically says that the current state of Payday 3 is deplorable.

That's about the worst adjective you could use to describe a game that's atrocious. Anyway, they go on to explain the launch day of Fiasco, where basically nobody could play it, and as it stands, the situation hasn't really improved at all. What's more, there's a massive problem. Sigge highlights in that the progression system has fundamentally changed; instead of being rewarded for completing heists, which is the entire point of the game you progress by completing challenges, what is it with developers randomly changing stuff or adding in things absolutely nobody asked for?

what happened to payday

I'm a firm believer that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and look. I understand there's a constant need to innovate and try out new solutions in games or whatever, but when you change a core mechanic of a much beloved multiplayer FPS franchise that makes zero sense, are you genuinely surprised when the fandom becomes unbelievably unbelievably?

I rate surely not, so even if you can somehow play Payday 3 right now, the progression system is just broken, so the incentive to play in complete haste is practically gone unless you count a fleeting sense of achievement and the chance to give yourself an extra boy or girl, for that matter. And we're not actually done with this review yet because this part may just be the most insane aspect.

If you feel like you're taking crazy pills, there must be a million other people who are in the same boat as you. I know I feel the same way, so throughout Payday 2's development. Star Bre obviously introduced several quality of life (QL) updates into the mix to address bugs and things that may have been innovating.

Players make sense, so all those improvements added to Payday 2 are not in Payday 3, and the excuse, according to Sage, well. Star Bre says that they weren't there on Payday 2's launch, so they're not here at Payday 3's. This is not just a nonsensical answer, as our good reviewer points out here, but an utterly delusional one.

I'd love to see the actual quote, but if that's more or less the official statement, I give up forever on everything. I mean, really, the short paragraph looks to summarize everything currently wrong with the game and is a serious warning to anyone even considering playing it. The final dagger in the heart of Payday 3 as it were is the fact that the first patch for the game has been delayed indefinitely.

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It should be coming out as soon as possible, whatever that means, but don't expect it anytime soon or even this year, if at all. This all sounds extremely bad for the games present and future, and in truth, this could just sync with Star Brees if they don't do something very, very soon. I could actually quote or examine a few more reviews, but that really is about the long and short of it.

I actually have no idea if Payday 3 will be able to recover from what seems like one of the biggest disasters in gaming history, and yes, this even includes the Lord of the Rings Golem right now. Because of Payday 3's utter failure, at least as it stands, Payday 2 has enjoyed something of a renaissance.

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