Touch The Sky Stealth Guide Payday 3


All right Today we're touching the sky. In my opinion, this is probably either the second or third hardest ice difficulty-wise. Again, like most of the previous ones, it's pretty simple until you get to the lead guard on Overkill, so to start off, ignore the guard to the front, go around to the right; there's a big staircase; go ahead and mask up; and then open the vent.

This is like an entirely masked-up heist compared to pretty much all of the other ones, minus under the surface. So keep going through the vent. I always just go to the end you can there there's like an earlier spot where you can drop off but I over here is where the objective is so I just always go to the end drop on the couch you'll take a little bit of damage it's fine there's always a civilian here so just get her down whatever nobody ever comes here so,,, just leave her there unless you're kind of paranoid which sometimes I am typically there's a camera in this hallway so just hack it and loop it easy.

So now we've gotten another one of these tablets again. This is the third one, I think, in a heist, and there's more sort of sanding on the circle, so be ccareful. There aare, of ccourse, a couple cameras up here; one of the guards will have the blue security card for the camera room. I typically just ignore it because you can just hack the cameras up here and loop them.


So yeah, just save the pager; don't bother killing him, and now you have to do the fun part, which is slowly dodging around and standing in the circle. In the circles, there's a couple who'll sometimes spawn downstairs, which could be a pain in the ass. Hopefully, they will typically end up spawning up here.

In this one, there was a guard that kind of came there, and I almost got spotted, but luckily I was just close enough that we got it, so we nearly need that QR code, so there's two spots it can spawn: one is upstairs; you saw it a little earlier in the circle clip; and inside the room is where we got the red key card.

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Just start opening all of these file drawers. ThThere are three sets of file drawers; it'll be in one of them. There you go. One and then the other one is down the stairs, over here, so there's the staircase up to where we were. There is sort of this here. Remember this: that's important for later on in the heist of the poison, but the other spawn for it is right over here; sometimes a guard comes over here, so just be careful.

But yeah, the room's layout will look the same as if it's upstairs, so three sets of cabinets Just go around for the red key card with rated key card Intel, go back upstairs, go to the opposite end of the hallway, and then there's sort of this, like the corner room, where you need to use the red key card here.

Open it up. So remember that poison we picked up earlier? Well, that's one of the spots; the others are in different bathrooms. This is another upstairs bathroom; this is the downstairs bathroom, and once you have that, you have to come over here and you have to poison his drink. If you're fast enough, the drink isn't here yet, so just sit down and wait.


Eventually, the guy that you saw in the kitchen there will come and put the drink down. So once the drink is down, poison hits the bell. Walk straight—just straight—to the staircase here. Because here's where the guy will end up going, so there's the guy; he's got the yellow outline, so this section can take a long time for him to get the drink, so don't worry about things like the game being broken or like you're messing up a step once you ring the bell.

It just takes time because eventually he'll have a piece of the drink, and you won't feel so well, and he'll walk over here. I wanted to kind of show this whole section to show how long the skin sometimes takes, so here you finally see him get up. He takes the drink. I'm clearly impatient, and so I'm smacking the stairs.

Okay, he'll take a drink. It's like a big meeting or whatever, so he takes his sweet ass time annoyingly. He's starting to not feel well. You see his outline, and then he'll start kind of stumbling over here like that. I opened up the bathroom door because he ended up going in there. You don't have to, though right here it's probably safe to grab him as you're seeing what I'm about to do.

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Yep, there you go, so now you're going to want to bring him back up to that rental scanner. So what I know is that you don't have audio for the game, but I hear a guard right here, and I saw that question mark there, so he's kind of patrolling here, so just be careful of cameras and other guards because obviously this doesn't look good and they'll catch you.

Go ahead and walk him in close to the doors, even though typically that won't really spot you, and throw him into the retinal scanner. It'll take a second, and then it'll open up. You can leave them here if you want. I just grab him and bring him inside in case some weird guard pathing happens, but typically he should be safe right behind the door.

So there's a couple of loose pieces of money, there's two things of cocaine, and then there's two things of money, one of which is there, and then I'm about to pan over, and you can kind of see it on the chair there, so just start backing them up if you want, and then Here are four codes: These are some of these chords.


One of these codes works for the bedroom lock, so go ahead and sneak on back, you know. Compare as you've done with all the other vault codes, and there's a bunch of loose jewelry in here along with another safe. My friend there is doing the safe while I'm grabbing all the loose jewelry. Inside the safe is a hard drive that we need, and that's the whole reason why we're doing the heist.

It's like seven or eight bags of jewelry, I think, so yeah, you grab the drive, and then you have to go back to the room we're in before decrypting the drive. Be careful when shoved into the computer. Activate the computer now it's time to start moving some bags while we just wait for that to go, so it's right over it's actually right in front of the room there's that vent you can kind of see but the guard is the guard will patrol around here he kind of comes and then he stops right there so be careful If you have a pager and there's nobody else in sight, you can probably just kill them, honestly.


It's not like a bad spot to move loot; we didn't for a while; it's like a just-in-case, but yeah, so the auto-guard will come, he'll stand there for a bit, just wait, he eventually walks away like he just did there, we can see him there, and then undo the vent and throw all the bags in, so now while you're still waiting for that.

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