We Are Terrible Bank Robbers. Payday 3

bank heist

Payday 3 is finally here and is actually pretty fun. Okay, with that aside, it's actually pretty fun; it's just one of those games where you can let your intrusive thoughts become real, you know, like whenever you go to walk into a bank and you think. All right, there's a cutscene. Do we do the cutscene?

We just play the game. I ain't looking at a damn cutscene. The first step in robbing a bank is to know what the bank looks like. Nah, just go blind; you're not going to be doing bank robbing for long who the [__] is chains. Bruh, no, I'm out of here, bro. I can switch. I can switch, N[__]. You give me this one thing, kid.

You may make a joke out of it, but I live it every day. What is happening? I'm brown, but he's black; there ain't no [__]. Turned like a full preacher, let me tell you, my brothers and sisters, what the [__] are y'all talking about. Wait, where's the house in the bank? Who's already in? go go, boys.

Boys, this is where we do this. This is where we do the They're coming through the ceiling right after Daisy Chain. This is all right. Grab the [__] money. Wait, the cops are getting it. They don't want to grab it. I'll grab it. I don't want to steal our money. Work hard for it. That's not fair.


We hurt we worked hard for that. All right, everybody gets money. Everybody gets some money. We gotta make for the [__]. van Outback, if we leave, they're going to grab the other bit. Well, if we don't leave, we're not going to get any. Money at all? How about A2? Go out all right, all right, all right.

Who is coming with me today? On the side right here, throw the money inside right here. I'm sorry, just all right, you throw right here because I think the cargo comes in all right reloading. You put it in the truck. Is it safe? Don't put it in the truck. Put it next to the truck. God, there's so many Jesus Christs there's.

Everybody grabs a bag. Everybody grabs a passive man. There's a lot. Yes, it is awful those weak ass deposit boxes. I promise you, no one really rich is using this bank. The bags you dropped out there were taken. There's no one really rich using this bank. That's why it's okay. It's okay; that's why someone needs to defend it.

beta gameplay

You good Lord, the man we're like—it's one of the sneaker dudes. What is in a fat ass? Nae on you, okay? Here's the problem: we're going to figure out how to lower this volume they're in here, what? He's still being electrocuted somehow. Yeah, for real, someone threw Nate out there. If they have one, throw it.

It's not; let me throw it. I threw it. That's not a grenade. What do you have? I'm on Twitter. There's so many what the [__] Who am I getting jumped on? It's not like he was about to explode! There's a lot of dudes that way, and a lot of pigs that way. Yeah, I want some bacon. Where is our car?

Do we care? Is there stuff in the street blocking it? It's crazy we're spawning behind us, boys. I'm so close to being dead. I got you a hot Suzuki. Use that i'm down; I can't use that [ __ ]. Hawk is getting jumped right now. Good Lord, stop them out. We did that all for zero dollars and zero cents.


It was just about the journey; it ain't always about the money. What's about the [__] money? Why else would I be robbing a [__] bank experience? Put it on your resume. I'm trying to work at Google. Let me just put that on my resume. I robbed a bank. Let's finally get back to playing this [__] game.

Watch the servers go down again. I shut the [__] up. I'd be so pissed. Are there seriously no matchmaking errors? Return to the main menu. You're [__] You're [[__] my I got a new game my I got in the game how do I invite how do I invite are you dead My game's loading back up. Hang on come on, come on, come on.

No, he's online. Look at your white ass in here. Come on i'm not getting any advice. I'm not getting anything. It's saying failure to invite to party, girls. guys, what are you doing? Imagine this guy going on; he's patrolling three [__]. Come up to him doing this. I didn't mean to do that how do I cancel how do I cancel sorry you don't see nothing just let him just let him just let him just let him God oh.

closed beta

Lisa saw police assault [__]. Get the car, get going in the back door, throw money in there, throw them back, throw the money in there, throw the money in there, man, we're getting [__] up, my Oh Lord, we got more money. We got more money. Everyone gets next to the truck. No, I'm down. I got you.

You know what I'm saying. Hammer, right there, you ain't doing anything on that screen. Just so you know, hey, she's a little stupid; you don't want this one; you're not even touching the screen any more; she's one of them. NPC tick-tockers, your phone is off, um. Yeah, they won't shut the [__] up so we can see it.

Hey, we ain't got nothing else that we can do. They'd come back here and help me. We're making sure the general public is calm. Y'all are up there to ask anybody if they need therapy after the situation that's supposed to happen. Did we take your 401k? I'm so sorry. How about a hug? How does a hug sound?


Didn't this guy just walk in? When did he leave? When did he leave? Why are you back? Why are you back? And so soon, what's your weak ass haircut with your weak ass haircut? He just did the light-skinned stare at me, and you did the sin. I just saw you slurping up and doing it on the middle street corner, but you're going to get seen by these people with her.

Don't make me kill more people. I'm not going to be losing a ton of money as it is; he's good, he's good; we're just walking this road [Laughter]. There's nine, six zero one, okay, so six one zero nine, yeah, do that one, do that one, yeah, hold on to Lucy. Can you back up a little bit or, whoever this is, give the man some space?

Okay, give the man some space; he's nervous. Good Well, bruh, this ain't my first rodeo. I've been around the way someone Mark him someone Mark him someone Mark him art, we're good we're good we're good we're chilling we're chilling. The civilians don't care about me. I'm going this way: go grab, go drop the money in the area, then where we're going, then I don't think they do.

first look

Oola, go drop the money, and then where we're going, that's where I'm going. Is that where the wait is? Are they getting mad at me? No, they're getting mad at me. They're getting mad at me. Yeah, I can take it there. Nobody cares go around the building from the gate. Damn. Bubba, you kind of bad, you're kind of bad hold, on hold on what cool is me, that's why I'm a chick hold, on I don't know.

I don't know, hold on, turn around, turn around. I mean, he ain't got nothing really going for him on the back side, but like. Hey man, here's the thing, look. I got another idea. I got another idea, okay, okay. Open sesame. I'm going to try to throw a bag across to you all right now. It's right here.

Today we decided to play the newly released PAYDAY 3! In PAYDAY 3 you play as a criminal attempting to pull off the "perfect" heist! This game quickly showed us that we'd be terrible criminals.
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