Under The Surphaze Stealth Guide - Payday 3


All right, today we're doing, under the surface, this is the Out Art Gallery heist. In my opinion, it's probably the hardest heist to stealth in the whole game for the most part. minus the initial hardness, it's not that bad on different difficulties. There's a phone that you need in here with a QR code.

I was lucky that it was just next door. The main thing is that behind the manager's desk, you'll see this little tile. You can open it up. There is also a phone to get the QR code. You need them to get into the art galleries themselves. And then there's a little safety here. Go ahead and do your usual stuff.

On the safe inside are a couple individual money rolls, and then, as you can see, there's a USB drive that's really important to get one of the important paintings we need. So next up on both floors, we're going to work from top to bottom. There's these little tablets or things on the wall, so you'll need to activate those, and then this is a new mechanic.


There's three little spots, like circles, that'll spawn around on the floor you're on, and you want to walk over to one, avoiding the guards. There are two on this floor. You shouldn't really need to kill them. I always ended up killing one just because one of us got caught, but essentially, when you stand in the circle, there's a little bit of green that fills around the circle; you can see it there at the bottom of the screen.

And, inevitably, in the top left, you'll get enough to get through, so now you can go into these rooms. Go in; they're trapped. This one has both floor sensors and a top-down scanner thing. I'm going to go through each of these and kind of show them off to you. They're not that bad, minus the last one I'll end up showing you.

So I actually end up saying that one, which looks like a lot of trouble. If we run over to a different one, this one's way better. If I remember correctly, it should just be the top-down scanner. There's a little box where you can turn off the security measures, and there's also lasers in them. For the most part, these lasers are actually pretty easy; there's always a spot to kind of crouch underneath, like you could see me going.


You can also see the sensors on the wall there. You can probably end up going faster than I am. I'm just not very confident when it comes to doing this, so I take my time. I'd rather do it once than fail, and now we've got the awful one, which is the floor sensor with the lasers. So the general idea is that you park around, and then you wait for the lasers to not be in front of you.

I had friends here do it, but it's the same principle as in all the other rooms: you just jump around until you reach the security box and turn it off. With that done, you want to head over to a server room, where they spawn randomly upstairs. There's that big tripod you want to grab because it's really important to find one of the paintings.

In one of the rooms cleared, the painting looks like that. I don't know how to describe that, but you have to make sure that whatever cover is not in front of it, so you like lockpick. This is what I typically just do because of Rush. Or you can do the blowtorch, and then you throw the tripod down, and it scans to make sure that this is the accurate painting that you need.


There are a couple fake ones. So just so you know, make sure you don't get the fake shade. I will tell you then to use the thumb drive we got earlier to put it on the painting so it doesn't destroy the painting, and then you've got the right one. Now we head downstairs, and it's the same principle as upstairs.

You have to interact with the tablet down there and then stand in the circles. I had the tablet spawn in the kitchen here, or, like, the cafe. This area sucks for me because there's always like two guards, or so the only good part about it is I'm about to show it. Yeah, there we go. There's like two or three phones in there for QR codes, so you do kind of need to go in there to get through the downstairs rooms.

Now we're going to finally do what the objective says and then go to E1, here. It should be like right from where we came in, or pretty close, and there's no traps in these downstairs rooms only upstairs. So that makes it really easy to kind of go through here. Watch out; there's a couple guards down here.


The painting is all I've always seen in the other corner. I don't grab it here; a friend grabs it. But I mean, it's all marked for you down there. And then from there, it's just kind of going through all the rooms; realistically, there's no trap, so just watch out for the guards. Get those QR codes, and then kind of put him in a nice spot, so now the second type of painting we need looks like that one; it's got like a blood stain on it.

So now securing it is an asset. There's like a trash bin from where we came in right here that you can just throw out on this balcony throw them out on. Sometimes it spawns in assets, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know how the asset system really works, minus the ones you buy. If it doesn't spawn, you have to do the really unfortunate part, which is sneaking through this little park here.


Tons of civilians are always walking back and forth, so just be really careful. There's also a guard or two that walk around and then cameras, but you should have disabled them. If you're following the guide, you don't have to disable cameras, but again, I think it's really important. Half the time, there's some guy sitting around there, but if you just know, move.

You can get past him, so then you just walk around the side, where I found no civilians, and you throw the bags in. Then do that with the 20 or something bags. And once you've done all that, we kind of got spotted here, so we dealt with some civilians. And then just run to the van. You always have to run to the van regardless of whether you have the acid or not, so yeah, best of

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