We Need To Talk About Payday 3


Look at these happy fellas they sure seem to be enjoying their retirement not so fast you don't get to make so much money for a company and then just, disappear, no the big brains behind Overkill finally decided that after 53 million DLCs and two dumpster fires it was finally time for payday 3 so in January 1st this year they dropped a 25sec, trailer that showed absolutely nothing then a 21 second trailer that again didn't show anything but finally on January 12th they dropped the Gameplay trailer payday 3 was promising a lot just from this trailer high graphics amazing Gunplay and loads of new mechanics, boy I was all in for it after all they had nearly a decade to cook up this delicious game it got me so hyped up that I sold my kidney and pre-ordered the Gold Edition of payday 3 thinking that investing in the confidence of payday divs is the right call after all they even made a live action ction short called follow the money where hawkton bullies an old lady and Dallas risks the entire Heist for one stack of cash hey Dallas follow me Dallas follow me.

D follow, don't worry, it wasn't all just for display they dropped a beta which me and a lot of other players didn't get accepted to get in so they dropped a second beta for those of us who didn't make it how kind a few developers, after playing the beta I was sure I made the right call who needs a kidney when you have a medic bag the beta was pretty small and didn't offer much it was basically a single heist with a few guns and a lot of server issues but hey it was just a beta okay you were supposed to get a taste of the game not eat all of it.


Because to this day the server issues are still there, you can get logged out at any moment in the middle of the game for no internet connection, but let's say by some miracle the gods favored you and you managed to get into the game that was waiting for you. So remember all those jobs we pulled off in Payday 2 so that the gang can retire in peace and enjoy their yacht called medic bag yeah all of that because someone froze their Bank accounts and they all went completely broke like the gang never invested the money anywhere they just kept it in cash we all know this is just a lame excuse to make payday 3 but at least they tried, okay they tried since Bane is dead or alive I honestly don't know at this point a new contractor, called shade from New York calls back the payday gang but not all of them since payday 2's roster became a [ __ ] show at this point the divs decided to clean out the disc and start from the beginning so shade only managed to reach out to Dallas hawton.


Chains, wolf and joy yeah you might be thinking why Joy but before you say something you might regret hear me out okay let me explain this to you shade also brought in a new face say hello to perl I swear to God her introduction can just be summarized to this who are you Ira Banks you are in if you couldn't tell already I don't like Pearl very much all of these characters have some sort of unique personality and design payday 3 made those designs even more unique and interesting, but Peril is just Peril I got the feeling that she was maybe supposed to be payday 3's baddy with a short hair and leather jacket but any payday player knows that Sydney is the only baddy that can sit on their face okay now that we are done with sexualizing, women payday 3's story is okay it's a lot better than just this at least it's got some The Walking Dead Destinies type of cutcenes okay.

That was too harsh; no game should ever be compared to that trash. It's more like the Mortal Kombat character ending tap-a-cut scenes, and the game uses this story to put the heists in chronological order. The gang calls up some contractors to make some money, some of whom are familiar, and some came back from before, including the butcher.

cash shop

In case you didn't know, Mea Furlan, the actress who played the butcher, sadly passed away at the age of 65. Unfortunately, she never made it to Payday 3, and her character was instead voiced by Gina Gabilo. In my opinion, you did a fantastic job selling the character, so rest in peace, Miss Foran.

There's only one part of this story that really bugs me. Me where is Wick? The payday games and John Wick movies are in the same universe; they brought Wick all the way from New York to Washington in Payday 2, but now that the gang is in his own city, he never gets brought up, not even once. That's such a wasted opportunity.

I understand that the events of John Big might be the reason that Wick himself doesn't appear in Payday 3, but you could at least make use of the Continental Hotel. Actually, I have an idea for you guys because I know you guys actually go around and watch our articles and think about a DLC. Heist that takes place inside the Continental Hotel where we have to assassinate a Target and maybe even Rob the place for extra loot, and since no blood should be spilled on Continental grounds, stealth is mandatory.


Combust, how about I inform you that there are no Millie weapons in Payday 3 and you're stuck with shoving your gun into the cops faces, but you are being too harsh on the game. Why don't you pick your load out and try out the actual game play before criticizing? After all, it's not nice to judge a book by its cover.

yeah, I get it. Here's my loadout. Let's play the game. The little there is to it: Payday 3 has launched with only eight heists, with the eventual addition of three more. One of them is 8, and the other two aren't even new; they're recycled from Payday 2. Look i enjoy cooking and drugs. Pre-planning how's the tooth?

Any professional payday player knows that payday heists usually come with two plans: plan A, which is usually stealthy and takes up the favors, and plan B, which is loud in case the first plan fails. The planning phase in Payday 2 was meant for the crew to discuss these plans and pre-plan accordingly, so that they'd all be on the same page.


Well, after a decade, how does Payday 3 improve over its old man? For one, there is literally no way to talk to your team before the heist of Heyday 3, a game released in 2023 that doesn't have voice chat, and the text chat in the lobby doesn't. Instead of actually fixing the issue, Payday 3 doubles down on it by also separating the pre-planning.

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