This Payday 3 Gun Is Broken. In A Good Way


Throughout the payday series as a lifespan, there have been some strong weapons: the m308, the Bronco, and the GL40, and Payday the Heist practically any sniper or a Kimbo SMG in Payday 2, but only if you have ever actually been broken, as in not working as intended. Some notable broken weapons throughout the series would be the Arkansas toothpick being able to have a concealment staff (232), at one point, and the Acron HC lmg having absurdly high damage from put-on AI teammates.

Payday 3 continues the trend, with the VF-7s being the final weapon unlock in the game. Unlocking at level 77, the VF7S is a very strong weapon; it boasts good pickup accuracy, stability, handling, and, most importantly, enough damage to one-shot headshot enemies. At first glance, this seems to be a pretty normal weapon for the auto 20-round mag.

High damage looks strong but definitely not broken. At first glance, it doesn't look broken; however, when you look into the modifications, you can really see where it's broken. The first modification available for the weapon available at gun level 1 is the pipe silencer. I don't exactly know how or why this happens, but it just gives straight buffs.


There are no penalties; even the penalties listed are actually buffs. The other buffs, though, are quite nice. The recoil handling increase makes it much easier to handle when going full auto, and the silencer lets you use it whenever you're wanting to go for pseudo-stealth. If you're wanting to take advantage of this broken modification and build a VF-7, it's fairly easy to make an incredibly effective build for him.

Starting off, we get ammo specialists to open up their tree, with the ammo increase being a nice benefit, and play tuck to be able to regenerate armor from ammo pickups. While we are very active, we get a mower to open up this tree as well as an extra source of edge recoil and handling to make our gun a more stable suppressor.

Fire for staggers if we don't instantly kill our enemy. I'm a farmer to be able to refill our mags midfight, replenish them, and be able to pick up ammo boxes from range. It's worth noting that, despite how cooler it would be, replenish and plate up don't work together as Playtop only works off of the Ammo Box.


As you pick off the ground, we get tanked to beef up her armor bags and our armor regen speed extra plates for more armor plates and armor bags and armor up so we can get more mileage out of our armor bags. We get Sharpshooter to open up the tree long shot so we can keep that consistent one shot headshot of range cutting so that body shots can do more damage.

If we miss the head in speed aim to make aiming down sights faster we get enforce race to give us a good source of both grit and edge quick reload for faster reloads, face to face for more damage at close range mostly for dozers and body shots solid So that we can be immune to staggers during combat reloads, we can keep refreshing the algorithm.

Edge and shark anodes spread staggers across enemies upon killing them, making them very powerful in close-quarter areas on maps. Now I haven't unlocked the modifications myself as I haven't gotten the gun fully leveled up yet, but I'd recommend modding it with the classic RDS pipe silencer. Tech grip quick pull mag like frame stock and the angled ghost grip for the secondary I'd recommend the SP model 11.


It has very good damage, and with the negation of distance penalties on headshot multipliers, a connect is a very good sniper counter or just as a general backup weapon if you need to quickly kill an enemy if your mag is empty on the VF. Similarly, to the VF7s, I don't have all the modifications yet, but I'd recommend modding it with the extended mag parted, compensator, LED RDS, and attack grip.

These weapons, together with this build, are very strong. You'll be able to take out basically anything with a single headshot, and you'll be able to just go full auto at times as the enemies build up in the hallways. You'll also be able to clean the house, no problem.

PAYDAY 3's guns feel absolutely amazing to use, but there's one gun that, in my eyes, shines above all the rest. High damage, high accuracy and weirdly enough. a broken modification. Music used.
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