What Do You Want To See Payday 3


You probably saw the thumbnail, and you know the title and all that stuff. You're here, and you're intrigued. For this article, I was going to be talking about what I want to see for that is the lack of content. This is one thing that we talk about; I'm going to be playing it. The one thing I'm not going to lie about is that this game is, you know, a little bland right now, and the reason for that is the lack of content.

This is one thing that we can bring up to start when you compare from game to game. You know, obviously, sleep. The game is missing a lot of stuff, which is my biggest complaint. Overall, these heists are very quick. The first ones that you do are the first eight that are a part of the main game; they're very fast; you don't really do much; they all have the same sort of, you know, idea behind them: you stand in a circle to scan something; you get a red key card; you get a blue key card; if you want, you open up doors.


QR codes; if you didn't see my other article, I still have yet to get this done. I don't understand why you know it's there; it says 160; it's not done yet, though I guess the lack of content honestly is something that truly cuts this game in half, and like I brought up before, when you compare game to game, clearly there's going to be a major difference even if you compare games like Call of Duty, which you know are copied and pasted almost every single year, sometimes there's always a DLC.

And if you compare DLC to the start of the game, obviously there's going to be a difference. You usually compare the start of the game to the end of the game, but for me, at least one of my things is that clearly, when you have an outline or you have an idea, or something, why would you go completely off base?

Basically, there's a lot of perks in certain things that just don't exist in this new version of the game. I don't think people would have minded not having some of these things, but the fact that there's a chance that we will probably end up being sold. These things later in this game's life cycle are going to make this game super boring, given that it's basically just going to become something where you're just going to end up having to spend more money on the game, and I don't mind DLCs.


But the way that they're doing DLCs now. I think at least the way that it looks like these DLCs are eventually going to add up, it's going to be expensive, it's going to be a lot, and it's going to be very [__] obnoxious to have to spend that much money on one DLC, for example, this DLC that's $20.

I'm not going to lie; it is probably one of the worst things ever because it would have it would have been a Band-Aid. In my opinion, to the issue that was.

It's just it's a lot of, we don't get it, it's a lot of not understanding Payday 2 had a system where you could basically use Continental coins, you could buy these with the money that you had in your offshore account or whatever something like that I don't fully remember because, to be honest. I didn't really do it a whole lot because I didn't care.


Basically, you were able to buy attachments. Before you leveled up the gun or anything along those lines, you know, however they had it set up, the issue for this game is that. Completely just not the case you don't do that for this game and to be honest with you it's a little [ __ ] annoying, payday 3 has a good concept you know cuz obviously it's Payday 2 you know all that [ __ ] but like all you need to be honest is just make the game better that's all they that they needed to do they just need to make Payday 2 just a little bit better little bit you know higher quality, you know make it so that it doesn't look like you know a PS2 game and we got a PS3 game not a PS5 game now clearly you know like servers all that being dead all that [ __ ] that doesn't have to do the quality of the actual game itself they just decided to have this type of art style, you know if they wanted to kind of brush over it all they had they like if their servers are just going to be bad regardless.


Just make it so that you know that's all that you have to worry about. You know, just make it so that the quality of the game make it so that the game looked, good, and make it so that the quality isn't that bad. I don't mind the quality of the game being really bad or anything like that some of the time, but the problem for me is for me is that I did spend a good amount of money on the game, and there are immediate issues.

I didn't get the things that I actually paid for well over a month and a half, and one problem with payday is W for payday is that they just kept delaying [__] updates. Now to the average person, the person seeing headlines all this [__] when you see game delayed whatever yada you're like, this game is dead; no person is going to look more into it most of the time, obviously if you know there is, you know the footage and whatnot or whatever is on stream basically.

I think it was on stream, or it was a tweet. Then you have other issues, for example, with normal difficulty right now. This is what I'm playing because of the fact that they can die so easily and they're not spawning quickly enough. This is the environment. My music is off; there is really nothing happening.


The guys probably spawned on the other side of this map, over on, you know, the other end. And they're all running through. The one thing about Payday 2 was that there was a lot happening; it always felt like you were involved in the game, and that is what made it so much fun. One thing as well is the throwing knife.

Obviously, I don't mind that it's really strong, but the fact that a throwing knife is far better than like half the items in the game is crazy. Basically, Payday 2 had it right with every heist that you completed; you got XP based on what you did. Did you kill this many guys, all right? A certain amount of XP per kill.

Did you get every single bag? A certain amount of XP per bag is given to you. You know, they kind of had it right in that game, and that's what made it so much fun to play offline. Clearly, one of the reasons why they aren't making an offline mode that some people believe is because of the fact that you can really hack the [__] out of this game and mods, you know, obviously.


They still let you do stuff with the game, but I think the difference this time is that, well, we don't really. It's not a bad thing, and I don't think that they're really losing money most of the time. If someone comes out with an unlock tool, there's a reason why that's, you know, illegal. I don't know.

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