Top 5 Underrated Payday 3 Quality Of Life Mods

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Payday 3's been out for almost two weeks now, and the modding community has had their hands full today. Starting up, we have the better weapon. Preview now this is a mod that was just created the other day, and I gotta tell you, it looks amazing. Check this out. So this is what it usually looks like when you're editing your weapons when it comes to cosmetics, but this is all you can do.

You can't move it; you can only turn your weapon; you can't zoom in or zoom out. Check this out. I can now zoom in and out, and I can actually move the gun around to get better views and angles. Now I have noticed that as you zoom in, you can't quite make it. It's crystal clear, so I try to zoom in about, you know, right around here, but you could all just move it around, so when you're editing and customizing your gun, you just get this better feel of how it's going to look, especially the stickers too, because I feel like a lot of times it's like this, you're like, well, what exactly is the sticker going to look like?

Well, this one right here is the better weapon. The preview mod makes it better and makes you able to move the gun around and zoom in and out. Next on the list, we have the mod called useful description. Now, this one I didn't think was going to be as useful as I thought until I actually looked into it and realized it's extremely useful.

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Check this out right here. Stungrenade, all it adds is one more sentence to the description, but it's a sentence you had no idea existed. Status stunt time: five seconds Yes, you knew the stun grenade was actually going to stun the enemies. I get that, but did you know it lasts for exactly five seconds?

Probably not, or at least I didn't, and now that we know the same with the M67 hand grenade, we now know how much damage it does because of the fact that it has armor penetration. On top of that, you can see the smoke grenade here, which has a duration of 14 seconds with a two and a half-second delay.

Also, another thing you may not have known is that, thanks to this useful description, you can see here that with the light ballistic lining, you have three downs, and with the medium, you have three downs. The standard lighting gives you four downs, and the heavy ballistic only gives you two downs.

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Things that were not shown in the game are now being shown by moderators. Eventually, once they memorize it all, they can probably just get rid of this mod, but for the time being, this is a must-have. Of course, you can go all the way to 150. Obviously, this is a little ridiculous, but it's there; it's a possibility, but I think the default was 90.

Now you put this bad boy at like 120, and you could just start to really see what's going on around you. here's 50. All right, this next Quality of Life mod is called Payday 3 Challenge Viewer. It's basically an executable that you can download. You can log in through your Nebula account, and then you can see all of the challenges.

It just looks prettier. It's easier to search for categories, filters, etc. Instead of using the in-game challenge viewer, now, within the last 24 hours, there's a whole brand new one where you don't have to download anything anymore; you can go straight to the website to check your challenges, and it's PD3.

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Send the link to your friends so you can copy each other's skill builds. You've got your challenges, which are going to require you to log in via Steam or Nebula accounts, and then from there you can use the filters, etc. So it's just much cleaner and much quicker, and you don't have to worry about downloading anything onto your PC.

Another good quality of life mod is called real weapon names. This one is kind of more. This one arguably isn't like a mod you must have, but it is nice if you're trying to learn weapons in real life. You got the Smith Wesson Model 29, the Braunfield 880, the Sig Sauer P226, the Legion Car 4, the MK14 Monstro EBR, etc.

Sig Sauer at the Heckler and Kotch MP7 double-barrel shotgun. With this STI Perfect Eight Cam, etc., you can just get all the weapons listed as they are in real life. Ini, for FPS boost, and this allows you to just play on, like, potato mode super, ultra potato mode, and then normal, and from there, you can remove shadows and textures, make things more clear, and also make the graphic settings a lot less so that your PC can handle it.


I'm sure there will be more down the road, and I hope to cover those on this channel if you didn't know already. I already have two other mod articles outside of this one. Best of Mods Week One and Best of Mods Week Two, which have a ton of mods you may or may not already know, and maybe you should check those ones out.

We'll see the next one.Peace.

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