We Need To Talk About Payday 3's Major Issues. It's Not Good

Welcome back to the channel.

Welcome back to the channel.

The issues with payday 3.

More or less an open invite for fans and haters of this title to have an open discussion, payday 3 was released to the World on September 21st and to many people's surprise the game fell apart as soon as the public touched it for days the servers ran like [ __ ] people couldn't join a game and it made people highly upset that the game didn't even have an offline mode to counteract the bad servers this ended up impacting the game's overall steam review score leaving it at a mostly negative status out of nearly 33.

000 views, a plethora of these reviews are from the first two or three days saying that the game was unplayable due to server issues and that making an online only game was a huge mistake a lot of the things I talked about in my payday 3 article. I kind of jumped the gun on in a sense. I talked about how Overkill had fixed a majority of the issues with the servers that we experienced during the play test, and it's obvious that they did not, but this is not an argument about them opening up more servers; more servers probably wouldn't fix.

What payday 3 needs!

What payday 3 needs!

This issue There are some things, however, that will make people happy, or at least happier, with how the release of this game is going.

For example, we need to see Crime Net make an appearance again. For whatever reason, I did not notice that Crime Net was gone, but it is completely gone from Payday 3. It's quite possibly one of the biggest oversights I've seen with this game so far. I don't know why they didn't add it, but there isn't a reason I could find as to why Crime Net is not in the game.

I also see a lot of people saying that they need the old infamy system, the three-card system, and even people saying that the old skill tree system needs to make a return. I don't agree with them bringing back the old [__] because then everyone will [__] about the old [__] being brought over to a new game and being charged forty dollars for it.

This game, when it works, is quite possibly the best forty dollars money can buy, and to be honest, what are your other options? Crime, Boss yeah, okay, but regardless of whether you believe in that sentiment or not, being offline would be nice.

Who do we blame?

Who do we blame?

What are all of these issues that end all be all absolutely? Does this make Payday 3 one of the worst games ever, absolutely? Don't call me a dick rider. Tell me I'm coping. I genuinely do not care like I do.

How did we get to this point?

I will never understand why, but do you know why de Nuvo was even talked about in the first place?

Well, here you go. This is p3d, a cheat system for Payday 2 that has some seemingly innocent features except for one thing. On this site, there is something called p3d, an unlocker, and an x-ray. This tool is for quoting items from DLC that you did not purchase, and if you happen to use this unlocker while you're in Payday 2, you will get a cheater tag, so I guess the TLDR is If there really is one, it is that the P3D unlocker unlocks all of the paid maps and paid weapons for Payday 2.

While you're probably asking yourself, well, read weird, why is it that big of a deal? So let me tell you why Payday 2 currently has 81 DLCs to date, ranging from a single dollar to seven dollars a piece, according to Steam. This comes out to around 253 USD without any of them being on sale. That's for one person and one copy of the game, even though it's not necessary for you to own all the DLC because the host of a match can own the DLC and other people can play on it, but keep those numbers in mind.

P3D hacks show that 54,363 people have downloaded just the P3D unlocker, so if we use some simple math here, that means that those 54,363 people took a potential 13.7 million dollars in sales away from Overkill and Star Breeze. That's why it matters, but does making the game online really do anything to prevent that?

Considering the fact that P3D is already cracked, I would say no; it did not listen.

The community & the game are rough!

The community & the game are rough!

I understand the current state of the game is very sad; really. I spent 70 dollars on the game so I could play it early, and I only got it to work half of the time I've owned it, so I'm going to continue to voice my opinions. I'm going to continue to push for what I believe needs to be put in the game, but do you know what?

I'm not going to harass the creators who signed a contract to promote Payday 3. That's absolute i've also seen people harass the staff over at Overkill for the way that the game was released. There are even people who wish Star Breeze would go bankrupt, and I gotta ask, that's what we want: a company to improve the game and also shut their [__] doors so we can't play it.

Yeah, that's some, that's some big brain, [__]. Right there, bud. I mean, this entire experience has been set around people just being absolutely hateful and spiteful towards the people who gave us this game, and if it's not towards the dev studio and the publisher, it's towards the creators who decided that they wanted to have this game sponsor their channel.

It's absolutely despicable; it's degenerate, and I understand why people are mad, but come on, it is not that goddamn serious.

Payday 3 scam accusations.

Payday 3 scam accusations.

I also have to mention this because I feel like it's very important. I have seen literal people on Twitter and YouTube comment sections call this game a scam. I feel like that's the new buzzword that everyone wants to use in 2023 for gaming. If a game comes out with three or four issues, The game's a goddamn scam; it ain't even worth playing because the game is just there to take your money, and they're going to run off with it.

Guys, there's a game that was just released for forty dollars that is an actual scam. A game that funneled millions of dollars from supporters and a backer like 10 cents, and that game is called Dead Matter, is an actual scam. This game just has unfortunate circumstances. There is a huge difference now to wrap things up on a positive note.

Payday 3 will get better!


Star Breeze has maintained more communication than any other dev studio at the moment, discussing their game plan for server issues. They started by implementing downtime for a few hours two times a week in hopes that the servers would be stable. To be fair. I don't really know how much good that's going to do them at this moment with the mob getting bigger and the pitch force getting sharper, but it's literally one of those things where we will have to wait and see what happens alongside.

There's talk of a new skill tree perk coming sometime in October that will allow you to carry two bags at once, move bodies faster, etc., but with a penalty. They've also mentioned Twitch drops, but there's no ETA at the moment. There's quite literally a Bible's amount of changes and improvements that are dropping soon that seem to give us the payday experience that we're wanting.

Payday 3 released and after about a week of the game being out. there a lot of issues with not only the game but the community surrounding it. Let's discuss it.
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