Top 5 Mods Payday 3. The Best Mod Paks Out There

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It is your boy pureghost back again with another payday 3 article. Now guys, in today's article, I'm going to be doing a top five showcase for pack mods or mod packs. These are the simple mods that you literally just drop into your mods folder, and they alter your game. Now. I'm not gonna lie, some of these are absolutely game-breaking, and a couple of these are just kind of helpful in a sense, so I've got a little bit of both in this list to kind of keep it balanced.

I'm not going to allow these to kind of make the game way easier, but that is the whole point of pack mods; they just make little alterations to your game so you can maybe have more fun. These aren't in an order; you could probably rank them, you know, depending on how useful they are because some of them are just kind of useful, and then other ones are like game-breakingly useful.

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So just keep that in mind but, for number five we have the mute mod so this one I'm not sure why this isn't in the game to begin with it should just be a setting in the audio settings but this is the mute startup slash contractors mod now this is two different mods but I'm decided to group them into one because they both do the same thing basically and, just as it says when you start up the game and it shows you know all the developers and stuff it basically mutes and skips that for you so you just load up directly to the payday 3 menu where you can hit start or where it says press you know any button to start and then the contractors mod is where you go to the mission selection and the or the heist selection , and basically no, one is speaking so you know the worst part of the game when you go to.

Actually, pick a heist, and you have to back out of the menu because you don't want this lady or whatever it is, just screaming in your ear about you know the heist, so you know this one doesn't make the game much easier. It just this it's just a quality of life improvement. I try to pick a heist, and this was especially annoying back when the matchmaking was screwed up on the first couple days of the game because all you were doing was sitting in that menu having to listen to either the woman on the first heist or, like the on like the very last heist.


It was just so annoying. Yeah, this is a pretty useful mod. You can go download all of these and put them in your game, and it'll help you very much. So for mod number four, we have the unlock perks. Mod now, this may seem like a really cheap cheat, but it's really not. I mean, starting off, if you're really low level or like you've just started playing this game, you have no perks unlocked, and if you wanted to just try to stealth one of the missions that isn't the very first one, you're going to have a really hard time.

It's like when you get to level 40, at that point you have like enough stealth and perks to where you can actually do stuff, but before then, it's really hard to actually stealth some missions if you don't have any good perks, and I mean, some of the later ones that you get are just super op, like you can just loot in public with people around you and cameras, and they just don't care, like, is that even possible?


How does a perk do that? Um, in doing this, this actually allowed me to pick my loadout. Now obviously, depending on your level, you still have a number of perk slots, so you can't fill them up or so you can't you know, go over that limit, but you have more selection between your perks, so you can actually pick all of them from a category, and so then you throw those on your loadout, and you are actually earning XP towards your perks.

Even with this on, you're unlocking them. I know the lower level grind in this game is actually horrible; the only way that I had to get through it without this mod was just doing the dirty ice mission or the dirty ice heist, just like over and over-grabbing, like five bags getting like 300K and then leaving, and then you're basically just grinding your stealth perks until you can get all of them.

dirty ice

it takes forever but all right for mod number three we have this is such a cheese like, instant lock picking now yes I know this is like such a cheese but you know if you want to have fun and you just like you just hate the lock picking for some reason which one of these is a perks even so you can even you know if you have a rush which is you know if you touch a civilian while you're unmasked you can basically do this anyways like instant lock pick but, this is like instant, lock big like the moment you click lock pick on a door it just opens the door like the menu comes up for like a millisecond and then the doors just open so this one is really op It's almost like the door wasn't even locked, but I can't lie.

I mean, I've been using it; it's pretty fun. I actually just did a full stealth run on Golden Shark Bank, and this helped me tremendously. Like I said, you know, if you want to just do some heist with your friends and you just hate, you know, doing lockpicks, or you know, if you're low level and you don't even have the rush perk yet or skill, then this would be great as well.


You can get through the harder parts because. I know, if you're like turning back and the camera is like turning back and forth towards you, you just can't get it sometimes you're going to get caught, so it may be OP, but I really don't think it is OP as this next mod, so number two, we have the no recoil, no spread, and five shots mod that is three different mods in one that they have combined, but it is one file, so I just decided, you know.

Put it as one. Right now, I'm not sure because I just did, like I said. My armor and health so I don't know if it did that as well for the NPC or not NPCs but like the cops and stuff shooting at you if their bullets are you know five shots as well but it really seemed like it so you know maybe if it does that then it might not be quite worth it because then you're just gonna die really fast too , but it definitely you know if you're sitting in you know the very last heist in the bathroom just you know killing police officers in the bathtub or whatever this could be a good one to use you just make a straight killer Loadout with just no ammo and meds and all that and throw this mod on you're basically going to be Invincible , and you know one shot headshots.

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