Unlimited Xp With Major Weapon/skill Exploit Payday 3


A new exploit has come out on the highest 99 boxes, which will let you get an infinite number of XP for your weapons so you're gonna be leveling up so fast and you can probably get all your weapons leveled up in the day now the finder of this method is called swell hell on YouTube so I just want to give credit there it's before I actually make this article on this they are the first person to make a article on this and they are the founder, of this clip and today I'm going to be showing you my method of doing this my route and my stuff how I do this now the actual explain is at the end of The Heist so I'm just going to quickly run down the basics of how you complete this Heist and all that stuff so, before you actually do get into the heist you want to put on your stealth build because we're going to try to do this all stealthy make sure you've got a suppress for your guns make sure you've got the right skills on of course and then you just want to go into the 99 boxes.

Heist Make sure you set the difficulty to either Overkill or very hard because you're making the most of XP doing this, although you can do this on normal and you can still do this exploit and just do a little bit longer once you let in. If you just want to do exactly what I'm doing before we go any further in this article, please like and subscribe.

This is my first payday-free article, and hopefully I'll be doing some more in the future. So if you want some tutorials, XP methods, funny moments, and just good articles, then please like and subscribe. But, anyway, let's get into it. Okay, once you see this guy, you just want to hack into his phone.

You're just going to go up behind him, and you just want to stay in the right distance behind him while it's hacking. Now you need to do this two times with that guard and the guarder behind the building if you get caught literally. Just follow him out, and then why are you following him out? Just hack them.


It's just now, on the first day. I did get cuffed, but I have the lock-picking curve to let me get out of these cuffs, and I was still undetected. But it will still be in search of me, so I had to have the rest of the game just with my gun out. You can do this unmasked if you want, but I honestly like going to the security room as well and just taking out the security man so I don't have to deal with the cameras.

To me, it's a lot faster and a lot easier, so you can do that as well. So once you're actually in the compound, you'll just need to find one of the boxes with the gas canister. Then you want to take it to the trailer. Then you'll be given the task of finding a computer. It can be either side of the complex in, the top rooms hack into there, and then once from there you'll be told to get a zipline bag, and then zipline straight down into where all the containers are.


You're going to be looking for two white containers that have a phone in them. What we want to do is just hack into one, and then you'll be given the task of hovering over a couple of circles to secure it or whatnot. This can be difficult, which is why I turn off the cameras. This makes it a bit easier, so if you want to turn off the cameras, it makes it a lot better than when you are on a timer, but it doesn't really matter because you're just doing this for the XP.

So, it just shouldn't remind you to just take it back to the truck and then just do the same with the other one. Okay, after putting it back into the truck, you just close it, and then you just want to make yourself herself go to the front of the big building, as again, they're still searching me and still looking.

The actual exploit of this method is that you just want to go in and out of the exit area. Every time you go into the exit area, it's going to give you XP when you finish. You just want to go. Keep going in now, and it will stack the XP. It's a weird glitch if you want to do this around 100 times to keep going in and out 100 times.


This will give you the maximum amount of XP, and you'll max out your guns in one game. As you can see, I had 30k plus XP on the AK, which maxed out both of the weapons. Yeah, that is basically it. Bye,

Major WeaponSkill XP EXPLOIT, PAYDAY 3 XP GUIDE. In todays video I go over the best way to level up your weapons and skills in Payday 3. There is a big glitchexploit going around making plays millions of XP making the level everything in the game super FAST. Don't miss out on this.
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