Unleashing Your Potential. Payday 3

i'm welcome to Payday Free, a game that I've been waiting for so long since the teaser trailer. Payday is back brings some old faces and new faces, but soon ringing the payday you want to be back, so I'm back. The game has been out for a while now, and I'm here too to persuade you into playing this game and give my humble opinions on the game's good, bad, and ugly.

First of all, make sure you like and subscribe because this article took me way too long to make, and it is not a request. Do it if you already don't know payday is a game where you tax, i.e., heal from it, Regen. You win, and your other three clowns have to rob Bank of expensive stones and very [__] nftd art that was probably made by an unemployed Tik Tocker that still lives in his mom's basement.

You can do it by going quietly, sneaking into buildings, and carefully moving around security. Without a trace or being like me, go out and kill every single cop. Insight knows that both options are viable. Stealth requires silencer weapons and lightweight armor to infiltrate and take out guards quietly, answering pages to avoid detection.

Hello, I'm here to talk about your radio's extended warranty. Be careful if you get caught by cameras or guards. If they are able to alert the building, good luck trying to fight your way out with a silencer, a pistol, and paper armor because there's no way you're going to survive the horse of cops that'll swarm you later.

Goo [__] off. I don't think anyone has had my back since I died. I got you. I got you. Thank you you're fine i'm not so sure I'm fine. I'm full of bullet holes if you choose a loud option like me, your dudes with full armor and heavy weaponry to fight your way through the cops and every single Special Forces on site upside, as you can listen to this [__] banging ass soundtrack by.

Gustavo, God damn, speaking of cops, let's get into the nitty-gritty of the Special Forces. Swats are your average Cannon F, so no need to explain. Shield swats are their main defense for the biggest knuckle sandwich. You will get cover from their shields, making them very hard to kill. Remember to shoot the shields at the SWAT and the rest of the SWAT people behind them.

Do you understand bulletproof? Bulldozers are tanks that pay much like a tank; they are hurty and tanky compared to the bulldozer in Payday 2. They are stronger, more powerful, and much scarier. They have an auto-shotgun with the ability to charge at you, stunning you. Get ready for the biggest knuckle sandwich you will ever taste.

I'll fight you whale, same as in Payday 2. The weakness is the face blade, so get your crew to magdump the [__] out of that buller, because if you don't, there's no way you are going to survive. You're up against the wall, and I'm the [__] one. Tasers are zapper zapper; I mean zappers. Will Tas stun you, making you fire guns randomly?

Electrifying, you can shoot the side of the zapp's batter pack, stunning anyone that is around a zpp. Also, I forgot to mention they also leave shock mines on the ground, so watch out that grenades are an addition to Payday. It's like Hitler if his idea was used by the special forces that are insanely sadistic and have no remorse for human life, you getting choked up, and the same with a zapper instead of, you know, shooting the side of a battery pack, you have to shoot in front of him the chest area where you know the gassy part is, so yeah, remember to shoot that if you want to cause a massive explosion of gas, which I do not recommend if you're in close range.

Medics are straight up gone now, but I can't understand why you would dump your whole ammo onto a bulldozer. You have one bullet left that can kill, and then suddenly, there's nobody saving it in there. So make sure to use up your equipment or don't leave it unattended. Now armed with the basic knowledge of heisting, it's time to talk about you, the clown.

I'm going to go through some of them quickly because I want to talk about the important one: you have your primary weapon, your secondary weapon, and your deployables, ranging from your medic bag, armor bag, etc. Your Overkill weapon is the same thing as OverWatch, where doing certain things recharges your ultimate to gain a very powerful weapon.

Drop of your choice; you can choose from fast but weak armor to slow but strong armor. Pick the right armor for your right fight; remember, you're, only, I'm, only, and tool for spy cans, ECM jammers, etc., for basically stealth stuff. Now that I have explained all of that, it's time for me to talk about the important skill of finding the type of play style you want to play in Payday.

It all involves free Edge Grit, and Rush Edge gives you 10% extra damage. Grit lets you take 10% less damage, and Rush gives you extra movement speed. These will be given to you by selecting the sko tree that you choose, like a mower. Every 35 bullets you shoot, you gain Edge replenish. As long as you have Edge, you automatically pick up ammo dropped by enemies you have killed and ammo funnels.

As long as you have Edge, the ammo you pick up is directly added to your weapons. With a set of skills like these, you can turn a double-barreled shotgun into the Doom shotgun and never have to reload ever again unless you miss your shots. This is just one of the many skill combinations to work with.

You can experiment with your own version to suit your own needs as well. They're probably going to add more skills in the future or maybe even rework some of them, so these skill trees might be outdated if you're watching in the future. I want to talk about the game itself. The game is fun, period.

There is nothing else to say about it, and, you know, the game is good. An Asian man said the game was good. Now on to the bad part. I know a lot of people say the game had a launch. But that's probably going to be fixed in a few weeks, so I'm not going to talk about that. Instead, I'm going to talk about something.

This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen for an UI. Like, really, the only way that I can see the people that I invited to play is the number of people in my social What is the absolute F? I know I can click on my social media to see the people in my party, but I'm lazy. This is kind of lame. Why couldn't they make us the same way as in Payday 2, where you invite someone and their character and customizations are in the background with you and the others?

I don't think that's a hard thing to ask; it just looks so bland. And no, the lobby one does not count. Payday 2 has a sense of style; you can feel and taste the UI in Payday 2 compared to Payday 3, and you can see the difference in the UI. I prefer it to have a more money theme in the UI. But that's just my opinion.

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